Trump Lies Citing Fake Swedish Terror Attack


Donald Trump held a rally in Melbourne, Florida on Saturday where he attempted to justify his Muslim Ban. He cited a non-existent Sweden terror attack to show the American people why the Muslim Ban is necessary.

A quick fact check by Raw Story shows that this claim is made up and completely false. There was no terror attack in Sweden. “When you look at what’s happening in Germany, when you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden — Sweden! Who would believe this? Sweden!” Trump stated. Many are aware of the recent terror attacks in Germany. However, he claimed that there was a terror attack in Sweden in order to justify his Executive Order to the American people.

Many Americans would say that it is very unethical for any public official, let alone the President of The United States, to state falsehoods or claim occurrences that did not actually happen.

Trump has made this false claim of a terror attack in Sweden, while also attacking the media relentlessly, constantly calling them “fake news.”

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Trump had faced a lot of pushback since issuing his Travel Ban. Massive protests were spurred all around the country, in airports and lawyers offering to defend detainees pro bono. Not only did Trump face very bad media attention and massive protests from Americans all over the nation, but he also has had an extremely rough time in the court system. He lost three times in federal courts regarding the legality of his Travel Ban and ramifications of it. The Travel Ban is currently suspended.

Trump has since been on the defensive trying to explain why his Executive Order is not only justifiable but also necessary. In an attempt to change public opinion, he cited the terror attacks in Germany. However, this path has seemingly led him to cite a non-existent terror attack which can only be categorized as a complete lie.

Many experts believe that Trump will not appeal to the Supreme Court regarding his immigration executive order, but rather write up a new one.

Written by Sahil Habibi

Sahil Habibi is the host of The Progressive Voice on YouTube, which airs segments dissecting the news daily. Follow Sahil on Twitter @ProgressVoice.

Sahil is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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  1. Put this spin on it…

    If on Sunday you went to church and the priest/pastor said with a straight face “I just wanted you all to know that God came to me and told me before bed last night that a disisaster has occurred. Your neighbor’s house blew up yesterday and the entire family and their pets died. We should all say a prayer for them right now and we really hope you can donate some $ for the family as we pass around a collection baskets this morning.” Meanwhile you said good morning to your neighbor as he was picking up the Sunday newspaper that morning prior to leaving for church, his house was still standing tall, their golden retriever was running around in the front yard and their kids were playing on swings in the back yard cheerfully. You’d probably be asking your church to find a new priest/pastor, right? You might even call him out about what he was wrong about, right? You might even think there is something psychologically wrong with this guy?!

    Just lead with honesty and integrity! These fabricated terroristic attacks are direct attempts to instill fear and further seperation in the American people in order to justify political propaganda, it’s just that plain and simple. Swedish government officials have reported no terrorist events and have made no increases in their terror threat level at this time. 3 fabricated terrorist attacks in about a month. I wonder how many will be fabricated in the month of March?

    Next week we’re probably going to hear about large families of bears that broke into schools across America and attacked hundreds of children so he can say, “See, I told you DeVos was the right choice for Secretary of Education but you didn’t want to listen to me! This is the media’s fault!”

    His inherently limited ability to wage war on the media is a losing battle because his credibility goes down every time he’s in front of a camera regardless of the news outlet reporting! Many Republican politicians are voicing their opinions that you’re taking it too far. FOX NEWS reports your approval rating in your first month dropping from 45% to 40%, that’s 21 points below the historical average of a president in their first month in office. Even some of his most faithful supporters who’ve strongly believed he was the answer are now voicing that he just doesn’t seem cut out to be the POTUS by his careless choice of words since taking office.

    I will 100% vote for AND support a Republican for POTUS that I believe in, but you’re not one of them. Oh and Donald, please keep the tweets coming. Continue to show the world your true character!


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