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Trump Repeals Provisions of Obamacare and Raises Mortgage Insurance Costs

President Donald Trump signs executive orders.
President Donald Trump signs executive orders. (Evan Vucci / AP Image)

It is the first day that Donald Trump is in office and, like his twitter handle becoming @POTUS instead of Obama’s, many things are to change and quite quickly. Donald Trump has taken action on his first day in office, deciding to make multiple executive orders that are unpopular among the American people.

Donald Trump signed an executive order to relieve agencies of certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act in order to make the cost less on every party involved in the healthcare system. The executive order stated: “impose a fiscal burden on any State or a cost, fee, tax, penalty, or regulatory burden on individuals, families, healthcare providers, health insurers, patients, recipients of healthcare services, purchasers of health insurance, or makers of medical devices, products, or medications.”

This can affect many parts of the Affordable Care Act signed into law by Former President Barack Obama. The lack of detail seemingly may put the individual mandate into question, but it may also allow Republicans to do what they have been trying to do at the state level: charge higher premiums and deny coverage to many people. This can put many low-income people who are insured by Obamacare in danger of losing their health care or paying more as a result of the federal government being more lenient towards the state level governments refusing to follow the guidelines of the Affordable Care Act.

Another important executive order Donald Trump signed concerns a cut on premium costs from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), which he has decided to suspend in his executive order. The FHA caters to many low-income Americans and helps first time home buyers purchase their first house. Donald Trump has said his presidency will be “for the American people,” but is suspending a cut on premium costs for low-income, middle class, and first-time home buyers helping the American people? This will directly affect the many Americans the FHA helps and this will be another blow to the face of Trump supporters who actually believed him.

Written by Sahil Habibi

Sahil Habibi is the host of The Progressive Voice on YouTube, which airs segments dissecting the news daily. Follow Sahil on Twitter @ProgressVoice.

Sahil is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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President Donald Trump signs executive orders.

Trump Repeals Provisions of Obamacare and Raises Mortgage Insurance Costs