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2020: Seeing Hillary Clinton Out of the Picture

Hopefully, the Final Argument Against Clinton Running for President

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Lately I have been hearing that Former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is planning on running for office. The most recent rumors are that she plans on running for Mayor of NYC or even President again. I’m here to make the obvious point that this is the worst idea I may have ever heard and our current lunatic of a President wants to build a wall, so bad ideas are not few and far between these days.

Hillary Clinton just lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump, the most disliked person to ever run for President. She, and her team, should slink off into the background not to be heard from for years. But, her Campaign Manager and Communications Director are out giving interviews on the Sunday shows, spewing out their policies as if these are new ideas that will stand up to Trump.

These are the same ideas and people who lost to our Cheeto-in-Chief. Hillary’s communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, was being interviewed by Chuck Todd (the two are friends and spent Palmeri’s birthday together). They discussed how Mrs. Palmieri does not believe that people protesting care about $15 minimum wage or other progressive issues. Now, I’m not even going to get started on how this is the media’s main echo chamber problem and Todd, or whoever gets guests on his show, should be fired for this obvious favoritism/irrelevance of the lineup. The DNC has also stacked the  Anti-Trump war room with former Clinton campaign staff. Either this is just friends giving their friends jobs (who thought they would be working in The White House) or just gross incompetence.

Before the election, the most used argument of people who supported Hillary Clinton was that no one has ever been so qualified for the job of President. She ran under the banner of the establishment Democrats, the same as President Obama. If she is “the most qualified person ever,” and she had the same platform as Obama, an extremely popular president, why did she lose? She lost because no one cared about her experience, they question her judgment, they question her loyalty, and they question her honesty. These things will not go away; they ruined her in the 2008 primary, she never learned her lesson, and they ruined her again in the 2016 presidential election.

Next, let’s debunk my least favorite rumor about Hillary Clinton, that she is some kind of Democratic Party leader who would put the Democratic Party above everything and save us in these trying Trumpian times. Hillary Clinton has run two national primary elections for the presidency. In both, she complained about the negative “attacks” she received, claiming she wanted a primary based on the issues while her spin team (more commonly known as the main stream media) went after the religious beliefs of her enemies (Obama pictured in a turban, obviously trying to play off the nation’s islamophobic tendencies and WikiLeaks proved that the DNC, in coordination with the Clinton camp, questioned whether Bernie Sanders is Jewish or atheist). She called on her supporters (Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand) to come out and question whether Bernie Sanders truly cared about the Sandy Hook shooting victims, over a gun law (Sanders believes that you should not be able to sue a gun manufacturer after a mass shooting, like you can’t sue a car company after a car accident). After the Election, Hillary gave a speech to her donors in NYC and gave a speech for Senators during Sen. Harry Reid’s farewell, she took the time to blame “fake news” for costing her the election. She never made it to Standing Rock (Malia Obama made it to the protests), she didn’t go to the Women’s March (those who say she wasn’t invited, get off your high horse; millions of people took to the streets and none of them had an invite) she didn’t go to the spontaneous airport protests, like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rep. John Lewis, and others. She hasn’t aided in the town hall protests, nor has she done anything to aid the regular people after she lost. All she does is send tweets poking at Trump every once in awhile that don’t land as well as she would like because it’s a lot harder to get under someone’s skin after they just beat you. She sulked for a while, then signed a book deal and went back to giving speeches for the rich and powerful. Hillary may stand for the Democrats in Washington and the party elites but she certainly does not stand with us, the people of the Democratic party. This is classic Hillary Clinton: put in the least amount of work for the real people and then take credit and let the Clinton machine’s enormous “spin” team take over and try to shape public opinion. Again, I cannot let this go without reiterating, some of Clinton’s biggest supporters were in the media itself, giving an obvious bias for Clinton.

There are also rumors of Hillary running for the mayor of New York City. I ask you, again, how does this help anyone but Mrs. Clinton? New York City is one of the most liberal cities in the country. If Hillary really wants to help in the Resistance she should run for mayor of a city in a swing state, or even senator from a swing state. Her goal should be to use her experience in government to win back the Senate if she cares about the party. Most people close to Hillary also say that this is just payback, after the current mayor Bill De Blasio didn’t back her immediately during the New York Primary.

Running Hillary Clinton in 2020 would signal the official fall of the Democratic Party. There would be a mass exodus from the party; millennials and progressives would run as far away as they could. Hillary Clinton is a war-hawk who helped topple governments in Libya, Honduras, and many more places all over the world; she pushed fracking around the world as Secretary of State, she was pro TPP and anti-$15 minimum wage. She’s called young African Americans “super predators.” Even though she was a Senator from a liberal blue state, she waited for it to beyond politically safe to support gay marriage. She is not a progressive, she is barely even a Democrat.

It is an embarrassment that despite the “Bernie Wing” of the Democratic party not getting any concessions from the Clinton campaign, her team is already talking about how we need to remain centrist and pushing her as a 2020 candidate. The Establishment Democratic choice to lead the DNC recently has run away from a reporter when asked about the Israeli-Palestinian issue and his campaign has recently come out saying that they have 180 Democratic leaders’ support, which contradicts every single journalist who is following the DNC race. This is not the type of leader we need; we do not need someone to run away from reporters. Stand up and fight for what you believe in; at least you will gain respect from the progressive base.

If I have any advice for Hillary Clinton, Jennifer Palmieri, Donna Brazile, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, or Robby Mook, it would be to go away. Seriously, get out of Washington politics and never show your face again. You have failed worse than any campaign in recent memory. You have put the republic at risk over your egos.

If it was up to me, Wasserman Schultz and Brazile would be kicked out of the Democratic Party for life. After Wasserman Schultz was fired from her position to lead the DNC she was immediately hired by the Clinton Campaign; this alone could’ve disqualified Hillary in the eyes of many progressives. Can you blame them? After cheating to aid Hillary, the Clinton campaign brings her on. Then Brazile gets put in charge of the DNC and she also cheated to help Hillary Clinton. Why in the world would any progressive ever cast a vote for a party that is so blatantly, unapologetically corrupt?

As Americans, we must focus on how we got here, at this moment in history with an orange racist in the White House. As someone who is not in the “Acela echo-chamber,” let me tell you why Hillary lost the election. The American people hate Hillary Clinton. You may say that it’s unfair that they don’t like her, but that’s another argument. They don’t trust her and millions of Americans decided that they would rather cast their vote for a xenophobic cheese doodle than Hillary. This is not going to change. A majority of Americans will never like Hillary Clinton, ever.

I mean this in the most respectable way possible, Mrs. Secretary/Senator/Madam First Lady, but go away! If you truly don’t want America to fall, you really should just go silently into the night.

Written by Anthony Parisi

Anthony Parisi is progressive activist from Long Island, New York.

Anthony is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.

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  1. Anthony Parisi, you hit it on the nail, 100% my sentiments, The Democratic Party hate progressives, and in their pursuit to contain, discredit, disparage, and bully us, they showed that they prefer a Trump presidency over a genuine progressive like Sanders, b/c Sanders wants to end the donor $$ gravy train, and inact policies that will actually help the American people, the corporate Dems do not want that, b/c Wallstreet and multi national corporations do not want that, and ultimately they call the shots.

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2020: Seeing Hillary Clinton Out of the Picture