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Bannon vs. Pence

Battle for Foreign Policy Dominance

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Reuters is reporting on a conflict within the White House regarding policy toward Western Europe. Last week, Pence traveled to Europe to meet with leaders and assured them that the United States’s commitment to the European Union was “steadfast and enduring.” This differs radically from Bannon’s desire to see a strong “economic nationalist” movement in Europe. According to Reuters, Bannon met with the German Ambassador prior to Pence’s European trip to express his views, potentially undermining the Vice President. It is unknown what, precisely, Bannon said to the German Ambassador, but the video of Bannon below, in which he is addressing a Vatican committee in 2014, makes his views clear.

This conflict between the maintenance of a united Europe, which the United States has avidly supported since the end of World War II, and Bannon’s wish to see that union, and all efforts toward globalism, destroyed set the stage for an epic battle of wills between the opposing camps within the Trump White House. This battle is shaping up to be the established governments of the United States and Western Europe vs. Bannon and the angry, disenfranchised masses within the countries who feel that their governments do not serve their needs. Trump could end this by firing Bannon, but that would kill the television ratings for his Reality TV White House. Stay tuned!

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