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Nearly 200,000 People Told to Flee California Crumbling Dam

Reuters – Evacuation orders for nearly 200,000 people living below the tallest dam in the United States remained in place early on Monday after residents were abruptly told to flee when a spillway appeared in danger of collapse.

Authorities issued the evacuation order on Sunday, saying that a crumbling emergency spillway on Lake Oroville Dam in north California could give way and unleash floodwaters onto rural communities along the Feather River.

“Immediate evacuation from the low levels of Oroville and areas downstream is ordered,” the Butte County sheriff said in a statement posted on social media.

The California Department of Water Resources said on Twitter at about 4:30 p.m. PST (0030 GMT Monday) that the spillway next to the dam was “predicted to fail within the next hour.”

Vets Return to Standing Rock to Form Human Sheild Against Police

The GuardianUS veterans are returning to Standing Rock and pledging to shield indigenous activists from attacks by a militarized police force, another sign that the fight against the Dakota Access pipeline is far from over.

Army veterans from across the country have arrived in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, or are currently en route after the news that Donald Trump’s administration has allowed the oil corporation to finish drilling across the Missouri river.

The growing group of military veterans could make it harder for police and government officials to try to remove hundreds of activists who remain camped near the construction site and, some hope, could limit use of excessive force by law enforcement during demonstrations.

What to do if Immigration Officials Show Up at Your Door

USA Today – Roundups of undocumented immigrants across the country have sent immigrant rights advocates to social media, blasting out information in multiple languages on how those caught up in such raids should respond.

If Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents show up at the door, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) advises not opening it unless the agents can show a warrant signed by a judge.

“Ask to see it (through a window or slipped under the door),” the graphic, available in multiple languages, says.

ICE administrative warrants don’t allow agents to enter a home without the consent of the residents. Residents can ask through the door why the agents are there and request an interpreter if they need one.

If there is no warrant, ask the agents to leave information outside.

Sanders Calls Foul When McDowell County, WV Town Hall Cancelled

Washington PostSen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is raising questions about the surprise cancellation of a town hall meeting in West Virginia, which was scheduled for Monday morning and was to be filmed for an MSNBC special. In a statement, Sanders said that a National Guard armory that had been booked for the town hall had canceled without explanation, and that the network was unable to find a new venue on short notice.

“If anyone in West Virginia government thinks that I will be intimidated from going to McDowell County, West Virginia, to hold a town meeting, they are dead wrong,” Sanders said in a statement. “If they don’t allow us to use the local armory, we’ll find another building. If we can’t find another building, we’ll hold the meeting out in the streets. That town meeting will be held. Poverty in America will be discussed. Solutions will be found.”

Spooked Passengers Deplane After Pilot’s Bizzare Rant

CBS News – A United Airlines pilot was removed from a plane bound for San Francisco International Airport after a bizarre rant about politics and her divorce, reports CBS station KPIX in San Francisco.

It happened Saturday before United Flight 455 left from Austin, Texas. The pilot got passengers’ attention when she boarded the plane in her street clothes.

“She shows up dressed like a civilian and asks to us to take a vote to see whether she should change into her uniform or fly as is,” said Pam O’Neal, who was aboard the flight.

Passenger Randy Reiss tweeted, she “asked if we were ok with her flying like that… then says ‘sorry I’m going through s(sic) divorce.’”

Demonstrators in Mexico City March Against Trump

L. A. Times – Thousands of demonstrators waving Mexican flags and hoisting signs denouncing President Trump marched through central Mexico City on Sunday, the largest mobilization so far here against what many label an anti-Mexican administration in the White House.

“We are not against the American people. This is about Trump, who is spreading hate and division,” said Maria Garcia, a former resident of Chicago who carried an unflattering, papier-mache likeness of the U.S. president as she marched through the Mexican capital.

“The United States and Mexico are natural friends and allies, but Trump is destroying this,” added Garcia, who later publicly burned the Trump effigy.

More than 20,000 people attended the march, according to an official city estimate. The turnout was relatively modest in a city that regularly hosts massive demonstrations.

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Writer and Activist. Follow Pamela on Twitter @goddesspamela.

Pamela Getz is Editor of International Affairs for Progressive Army and a member of its Editorial Board.

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SPLASH! News For February 13, 2017