What the Heck is Going on With the American Left?


Lately, there have been a lot of news stories about the massive protests against Trump’s inauguration for the presidency, and even though I think it is good that people are utilizing the first amendment to speak out about their anger towards Trump’s presidency, I just simply can’t stop thinking how hypocritical this is.

Imagine how things would be if Hillary Clinton was the newly inaugurated President of the United States of America. The media would be praising her (except for far-right media like Fox News), the Establishment wouldn’t be mad and the people wouldn’t be calling for protests.

A lot of the people who are now opposing Trump were the same people who were really supportive of Hillary Rodham Clinton, and I just can’t stop feeling uncomfortable when I see Hillary Clinton supporters complain about Trump’s anti-immigrant stance when their own candidate was in favor of building a barrier between U.S. and Mexico and was also really concerned about Mexican undocumented immigrants overall.

Then there’s also some “leftists” who complain about the wars that President Trump could probably make (since he has neoconservatives in his cabinet and also has made hostile remarks towards China and Iran) but who stayed silent during former President Obama’s drone bomb fest in the Middle East.

Some liberals cry and go on about how Trump is a racist towards African-Americans, while at the same time they didn’t care when Hillary Clinton received big amounts of money from private prisons for her campaign, reassuring the fact that she wasn’t going to end massive incarcerations in the U.S., which disproportionately impacts African-Americans.

There’s also the side which scrutinizes Donald Trump about his conflicts of interests that he could have regarding his businesses, but they didn’t say a word about how the Clinton Foundation could affect Hillary Clinton.

Hillary supporters claimed Trump supporters were sexist, while some of them also claimed hypocritically that Bernie Sanders’s female supporters only supported him because they wanted a boyfriend, and some of them went as far as saying that women who didn’t support a woman “deserved a place in hell.”

Then there are some “leftists” who say Trump is going to be a “Wall Street shill,” while they ignored the massive amount of Super PAC money given to Hillary Clinton by major corporations and also her expensive speeches given to Goldman Sachs and Big Banks.

I think it’s unbelievable how a big portion of the American left can fall for the “Russians hacking the election” narrative when obviously it is simply a distraction made by the CIA and the Government just so the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign can deflect from any form of criticism aimed at them.

I have seen how on Twitter there are even people calling themselves “#TheResistance” (which is an idea created by neoliberals like Neera Tanden who supported Clinton) whose sole job is to “angrily tweet” against Trump and his supporters, and also to “resist” his presidency, instead of fighting against it and making real movements that can reform our broken left so we can be ready to defeat the far-right Republicans and take them out of Congress and the White House.

It’s a shame how some “leftists” can normalize Democratic corporatism and wars just because they talk politically correct and are acceptive of minorities. We are more than that, and we have to stand up against the real enemies: crony capitalists, the same ones who have created this system which is minority-hating, pro-war and anti-democracy.

The Left needs to get together and realize that before fighting Trump and the GOP, we need to fight against corporatist Democrats who have repeatedly sided with the Republicans on many issues and have hurt the American people.

We cannot go to “war” against the Far-Right if we have problems on the Left.


Hans Alexander Razo is a Mexican-American Leftist raised in Mexico who currently studies a career on Political Science and Public Administration.

Hans is a Writer for Progressive Army.


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  1. I would dispute many of Mr. Razors claims, but my point here is that it is fruitless to argue about what Hilary Clinton would have done or planned to do. This is irrelevant news and water over the dam. Move on. Rehashing this is tiresome.

    • You claim it is “fruitless” and “tiresome” to “rehash this”. In fact, no political party that has suffered such catastrophic defeat at the polls can possibly move forward without conducting an honest post-mortem. Clinton, the “New Democrats” and their supporters are desperate to avoid this or cover it up — because the answers are an indictment of their politics, policy positions, and so-called “leadership”.

      Over the last 25 years, Democrats have gone from being the dominant political party in the nation, to being a rump of a faction of a minority. They have gone from iron-fisted control of Congress and state legislatures to control of…almost nothing. This situation demands examination, and post-election is exactly the time to fix blame for this — absent this, the Democrats’ losing streak will only get worse. Considering that the same crowd responsible for this debacle reaffirmed its control of the party, things don’t look good for the next 4 years.

      The reason Democrats have lost their entire power base is that they have betrayed their own values and their own constituency (the left) in a vain search of an elusive “center” which simply does not exist. The Democrats cannot campaign as a reform party when they are steeped in the same corruption and same failed (right-wing) policies as the Republicans they claim to oppose.

  2. You almost had me going crazy up to the end. I disagree with some of it but the overall point of we gotta clean out and rebuild our party needs to be a focus.
    However it is my opinion that we still need to make our voices heard thru all possible means. We should not allow one side to dictate all! DEMOCRACY

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