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Believing DNC Spin is Comforting

Leadership and Accountability are Inseperable


The last few weeks have been an excruciating trip down the most soul-crushing of rabbit holes. As a naturally empathetic person, I have agonized over many of the decisions I have made over the last year. I joined #TeamBernie and never looked back. I fought with all I had to get the socialist Jew into Democratic Party (DNC) nomination and the White House. Hillary’s role in actively destroying the Black community is a real and tangible thing. No amount of threats or emotional blackmail could get me to pull the lever for Hillary Rodham Clinton. I live in a Red State. My vote amounts to nothing more than wasted ink when it comes to voting for the next occupant of the Oval Office.

As a Black man, I watch helplessly as the gains of the Civil Rights Movement are being destroyed. My children will spend the next four years (at least) in Jim Crow 2.0. My sons will be stopped and harassed by emboldened law enforcement. My daughter will be unprotected in many ways when not around her brothers and me. That is not a sexist statement. It is simply a statement of reality for a young Black girl in America. I wept the tears of a father unable to defend his children from this world that would rather my kids did not exist. To them, my progeny is an abomination made from the coupling of a nigger and a race traitor.

My concern is not the random racist prick. We get it in. We can and will defend ourselves. However, my deepest fear is surveillance/police state that can select my family members and me at will. They have mastered the media spin. No matter the real story, we are guilty. Case closed. This situation is nothing new to Black America or Poor America. The difference is that there is no sanctuary. The police, courts, and Feds represent something unseen in the modern era – a monster that will devour Black and Brown people and can never be sated.

Wrestling with Myself

I wondered if my support of Bernie or challenging Hillary/DNC contributed to our current state of affairs. As I sit completely dressed and ready every night until all my kids are in the house, I have agonized over my decisions. Could I have done it all differently? Should I have stepped back and supported Hillary? Each time I argued with a Hillary supporter, I secretly wondered if they were right. Were my principles too big for me to get beyond? How could I live with myself after all of this?

Saved by Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions

When Senator Jeff Sessions was inevitably confirmed, I was thrown for a loop. Was this on me? I had to take a self-care break. I needed to shut it down. My soul was scarred.

But, itty bitty Jeff seems to be just what I needed. He caused me to reflect even more deeply than I had before. I’m a veteran. Uncle Sam spent a lot of money teaching me about leadership, responsibility, and accountability.

Renewed Vision

Leadership has real meaning to me. I cannot be more accountable for a particular goal than the individuals and organizations tasked with that objective. My minuscule reach means very little in the scheme of things. Two multi-million dollar operations were supposed to do their best to elect not-Trump. Anyone but the Republican nominee. Those two organizations are the given Democratic candidate’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee. $1.5 billion dollars were spent to elect Hillary Clinton as the 45th President of the United States. They failed. Epically.

Voters did not fail. These organizations were supposed to motivate voters to the polls to support their candidate. Not alienate them. Not treat them like children. Not threaten them. Not tell them they are not needed. We are talking about over 40% of Democratic primary voters. The primary and the presidential campaign were handled horribly every step of the way.

The goal should be to motivate voters with a positive message that tells them how you will impact their lives. In a perfect world, this message would be delivered by a relatively trustworthy individual with very little policy, personal and political baggage. That type of messenger is rare. But, the effort should still be made.

The Democratic Party is undeniably in collapse:

Notes: Senate data do not include independents or members of third parties caucusing with president’s party. Nebraska technically has a nonpartisan legislature. Therefore, Nebaska’s data are excluded.
Sources: Politico; U.S. Senate; U.S. House; CQ Press Guide to U.S. Elections, vol. ii, sixth ed. ; NCSL; The Book of States, vols. 9-34; Polidata; Party Affiliation in the State Legislatures


The 2020 Census is just around the corner. That means redistricting will quickly follow. At this rate, the Republican Party will have enough state legislatures to call a Constitutional Convention to amend the Constitution of the United States by 2018. That’s right – White Supremacists, Dominionists, and the Koch Brothers will be able to change the Constitution. Let that sink in.

The above graphic indicates that the Dems need a drastic change in leadership and direction. People are leaving the Democratic Party by the millions. If a party doesn’t mind losing seats or voters, you have to question what their actual role is. More precisely, how do they view their role?

The Role of the Democratic Party

The DNC does not want to change their direction. Even in the face of catastrophic losses and people leaving the party en masse. You must question what their goals are and where their loyalties lie. If they don’t want to change, they don’t want to win. If they don’t want to win, they don’t want to govern. If they don’t want to govern, they don’t want to serve the people.

In their current capacity, Dems can only accomplish three things: 1) Impede Left Populism, 2) Keep donors happy by supporting/not fighting their preferred legislation and 3) Cash checks. That is pretty much it.

The Additional Role

If you think #theResistance is better served from a permanent minority status, you should avoid American politics altogether. The other thing that the Democratic Party is capable of is misdirecting your righteous anger. Don’t look at the Hillary campaign that ignored the signs of problems in the Swing States. Pay no attention the DNC that missed an opportunity to nearly double in size in a single cycle- Political malpractice in the highest form.

The answer to why the DNC enabled the rise of Agent Orange and the Little Hand Gang – Russia, Comey, Jill Stein, Bernie, and voters. What/who is absent from this list? That is correct: the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee. They took money from you and SuperPACs. They had mainstream media lackeys at their disposal. They still failed to get people to vote for them in the Swing States.

You are a dupe, or you are dishonest if you are blaming anyone other than Hillary and the DNC. Believing the people spouting the fairytales is entirely another issue.

The Right Stuff

To fight Trump administration legislation, we need Progressive fighters in legislative seats. Fighting to Democratic Party to get real Lefties in place is the best plan in the short term. Building a better party is an admirable long-term goal, and I support it fully. We can all coexist.

MPACT, Progressive Independent Party, Justice Democrats, Draft Bernie, etc. Everyone has a role. Let’s keep fighting, stop taking shots at each other and deny Conservatives any space and rest.

For more, follow/contact me on Twitter – @blupfront or look for me here at ProgressiveArmy.com.

Correction: An earlier version of this piece included a different table with differing data. The piece has since been updated with a new table and sources.

Written by Michael Graham

Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Veteran, Social Justice Warrior. City by birth, Country by default. Follow Michael on Twitter @BLUpfront.

Michael Graham is a Senior Writer for Progressive Army.

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Believing DNC Spin is Comforting