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Ginsburg Weighing Decision to Hear Case on Possible Russian Election Hacking

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In a final push against the Presidency of Donald J. Trump, three mere citizens, Diane Blumstein, Nancy Goodman, and Donna Soodalter-Toman, are seeking to change the course of history by bringing an action to the last branch of government in hopes they may answer their concerns about the election, Donald Trump, and Russian Hacking. Currently, the case is in Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s hands, pending her recommendation for the full court to hear the case. Ginsburg has been the most vocal opposition against president-elect Trump, has called him a faker, and has publicly stated:

“I can’t imagine what this place would be — with Donald Trump as our president… for the country it could be four years. For the court, it could be — I don’t even want to contemplate that.”

If the Court were to refuse to even consider the case, it will have failed to protect us from the most fundamental threat to our democracy: to hold free and fair elections. Whether you agree with the premise that Russia hacked the election system or not, the fact remains that we must answer for and address the terrible deficiencies of our voting machines — machines which have already been confirmed to delete ballots on the basis of signatures, which can be easily hacked at the voting site and remotely compromised. In a previous article, I detailed the reasons why it was important to address these particular issues during Jill Stein’s request for recounts; it being about election integrity.

Many people doubt the urgency of the situation — stating that the election is over and others need to move on. But it is impossible to proceed in a democracy when the mechanism for ensuring the integrity of our systems has been confirmed to have been compromised by 17 intelligence agencies and even the president-elect himself has stated that Russians probably interfered in the election.

Specifically, the filed documents (see below for the documents) claim that Russia, or Putin specifically, was behind the hacking of the presidential election and that it would be impossible to determine the effect of the effort and, therefore, a halt of the inauguration process as well as a new election should be ordered. The plaintiffs have been brought together through a collective effort by Kirsten Elaine Martin, Dr. Kelly Sennholz, and Jerroll Sanders who did not wish to become plaintiffs but made a pact to “pick up the torch” when one of them became exhausted from the process. They have worked day and night for the past month as mere citizens to help make a difference in our country’s electoral process. The trio met with one another in December, having been disturbed by the evidence pointing to Russian interference, settled on a group of plaintiffs which are named above, and formulated a plan to file simultaneous suits in Massachusetts, Colorado, and California. Sennholz and Sanders became plaintiffs in the Colorado action.

Sanders crafted the original legal strategy as a plaintiff in a movement which subsequently made its way to the Supreme Court. She explains that the argument to the Court is based upon the Constitution’s “Guarantee Clause” which claims that the United States failed to protect the States from a cyber-invasion. Sanders further states that the politicians themselves, who had sworn an oath to protect the Constitution failed in their duty — this serves as the basis of their argument.

Martin says: “Connect the dots!” She suspects that Paul Manafort worked with Putin to help rig the Ukraine election in 2004 and was paid over $12 million in undisclosed payments that were earmarked in a secret ledger. She believes that people have been too distracted by Trump’s tweets and other sensational stories to see the real connection, which she believes the case brings to light. Undoubtedly, the power of a few people to connect the dots is absolutely stunning.

It is important to note that the progressive and other anti-establishment movements have complained that they do not see a difference between Hillary or Trump. They do not care to have the election results changed or redone because they see both people as equally bad. But I submit to you – is this not a multifaceted problem? Is it not problematic that corporations own the election software? Brent Turner from the California Association of Voting Officials, whose organization is named in the brief, explains that “The corporate software has been determined insecure by government study and the solution to this crisis is publicly owned open source software which has been developed and is ready for deployment.” These problems arose both in the primary and general elections.

This begs the question that if the DNC was hacked, should the DNC candidates be entitled to a new primary election? The RNC had reportedly been hacked. What about them? Certainly, this will be a topic of hot discussion.

While many questions remain, if this case is denied a hearing, the people will have their voice denied. We are doing a disservice to future generations not to address this issue now. We will never be able to have any of these questions answered. Therefore, it is for the sake of the future of this country that we need a revote for the election of 2016.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Editor’s Note: The PDF files have been edited to have sensitive information redacted. You can find updated information on the Supreme Court case here.

Written by Ruben Major

Ruben Major obtained his Juris Doctor from Concord Law School and Master’s Degree in Military History from Norwich University. He writes on politics, public safety, and Emergency Medical Services. He is also Editor-in-Chief of EMS Wire which is an online Public Safety/EMS blog/news service. Ruben is CEO of EMS University and has also served the community as an EMT/Paramedic for 15 years.

Ruben is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.


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  1. “DECLARATION OF RESISTANCE When in the course of American history it becomes necessary for the people to save our Nation from a Tyrant, to safeguard equality for all and their inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness from bigotry and corruption, to ensure that our Government continues [to] derive its power from the consent of the governed rather than by autocracy, that whenever any President becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to make such demands upon their Congress: Immediate impeachment of the President for crimes committed, or removal from office by way of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution. Donald J. Trump has conducted injuries and usurpations, pursuing the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world — He has obstructed the Laws for Naturalization of Immigrants, and illegally banned refugees in the need of safe haven. He has continued to violate federal court orders which require the temporary cessation of this ban, thereby violating his executive oath. He has dismissed an Attorney General for fulfilling her oath to defend the Constitution, defuing the autonomy of the Department of Justice. He has purged the State Department of its highest level officials without any regard for a responsible continuity of State Affairs. He has enlisted amateur ideologues — such as the white supremacist Stephen L. Bannon — to make national security decisions. He has vowed to enact policy and legislation which clearly treat on the separation of church and state. He has refused to remove or address conflicts of interest regarding both his own business and that of his cabinet and family. He has hastily signed multiple Executive Orders without the advisement of Congress, policy experts, his cabinet or staff. He has signed an Executive Order which knowingly deprives the sick of desperately needed healthcare with no concern for their lives. He has signed an Executive Order permitting a pipeline that tramples on Native American Rights and endangers safe water supply. He has illegally threatened to cut off funding to Sanctuary Cities which have determined their values through self-governance. He has knowingly, repeatedly and egregiously misled the public, and directed his staff to do the same. He has strongly advocated for the silencing and suppression of a Free Press. He has repeatedly and consistently shown contempt for people based [on] race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity and religion. He has shown disdain and disregard for the judiciary, and the fundamental human rights that are the foundation of justice. A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people. We shall Resist until our Congress uses the mechanisms afforded to [it] by the Constitution to remove this Tyrant from Power. And for the support of this Declaration we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Honor. Signed. The Resistance

    • Have not heard such a concise article on Trump’s ignorance. Thanks for posting.. I pray we are headed for a new election.

    • Never heard such BS.
      I guess no one has noticed Obama has done much worse with no complaints from the people who are enjoying the US becoming a third world country. When this happens, the US will not be able to help any other nation because it will have Fallen!
      I also notice that democrats prefer liars over the truth telling Trump. In order to fix a country one must rattle a few pots and I see the weak cannot handle it.

      • “Obama has done much worse” typical hearsay from a ditto-head. Pleeeeze give even one example of something worse that is an actual valid comparison. Crickets?

        • Ok, the NDAA of 2012 that ULTRA liberal Chris Hedges SUED Obama over for the indefinite detentions of Americans without trial. Now, kindly go screw yourself.

      • Do you know who saved the auto industry when the Republicans said ..let it die…that’s the free market economy. Who saved…not just America but the world from a horrendous depression…we got a recession which is just a little bit less worse. Obama!! He made America a much admired country after poor old Bush buggered it up with wars. My suspicion is that you live somewhere with poor schooling options otherwise you would know this unless you are blinded by ideology…hate a democrat just ‘cos they’re a democrat!!!

        • Actually it was the repeal of Glass/Steagal that created the recession of 2008, and it was repealed under, SURPRISE, Bill Clinton. Now, do even know WHY the Glass/Steagal Act was even implemented? Do you even know WHAT IT PREVENTED BANKS from doing? Go and learn, my LibTard patowan.

          • How interesting that you don’t comment on anything but the banking issue…does that mean that you accept the other issues I mentioned?

          • Economists at the Federal Reserve, such as Ben Bernanke, have argued that the activities linked to the financial crisis were not prohibited (or, in most cases, even regulated) by the Glass–Steagall Act

          • Following the financial crisis of 2007-08, legislators unsuccessfully tried to reinstate Glass–Steagall Sections 20 and 32 as part of the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act but the republican-held congress prevented it. Currently, bills are pending in United States Congress that would revise banking law regulation based on Glass–Steagall inspired principles however the trump administration wants to completely unravel Dodd-Frank altogether. Makes sense since his cabinet is full of the same people that walked away with millions from the 2007 financial crash.

        • Obama was for the USA. Trump is for Trump! People need to read the history of Hitler! The USA is better than Trump! How embarrassing for our country to have elected such a terrible speaking hate monger! The world is watching!!

          • Really?? On what planet are you living, Martha? Who expanded Bush the Lesser’s illegal wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan, eh? Who used drones to bomb other countries where ground forces haven’t been used? If you’re honest, you’ll admit that the perpetrator was Obama. In so expanding these wars, he’s ratcheted up the debt to $20 trillion. When Bush the Lesser left office, the debt was no more than $10 trillion .. However, Obama raised it to $20 trillion.
            Now, Obama’s left a huge mess for his successor, Donald Trump, to clean up .. And, unlike Obama, Trump sat right behind the desk in the Oval Office and began working at undoing Obama’s illegal EO’s with EO’s of his own. He erased the bathroom law involving men using women’s facilities, as well as forcing Christian businesses to cater to LBGT demands for services that contradict Christian principles. That was only the beginning. In fact, he’s done more work on one day than Obama has done in 8 years. No other President I’ve ever heard of has taken more and longer vacations than has Obama. Nearly every time I turned around, he was away somewhere, playing golf .. so much that he was, at times, referred to as the Golfer-In-Chief. Even he has spoken of his hatred of America and its people. No other POTUS has ever been that hateful of the country he led.

          • Obama was a UN puppet, was tutored by a Marxist and followed the philosophy of Alinski… Rules for Radicals. Trump may be be a klutz when it comes to comparing him to smooth talking Obama, but at least you know hes not a follower of George Soros and the Globalist crowd.

    • For God’s sake, there’s so many lies and distortions in that rant that I’m not even going to waste my time. Let’s just get the war over with. You Libtards are getting ready to piss off 95 MILLION gun owners that absolutely will blow your head CLEAN OFF. Now, don’t take my word for it. Keep it up, and wait and see. These people have been extremely patient and tolerant of all you LibTards stupidity and violence towards Trump supporters before and since Trump was elected. Mark my words, their patience and tolerance has a limit and you are very quickly approaching that limit. I promise you, you WILL NOT like the results when their patience and tolerance ends. I’m not trying to scare you, I”m telling you the cold, hard truth. Now, if you want a war, just keep doing exactly what you’re doing, after all, we know you’re all just as tolerant and peaceful as a snow globe, because you’re demonstrating it every time you have a riot and attack Trump supporters and destroy property. Trust me when I tell you this, you keep this lunacy up, and you are going to die prematurely. Now, before you get your panties in a wad, I’m not a Republican nor am I a Democrat. I’m an independent. And I’m well informed. And I’m telling you this because I really don’t want to see any of you killed by your own stupidity and delusions of some grand “revolution”. People DIE in revolutions, LOTS OF THEM. So, if your ready to die, just keep going. But remember this, no damn idiot ever won a war by dying. I would rather you all live for something, than die for nothing. I know I have little chance of changing any of your minds, but you are absolutely screwing up. If you go through with this, realize that the American Revolution was A LOT different than today. The British has horses, we had horses. The British had musketeers, we had musketeers. The British had cannons, we had cannons. Contrast this with today. You have a few guns. The US government has fully automatic hell guns that you don’t have. You have cars and trucks. The government has Tanks and Planes and Drones and Cruise Missiles and weapons you don’t even know about. You have a few boats. The US government has nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers and spy satellites that can count the hairs sticking out your ears. Now, you are setting yourselves up as insurrectionists. This is what you are going to be facing, along with those 95 million gun owners. Do yourselves a favor. Give Trump a chance. Don’t believe everything you read or hear about him. The power elite hate him because he wasn’t bought with campaign contributions and promises of “quid pro quo”. Think before you go off the deep end. Don’t be a fool for Hillary Clinton, George Soros, George H. W. Bush, or anybody else. Think for yourself, not the crowd mentality. Perhaps one day you’ll see things as I have come to see them. That both the Democrat and Republican party are just two sides of the same coin. And that side of the coin that are Republicans hate Trump because he’s not one of them. George H. W. Bush voted for Hillary, what does that tell you? He didn’t do that because he likes Hillary. These two political factions are playing the American people against each other for the benefit of an elite few, who own both Parties because of their tremendous influence over both of them. You don’t know who I’m talking about, but one day, you may. Stop before you make a big, big mistake.

      • JoinRobert, people like you make me not only join the resistance but I will help organize it, there is not one thing you are saying that says Patriotism, I’m sure Putins Amy is looking for people just like you, PATHETIC POS!!!!!

      • Look at who Trump has nominated for his cabinet and then tell me he is not about money. If you think he cares about you and not his business or his pals businesses you are sadly mistaken.

      • Dear Robert,
        Do not think for one moment that your threatening words will sway the minds of THE MAJORITY, who by the way, ALSO have guns and should it ever become necessary to use them, will do so without hesitation.
        Back to your basement, please.

      • I don’t agree with the article but if you think Democrats and ‘libtards’ don’t own guns, you’re in for a rude awakening. I grew up in a family of Democrats going back many generations and ALL hunters and gun owners.

      • Two things. Please stop saying “libtard”. It’s offensive to a protected class of people and it’s also a dumb and tired word that only insults the user, not the intended target. At this point it’s just annoying. And two, bring it on with your threats, bitch.

      • Should apply all declaration above to the former president who should have been impeached four years ago for his own unconstitutional deeds and lawbreaking.

  2. Complete crap. Proceed at your own risk. Removal of a duly elected president from office under these bogus claims is high treason.

  3. Several if not all commenters here seem to have forgotten that HRC WON the election by over 3M votes! If this country had actually abolished slavery, then the votes of those 3M citizens would have counted to make her President! One disturbing fact of the Jill Stein recount showed that there were 75K votes in Detroit alone that were not even opened let alone counted; all, no doubt, HRC votes. Crosscheck, Chris Kobachs purge Democratic voter scam, removed @7M Democratic voters from the rolls of states with republican governors! Just a few salient facts to digest here when some Trump voter starts thinking that donny actually won the Presidency. The election was a huge fraud on the American people thanks to the republican party.

  4. Fuck this Ginberg witch/bitch.
    What/why the hell is this bitch using the United States of Israel Supreme Court to break havoc our American President Trump’s progresses?
    Where has this bitch been since Israel attacked against American in NY city on 9/11/2001?
    Where has this bitch been since Bush Jr. stole the presidency in 2000?
    Where has this bitch been since Obama deceived America to become US president using his forged birth certificate?
    The only reason this Ginberg bitch comes out against President Trump because President puts and works for Americans first, unlike the Bushs, Clinton, and Obama put Israeli interests above Americans.
    Why don’t you die bitch?

    • This is the language Trump speaks and this is terrible language is unacceptable by Guy Fakes! He must be a white male that has major issues with the USA. He couldn’t possibly be speaking to Christian’s or other religions! Who else would use such language?

  5. The biggest “hack” is systemic and I blame both GOP and DEM…. the have such a stranglehold on the voting system that most people dont’ vote, and most of those who do cast a “lesser evil” ballot. The obvious answer is Ranked Choice Voting, read more at fairvote.org

  6. TWO Michigan democrat senators must be removed from office and a new election held …….. In light of the MASSIVE voter fraud in the metro Detroit area that has been going on for years, uncovered by the Jill Stein recount, Michigan democratic Senators Stabenow and Peters must be removed from office and new CLEAN elections held. 37% of detroit precincts reported more votes than voters http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/1…es_than_voters.html http://investmentwatchblog.com/michigan-officials-investigate-election-fraud-after-new-recount/ http://investmentwatchblog.com/election-fraud-has-become-institutionalized-millions-of-illegal-aliens-listen-to-this-true-the-vote/

  7. And the truly sad thing is that, even Trump would see America die to protect Israel, just as Clinton would, even though Israel and Saudi Arabia, along with pro-Israel traitors in the US administration attacked America on 9/11 2001. Neither were fit to gain office. America needs a revolution, AGAINST ISRAEL.

  8. Voting machines are not necessary for counting votes. Nearly all other countries hand count paper ballots – including India – 1 billion people; UK – 70 million, and results are usually in by the following day. The only purpose of voting machines is that they give someone control over the process. Get rid of the machines (as Oregon has) and fraud will be all but non-existent.

  9. Everything leaked via Wikileaks was authenctic, the facts in those documents, and the fact of those docs, were true. To blame Russia or Comey for HRC’s defeat is to blame the causa sine qua non (an event but for which it would not have happened) rather than the proximate cause (causa causans) which was the content of those leaked e-mails.She lost voters when her corruption of the DNC and the nomination process came to light, not because of the identity of the leaker. People recoiled on learning that she got debate questions in advance, irrespective of how that fact became known.

    As for blaming Comey, that’s like the homeowner who created all that smoke blaming the fire brigade for sounding its siren “so that everybody knows about it..”

  10. Then why did Hillary win in all the places with Soros’voting machines, sometimes with over 100%? Why don’t you void out all voting done by machine so Trump can win by 15 + million votes?!!!

  11. No, people “recoiled” when they believed what they were hearing about the leaks in their Bernie-or-bust echo chambers because it was what they wanted to hear, or because they were too lazy to get the facts, which it’s clear from your statements you don’t have. The Russians put people on left-leaning social media platforms to repeat the misinformation you just did, and to fan the flames of outrage about it.

    Anyone with basic knowledge of our primary system should know that the states run their own individual primaries, not the DNC; they couldn’t “rig” the nomination process if they wanted to, no matter how corrupt they were. The emails show that a small handful of staffers were venting, AFTER it became mathematically impossible for him to win, about their very legitimate frustration about Sanders failing to drop out of the primary after it became impossible for him to win, and continuing to trash Clinton and lie about her record. Trump was repeating those lies on the campaign trail, and the DNC staff knew Sanders was helping Trump win. ONE person suggested a news story that could be planted about Sanders, but the idea was never acted upon, and in the end, they did nothing to hurt him . Bernie Sanders himself has said so. Again, ALL of the emails were dated AFTER he had no chance of winning. He didn’t win because of super delegates, either; she won the pledged delegates from the voters, by 4 million–it wasn’t even close.

    Also, she did not “get the questions” ahead of time. The one email in question contains a mention that a mother whose daughter was affected by an environmental problem would be at one of the debates to ask about what was being done about that problem. That’s it–that’s all they found, out of thousands of emails. Clinton’s staffer didn’t ask for that information, there’s no record of him passing it on to anyone, and what was told to him would have amounted to one question out of three 90 minute debates. Accusing Clinton of wrongdoing for that would be like accusing you of cheating by “getting the questions” because someone blurted out some information to a friend of yours, unsolicited, when you weren’t even in the room.

    As for what Comey did, pointing to “”all that smoke” is wither incredibly naive or deliberately obtuse. “All that smoke” was created, deliberately, by the Republicans’ OWN ADMISSION, to create the appearance of guilt and bring down her poll numbers. If you were as informed as you think you are, you’d know that despite their best efforts, every “investigation” of her has proven her guilty of nothing. What the facts actually show, according to the search warrant, is that the FBI had no valid basis for the warrant in the first place; it was deliberate election interference. Clinton’s poll number were 13 points ahead the day before the announcement, and dropped liek a a stone the day after, because idiots don’t read. Comey colluded with others to tamper with the election, and should be in prison.

  12. “…the states run their own individual primaries, not the DNC…”

    Technically, yes, However, the political parties run the state’s primary. The politicians of said states are all from one or another political party, and typically, the state rules–as promulgated by the politically elected legislature–makes the rules. Those political parties fall into line with the national party leadership, such as the DNC.

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Image of Trump and Ginsburg

Ginsburg Weighing Decision to Hear Case on Possible Russian Election Hacking