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[WATCH] Sam Ronan Makes Promise to Refuse Corporate Money at All Costs

Samuel Ronan speaks at the DNC Forum in Detroit.
Left: Samuel Ronan speaks at the DNC Forum in Detroit. Right: No Corporate Money twitter icon from @NoCorpMoneyCA.

During an interview with Sam Ronan on The Progressive Voice, there were many topics covered: Minimum wage, tax policy, government spending on infrastructure, tariffs, outsourcing of jobs, foreign policy and wars in the middle east, gun control, war on drugs, corporate funding of candidates, abortion, and the environment.

To start off, when asked about minimum wage,  Sam responded by saying that he believes the federal minimum should be $15 an hour and that states and counties can then choose where to go from there. Sam also said that the minimum wage should be raised in principle, because, according to the numbers, it should be somewhere from $20-26 an hour as a result of the increased productivity and profits.

When prompted about his tax policy, Sam Ronan said that he was okay with a blanket tax because he believes that it is a focal point that corporations and the wealthy are using tax loopholes to the point that they aren’t even paying the same effective tax rates that middle-class citizens are. He elaborated further by saying that it isn’t really like coming down from 39% to 15%, but instead from 6% up to 15%. However, he then went on to clarify and state that he is actually in favor of a progressive tax bracket in which there are no loopholes, as opposed to a flat tax that has no loopholes.

When asked about government spending on infrastructure, Sam Ronan said that he believes that instead of spending money on the never-ending Middle Eastern wars and NASA spending, we should instead be spending money by investing in infrastructure, which will spur the economy and make the unemployment rate drop even further.

Sam said that he is “completely against the outsourcing of jobs” and that he thinks it’s “dumb” because it robs the American population of jobs and leaves them with no opportunity for work, while those corporations give their jobs to low-wage workers in Mexico and other countries. He also said that if tariffs were the way to prevent corporations from outsourcing their jobs based on information and analysis from experts, he would support it.

On the topic of the Middle East, Sam had quite a bit to say as he is actually a veteran who served in the military’s reserves. He believes that the usage of drones is counter-productive because, although we kill some leaders, there are 50 more terrorists born as a result of massive civilian casualties. He also believes that we should do our best to pull out of the countries that we are in war with and focus more on the people back home.

Gun control seems to be a topic that Sam has a different perspective on than most Democrats because he is a veteran. He is more open to people owning guns than others, however he is in total support of mandatory gun-safety classes because he believes that, in order to own a gun, you should absolutely know how to safely use it. He is not for a full-on assault ban because he believes that they can be used for hunting.

Sam said that the war on drugs is a complete waste of money and a huge fail because there are more people using drugs than there were when the war on drugs was first started and over a trillion dollars later we find ourselves in a bigger mess. He would focus much more on rehabilitation than incarcerating them. He believes that drug addiction should be treated as a disease, not a criminal offense.

Sam Ronan has made a pledge that he will never take any corporate funding in any campaign, especially for this campaign he is running for DNC chair. He says that this is what makes him stand out among his fellow candidates, as he is the only one who absolutely refuses to take any money from any corporations and only money from the people.

On the topic of abortion, Sam said that he believes that the government shouldn’t be legislating what a woman does with her own body parts and that the decision of having an abortion shouldn’t be determined by the government, but instead by the woman and her doctor.

When it came to the environment, Sam was very much for moving to cleaner and more renewable energy sources and he specified that he is a huge advocate for solar energy as opposed to the other energies that pollute and destroy the environment. He believes that climate change is real and that we need to do what we can to stop it.

You can follow Sam Ronan on Twitter @RonanForDNC or visit his website here.

You can watch my full discussion with Sam below:

Written by Sahil Habibi

Sahil Habibi is the host of The Progressive Voice on YouTube, which airs segments dissecting the news daily. Follow Sahil on Twitter @ProgressVoice.

Sahil is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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Never Fight the Last Battle

Samuel Ronan speaks at the DNC Forum in Detroit.

[WATCH] Sam Ronan Makes Promise to Refuse Corporate Money at All Costs