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2016 Election: From “Russia” With Love?

(Source: AP)

“Russia hacked our election.” An incredibly incendiary statement rife with accusation and potential for global consequences, possibly war. A statement validated beyond any reasonable doubt by anonymous sources, mainstream media, the White House, and the CIA — all trustworthy organizations with a spotless record of never misleading or outright lying to the American people. If you just read the previous sentence and did not smirk, chuckle, or sigh derisively, I suggest you read up on the history behind the Iraq War, Iran Contra, Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, Martin Luther King Jr., and the US Drug Wars. For those that are aware of such things, you understand the issue I have with the Russian hacking scandal and its evidence.

To begin, the hacking talking point alludes to Russian state actors, per instruction from Vladimir Putin, hacking into voting machines and altering ballots in order to elect Donald Trump. This bold claim is unverifiable, most likely not true and has never been stated as having occurred by anyone, politician or newsman. And, misleading as it is, that is exactly what those in mainstream media, at the behest of the Democratic Party and war-hungry and Trump dissenting Republicans, want the country to believe.

The truth is that the “Russian hacking” is just the favored scapegoat/smokescreen of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton for their crushing election loss and Clinton’s failing public opinion. “Muddying the waters” has been the quoted strategy of the Democratic Party in order to cover for both the embarrassing and corrupt, arguably criminal, details in emails sent in correspondence between the DNC and the Clinton campaign, including different favored media brokers (CNN, Brent Budowsky, Chuck Todd) and the “highly secured” device of one John Podesta. These details include evidence of illegal campaign-Super Pac coordination and media collusion for elevating “pied piper” candidates like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson to aid a vulnerable Clinton in the primaries to bolster her “stronger in the general election” claims and to guarantee a victory. Some of these emails are curiously dated before the Democratic and Republican primaries even began. Also, little things like sandbagging Bernie Sanders in publications, slandering his religion or possible lack thereof, Donna Brazile passing debate questions verbatim to Clinton, disturbing implications about the Clinton Foundation, and revelations about Clinton’s private political views on Wall Street and public positions as focus tested by her team.

The Red Scare was dredged up in all of its fervor in order to counteract the truth being told or seen. Damage control by the likes of Neera Tanden (also a very prevalent and somewhat petty figure in the emails) and Howard Dean were dispatched to criminalize the leaks and the Russians who allegedly stole them. Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, communications director Brian E. Fallon, and sometimes Joel Benenson appeared on MSNBC or CNN or were quoted in Politico, the New York Times or the Washington Post ad nauseum as leaks were released to push the narrative that the emails may even be altered, although no such claim was ever confirmed, refuted or even inquired for investigation. Even after WikiLeaks, an information source that prides itself on 100% accuracy and the anonymity of its sources, finally broke out of the norm and its founder, Julian Assange, stated that Russia was not their source for the leaks. The Democratic Party and like-minded media still pressed this narrative and a soft shoe effort covering the emails’ substance with the preface of “Russia stole” and a similar criminal indication to close the story.

Chris Cuomo can be seen on CNN saying that American people simply viewing the emails are committing a crime since the emails were “hacked” and only newsmedia should be allowed to disseminate what they read, a falsehood of Orwellian proportions. And to make matters worse, anyone who attempted to uncover or question the validity of Russia’s involvement or why the emails weren’t the focus of the media were labeled Kremlin agents, like comrades HA Goodman, Lee Fang or Glenn Greenwald, or called a paid Putin troll on Twitter and Facebook. Oddly, the DNC decided not to allow an FBI first-hand investigation to substantiate their hacking claims, but employed their own trusted tech investigators at CrowdStrike, a private firm, and passed along that report. Nothing suspicious about a political body denying a federal agency access to investigate in favor of a paid friend, right?

The CIA has even become partisan, leaking a two page synopsis “confirming” Trump’s deep ties with Russia, based on an unverified 35-page dossier by an ex MI6 (British Intelligence for the uninitiated or non James Bond fandom) to television and online media. The report itself is rife with geographical errors, allegations of The Donald being blackmailed by Russia for enjoying gold in a way not normally attributed to the President, and other misinformation like a Trump lawyer meeting with Russian intel in Prague with no passport record of him having ever been there. The dossier, unsourced and unverified, was still published by news publication Buzzfeed and reported on by CNN, both acting without journalistic ethics and as the opening salvo of the CIA in service of the Democratic Party opposition.

A war of misinformation is being waged and it goes far beyond word and print.The dubious talking point has become an even bigger problem beyond libel of the President, Putin, and Russia, escalating from exiting President Obama laying sanctions on Russia and ejecting 35 Russian diplomats (subsequently labeled intelligence agents in some “left” leaning publications for more McCarthyite implications) to the deployment of thousands of NATO troops to neighboring border countries like Poland and Norway and NATO naval forces in the Baltic Sea.

The leaks of the DNC and Podesta’s campaign-related email correspondence and the possible effects they had on Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes cannot be determined as news media largely covered up the most damaging emails from airwaves and we cannot appropriate WikiLeaks or keyword search data from every American computer (actually YES WE CAN thanks to Obama’s NSA apparatus). This information should be public knowledge under the Freedom of Information Act, but nevertheless, using the sour grapes of a security breach by a still-unverified Russian state actor(s) as a witch hunt to antagonize another Cold War with a nuclear Russia, possibly a third World War, and box in an already “excitable” President Trump into either being labeled a Putin puppet by not engaging Russia militarily or by acting rashly in order to evade public scrutiny is a ridiculous and dangerous partisan revenant of a Democratic Party looking to shift the blame of an epic failure.

To enact this course of events in response to being exposed as self-serving and not entirely honest, or, my personal opinion, damn liars and cheats willing to crush progressive hope for corporate cash is not responsible. It is childish and potentially deadly. It’s as if Obama, Clinton, and Establishment Democrats have cheated on their final exams senior year, got kicked out, blame the Math teacher at another school for not getting into college and then call the cops and local news stations after planting meth in his car.

Speaking of news, “good journalists” like Rachel Maddow, Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd, Joy Ann Reid, Paul Krugman, Peter Daou, Kurt Eichenwald and the rest of the assorted Sgt. Hillary’s Anyone But Democrats Are To Blame Club Band are just pleased as punch to sell you this fiction, waiting for their bleeding leads and biting headlines, based on debunked reports, “classified” ‘anonymous sources’ of the CIA, and hearsay that amount to fairy dust, the Easter Bunny, and good ol’ American xenophobic partisan hackery. It’s Iraq all over again, complete with regime change and fossil fuel interests a la Syria. But trust in the CIA fairy tales if you want. It’s only another preventable war, all because corporate Democrats can’t be honest with themselves or the American people. And we, the people, will pay.

A special thanks to Jimmy Dore, Glenn Greenwald, Benjamin Dixon, Jordan Chariton, HA Goodman, Lee Fang, Michael Sainato, Michael Tracey and Kyle Kulinski for informing me where the journalists and news people named above have failed in their sacred trust to this nation.

Brentton Williams full time deliveryman trying to become a full time student again writer, musician, church volunteer, college degree seeker.

Brentton is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.

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