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To Neoliberals Using Trump’s Ban to Attack Progressives: Shut the Hell Up

Because She Wasn’t There for Me

Jamelle Bouie, Flickr

I’m done with the lame finger-pointing and the “We told you so” movement of thinking that this Trump nightmare is somehow the fault of those who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton and her campaign team are to blame for not getting any votes she failed to acquire.

I didn’t give a damn about Hillary’s emails or Pizzagate; I put all that in the bucket of the Benghazism that became the religion of the GOP. I cared about her actions in relation to Haiti and when she stood for laws under her husband’s administration that decimated poor communities, in particular, communities of color, under the guise of welfare reform.

How I wish there had been large crowds like those I saw at the Women’s March and in protest of the Muslim Ban turn out for Black Lives Matter. But most of y’all weren’t there for us. You were only moved when it finally dawned on you that all of this affected you too. What you are really saying is that you want to go back to a time when the establishment nightmare was once removed from you. When you could gather at your book club meetings with a Pumpkin Spice Latte, discuss from a place of privilege the intricate workings of racism and classism, share a spoken word piece on social media, you and your BFF could buy cute, matching t-shirts to show how you were an ally, and call it a day.

It is not my job to make sure your future is secure because you finally woke up. You slept through the killings of people who looked like me and mine for centuries. To paraphrase a common saying, your failure to protect yourself does not constitute an emergency on my part.

You were the ones who waffled in your commitment to Black Lives Matter because of “violence at the protests” but I noticed that no one batted an eye when white women reported that people were being led toward violent areas during the Women’s March by outsiders, that outsiders were sent in to cause disruption, why? Because deep inside you still believed the lie of how violent black people are naturally and you didn’t want to support violence and some of you shared your lukewarm support on social media but left it at how violence wasn’t the way. Dredging up your MLK, Jr. memes to directly or indirectly blame black people for their own situation. Never giving credence to the reports that outsiders were brought in to initiate and escalate violence at our marches.

You failed to make your stance on feminism intersectional, with your “why do you have to make everything about race?” Now suddenly you are in a complete panic because you can see the danger you are in.

Welcome to the club.

Written by Pamela Getz

Writer and Activist. Follow Pamela on Twitter @goddesspamela.

Pamela Getz is Editor of International Affairs for Progressive Army and a member of its Editorial Board.


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  1. Feeling attacked even though I don’t drink lattes. Liked this and thought it was funny but…
    as a Lesbian, would say that the black community has tended to be on the wrong side of history for us.
    That said, as the BLM movement gains clarity and people have a better understanding of how you want us to help, I expect we will be there.
    The club needs to get Yuuuge real quick. Let’s do this together and work toward getting to know each other better.

    • jk Lemoine, First, lattes are delicious.
      But you are absolutely right about the Black Community’s treatment of the LBGTQI community (which most certainly aren’t mutually exclusive of each other). Intersectionality is a concept that if properly and, more importantly, genuinely adhered to, must reach beyond race.

  2. Hi, Pamela! I want to say I share your feeling–100%. However, as a once upon a time Berner, I think its incumbent on us to find a way to relate to the awakening process of the HRC supporters in a way that encourages them to move along the path we ourselves have found. No question they voted as neoliberals by voting for HRC, but they are still potentially progressive voters. Its a challenge for me to set aside the resentment I feel toward the DNC and the way our Bernie delegates we treated at Convention. But we ARE in danger. GRAVE danger…so imo its time for the greatest possible effort to look for skillful ways to relate to their awakening process. I know for myself I voted for Slick Willy twice. I also voted for Obama twice. We only realize the true nature of these corporate democrats once we look seriously at how their policies impact us and how they impact the minority groups whose circumstances we understand by educating ourselves. TY for writing this, and TY for considering to my blab.

    • I agree that working together is a great idea but when you look at the lay of the land we, as Progressives, can not wait for Dems to catch up, we can try but we can’t let their foot-dragging delay our work. It is time we admit that we need at least one more ‘major’ party and we have the numbers and momentum now. We must be committed to our causes now more than ever and refuse to be stalled.

    • Morning Dame,
      I agree we must be open to sharing information and willing to accept help where offered, but we can not wait for HRC supporters/DNC to understand and accept our policies before we act. We risk losing time and momentum. I think we need to move away from the idea that working through the DNC is the only way we can make it. Our countries needs are more nuanced than ever and as the saying goes you can’t teach a dog new tricks.
      Stay strong, forge ahead and we can make a progressive party viable and we can still welcome with open arms anyone willing to support us.

    • Yes, the awakening process is difficult, even painful. However, we as progressives cannot go through that with them. Nor should we try to ease their discomfort. This is something they alone need to come to terms and we need not to stay silent. It’s the giant democratic elephant is the room that won’t go away on its own.

  3. Hey Pam,
    Because of all the crap YOUR movement caused with the DNC corruption, and the “Railroading of Bernie Sanders”, the comment of; “I TOLD you so” is NO CONSULATION considering the RESULTS that you caused. And yet it YOU who decides to throw a “Belly Ache” about it?
    Hey Pam,
    Would you like some CHEESE with that “Whine”?
    #NativeLivesMatter #ProgressiveLivesMatter #MarissaJohnsonSucks
    #NoDAPL #RunThePipeUpMarissaJohnsonsAss #JohnLewisSoldHisSoul

    • Howdy Charles,
      You are a prime example of someone who has not looked at the actual work of Black Lives Matter and instead, you have allowed yourself to be lead by the reports that fit the narrative. I didn’t agree with Marissa Johnson’s actions because Black Lives Matter is no more monolith than black people are.
      I continue to stand by my article, I do not regret my third party vote because I know that #blacklivesmatter, #nativelivesmatter, #NoDAPL, #TransLivesMatter, etc.
      Try researching #BLM for yourself, I’ll get you started
      Maybe it is you who needs to work on your “ETIQUETTE” before assuming that you are speaking with an enemy.

  4. Interesting piece! What did you think about that this Women’s march attempted to be intersectional? It is written into their mission and vision. I was pretty surprised to see that it was there and attempted (even if some of those Latte drinkers don’t know about it). I always march with BLM, which often also lacks real intersectionality (trans women of color are the biggest target of violence and often face police brutality, but that issue is pretty invisible in the BLM groups I’ve been around), but I’m not certain intersectionality is a necessity for every group protesting a thing everywhere. Do you?
    I agree that it might feel annoying to see so many people outraged NOW, instead of the past, but I’m happy that they are woke and I want them to stay active.
    There seems to be forces that want to keep the Bernie/Clinton split alive and strong. That’s why we keep seeing really terrible journalism being done with outlandish headlines, made to make us feel something, all just to gain clicks. As long as we are fighting each other, we can ignore our real fight. We must be able to get back to building coalitions if we want to see real progressive change happen. We must continue to build our numbers of resistance.
    Neoliberalism is the American ethos, sadly, we all are neoliberal and participate in that everyday.

    • Hi Reluctant Epiphany,
      Sorry that it has taken me awhile to reply.
      I believe that the cause overall must be intersectional, but that doesn’t mean that every march has to be intersectional. EX: A march for Trans Rights doesn’t have to cover men’s issues.
      There is a time to focus on the particular needs of a particular group.
      As much as I would love to see the movement move the DNC in a new direction, we can’t continue to count on that and we shouldn’t compromise our position because we feel it would be easier to reform an established party than strike out on our own.
      We can’t fight the duopoly and hold dearly to it at the same time.

  5. Fuck, yes. For me it begins and ends with war and the corporate, inherently racist, military-industrial complex that drives this country and spreads terror around the world. Not only does it disproportionally affect women and persons of color domestically and abroad in the first degree (as a direct result), but it’s indirectly but intrinsically connected to a whole host of other social ills, including the para-militarization of police and the prison industry. I cannot overstate my respect for BLM’s manifesto on this. For all the liberals who are waking up and reassessing their understanding of the world, I applaud that. That takes courage and, yes, deserves a hand held out in solidarity and welcome (even if they have a long way to go yet). But specifically for the ones who are digging in their heels in a bizarre combo of hysteria and smugness and saying “this is your fault” or “we told you so” or “because ’emails’ ” all I can say is “fuck you, you ignorant shits it’s about so much more than emails”. I’m trying to be more charitable and forgiving, I really am but, good Lord, it tries my patience. They even have the gall to say opposition to Clinton came from a place of privilege!!! Which is so goddamn insulting and presumptive, especially when this anti-trump “wokeness” smacks so much of privilege. Anyway, it’s good to read someone else expressing a similar thing, so thank you!

    • Hi Angry old hippie,
      “I’m trying to be more charitable and forgiving, I really am but, good Lord, it tries my patience.”
      You and me both, you an me both! lol
      Thank you for taking the time to read and for your feedback

  6. Preach, my friend! My donor-daughter just turned seven months old today. Her mother is Black, and because of the color of their skin and the shape of their noses, they get to spend the rest of their lives wondering if today is the day some pathetic little boy with a badge and a gun will end them because his balls feel too small and he can only make them feel big by assaulting innocent, defenseless Black and Brown people. You struggles are my struggles because they are also my daughter’s struggles. The fake left is a disgrace and we must oppose them as vehemently as we oppose other right-wingers, maybe more because the fakers are the ones who stamp down dissent far more effectively than their Republican counterparts.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you for reading and replying. I’d like to only add one thing. I wish more people felt my struggle was their struggle simply because I’m human and not just because it has personally intersected with their life, which is really at the heart of this article.
      But again thank you.

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