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What’s up with the CIA?

What is Trump’s Presidency Denying Them?

Image from Zellox, author Rakesh Kumar.

Do you ever wonder why the CIA is being so open about its objection to Trump’s presidency? It’s easy to get caught up in cheering them on. After all, they are a powerful force that is able to truly stand up to another powerful force, the Trump Administration, which to many of us seems unhinged and out of control. But what damage could Donald Trump’s craziness alone cause without the cooperation of the Republican Congress and the Judicial branch? What is it that he is doing that makes it worth it to the CIA to risk being so openly manipulative in order to stop him? What are they being denied because Trump won?

To a large extent, the CIA can be seen as an arm of corporate America that is charged with creating conflicts across the globe as a means by which to perpetuate and grow the military industrial complex. It is also known to facilitate the overthrow of governments, democratically elected or not, to allow U.S. corporations’ access to natural resources.

One obvious difference between a Clinton presidency and a Trump presidency is their relationship with Russia. Trump wants to improve relations with Russia and work with them to resolve the conflict in Syria, whereas Clinton (and the CIA) wanted to escalate the conflict in Syria. So, one might think the CIA may be upset about the lost opportunity to escalate warfare in Syria, because that’s good business for the military industrial complex. But it is well known that Bannon expects/wants to go to war in the Middle East or with China, so the military industrial complex is going to make its money off of the Trump administration. That is no reason for the CIA to be so brazen in its attempts to discredit the president.

Then, maybe it’s about the oil. It almost always is about the oil. There are rumors that make a great deal of sense about the Syrian conflict being about an oil pipeline, or maybe a natural gas pipeline.  But that seems odd when it looks like OPEC is preparing for lower demand for the foreseeable future. This is in part due to increased oil production elsewhere in the world, but is also due to the increasing use of alternative/renewable energy sources. As our changing climate becomes more and more evident, the demand for alternative energy will only increase.

Oh, crap! I think I might have figured it out. The CIA wants war with Russia, not just to sell arms, and not just for oil. They want war with Russia for Russia — the country, the land. I know it sounds crazy at first. Russia is a poor country. It’s landlocked (or ice-locked along its extensive northern coast). It’s so cold no one wants to live in most of it. Why in the world would the CIA want Russia?

But think about it. It’s February, and I am surprised when the temperature is below 50° in Nashville. This is not normal! Fifteen of the hottest 16 years on record have been in this century, and things seem to be accelerating. Maybe it’s not too far-fetched to think that by the end of the century, the place to spend the summer will be the northern coast of Russia. Hell, maybe Russia will be the only habitable place left on earth in 100 years.

Yes, I feel like Glen Beck or someone like him saying this, but I’ve been looking into it, and it seems that sea levels are rising faster than expected and the arctic ice is disappearing more quickly than forecasted. This is opening up arctic shipping routes for more of the year, which improves the economic viability of most of Russia that is currently cut off from export routes. It also seems likely that global warming will prolong the growing season in most of Russia at the same time that it renders much of the U.S. too hot to farm. It may be that the parts of Russia that are practically uninhabitable now, because of the cold, will be the only habitable places on earth by the end of the century.

I know this is really dark, and it freaks me out just to write it. I would love for someone to prove me wrong. Actually, you don’t even have to prove me wrong, just provide a different reason for the CIA to be acting the way it is that makes sense, and I’ll happily accept it.

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Christine Valuquette is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.

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