Manipulating Trump

Trump with babies
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Over the past week, yes it’s only been a week, we have watched in horror as Trump has silenced scientists, frozen hiring, terrorized immigrants, etc. This has got to stop! And we can stop it. But not by “resisting”. When you have an angry toddler on your hands, you don’t argue with it; you distract it and rechannel its behavior toward something positive. Trump is basically a two-year-old looking to assert his power and seeking our praise. Let’s manipulate him like you would a child.

This discussion between Thom Hartman and Mike Papantonio got me thinking about how we can use Trump’s television watching habits and need for praise to turn him against the Republicans. Right now, by the way, the Republicans are using our rage at him and our “resistance” to get him to fulfill their wildest oligarchic dreams. We can, however, yank the controls of the Trump Train out of their hands by providing Trump with a path to the constant praise that he desires.

Here’s the plan: Bernie needs to go on Morning Joe, which Trump watches religiously, and talk sympathetically about how Trump must be frustrated by the Republicans trying to tell him what to do about Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Bernie can say that he is pretty sure that Trump truly wants Medicare for All and to strengthen Social Security, that would make him a hero to the American people, but that the Republicans are going to try to get him to go against what he, Trump, knows is right in order to help Big Pharma and Wall Street continue to rob the American people. The next day, perhaps John Lewis could go on Morning Joe and say that he agrees with Bernie about Big Pharma and Wall Street continuing to rob the American people under the Republican leadership of the current Trump administration, but that he doubts that Trump really cares about the American people anyway.

Next, and this is important, if difficult to stomach, we take to the streets, but not to protest. Instead, we rally FOR Medicare for All and saving Social Security. We go to the White House to remind Trump of what it was like to see the American people on his side, but with a strong reminder of the behavior we expect from him in order to gain our praise and support. I know it sounds nuts…..until you think about how you manipulate a two-year-old, then it all makes sense.

Once we have Trump hooked on our support and praise regarding Medicare and Social Security, we can move on to other issues. He was pro-choice until this election, so he should be easy to sway back with the appropriate reminders of how we agree with his statements from the past. Ivanka is interested in preserving the environment, we can pit his brilliant daughter against the greedy corporations and Wall Street. You get the idea. We can get in his head, and we need to do so, and quickly. Can Bernie go on Morning Joe tomorrow?

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Trump with babies

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