I Have Not Forgiven the DNC

Former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and current Interim Chair Donna Brazile
Former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and current Interim Chair Donna Brazile | AP Photo

No, I have not forgiven the Democratic National Committee (DNC). As a strong Bernie Sanders supporter, I have not forgiven the DNC for the way it treated both Bernie and us. For the way that they rigged  yes, RIGGED — the primary in favor of Hillary Clinton, a candidate so flawed she lost to the most disliked Presidential candidate in decades (although she ties for second in that ranking).

But I have not forgiven them and this is not due to spite or bitterness, although both options are tempting and easy to feel. The reality is much more simple — I have not forgiven the DNC because it has not asked for forgiveness. Moreover, it hasn’t even taken the first step: Admitting what it did was wrong.

Last year, I did something I never thought I would: I volunteered for a political campaign. I also did something I never dreamed I would ever do: I donated to a political candidate. Although a young voter and only encountering the second presidential election I could vote in, I was already cynical enough to believe nothing would ever compel me to give money to a politician. After all, they could get the money they needed from their wealthy donors.

But, Bernie changed everything. He inspired me, lit a passion in me that I didn’t even know I had. Now, there is no going back. I’m fired up and ready to work for change. Yet, it seems the DNC doesn’t want my help. They certainly don’t act like they do.

The current DNC chair is still Donna Brazile. Yes, even after it was revealed that Brazile leaked town hall questions to Hillary Clinton during the primary, she remains chair. “Fake News” CNN even had the good sense to fire Brazile for her conduct, but not the DNC.

Then, there is the current DNC chair race, which just seems to love bringing up the past. I did my best to watch the full DNC chair debate, but I had to rage quit an hour in after every candidate on stage refused to admit that the primary had been rigged. You can say that it was a gotcha question from the moderators if you want, but all of the candidates had just finished explaining how they would make sure that future presidential primaries were fair and balanced and wouldn’t favor any candidate. How can they talk about that and then turn around and not admit that the last primary was rigged? Did Debbie Wasserman Schultz just get bored of being chair?

Then, you have establishment favorite Tom Perez who decided to tweet (and then delete) the following comment:

(It’s hard to find proof of the original tweet, but Zaid Jilani tweeted about it, which suggests it is real.) Perhaps his use of “chair throwing” was innocent, but for Bernie supporters, it conjures up the false narrative that a chair was thrown at the Nevada State caucus, where Bernie supporters were treated in a very unfair fashion and then had the entirety of the media spread lies about their conduct.

Recently, Perez even admitted the truth no one in the DNC is willing to admit to — that the primary was rigged — and then immediately had to walk his claim back via a series of tweets. He pinned the last tweet, declaring that “Hillary became our nominee fair and square,” for good measure.

After the primary, it quickly became clear that Bernie’s email list was coveted by establishment Democrats and the Democratic party. It was also quite clear (to me anyway) that many of those on the list would be fiercely opposed to that information being handed over, between #DemExit and #BernieOrBust. Winning back the alienated Bernie Bros would require more than just their email addresses.

Yet, the DNC has made no efforts to woo us back. Rather than admitting to any wrongdoing or showing the least bit of inclination to make changes, the Democrats instead seem steadfast in their resolve to continue as they were, crying Russia! and Trump! and expecting us to shut up and help them out of fear.

Written by Raven Payne

Recently awakened progressive in pursuit of truth in all things.

Raven Payne is an Editor and Writer for Progressive Army, and a member of its Editorial Board.


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  1. I had to check a few times to make sure I hadn’t written this myself. I used to be a party-line D voter, but no more. Unless and until I see a reason to do anything for the party, whether that’s volunteer or vote, my political energy is going elsewhere. I’ll back a Republican before I touch a party that says whatever and does whatever and tries to shame me into voting for someone repulsive.

    • I too connected with this! There were so many red flags leading up to the convention that I already knew who the nominee would be. The Dems double downed on HRC believing we would jump on the sinking ship and overlook important things like ethics and character. Now maybe all the scandals related to HRC are made up…. but I always believe that if someone is constantly embroiled in so many issues there has to be some truth there. The DNC thought we would just dance with the party over country crowd. Not anymore. I have always been hardline party. I burned my membership. I will no longer contribute or participate with a party that wants to deny torching democracy and roasting marshmallows while in burned. They betrayed their own party. Progressive all the way and I hate how some who were involved in the betrayal are attempting to attach themselves to the progressive movement. Nope. We don’t want you.

      • How intelligent. If you were a DNC member then you are part of the problem as well. You talk like it was “they” and not you so you could resolve yourself of any responsibility….hypocrisy at its finest.

    • And by that you are validating something more repulsive than what you the Clinton is. You are now for the worst thing that has ever happened to our country. And you think Clinton is repulsive….how wrong you are and how disappointing.

    • I have the same story Patrick!! Died in the wool ‘democrat’ here, until just over a year ago> The ‘democrat’ party left ME, I didn’t leave the party. The cheating was all that was necessary for me to go! I cannot abide cheaters!! And Hillary really thought she was ‘all that’ and she stuck with it even though the vast majority (14 mil or more) democrats didn’t want her for the candidate!! But she just couldn’t stand for that so she CHEATED!!! The ‘dems’ are dead to me.

    • I’m NO millennial. I have been voting since I became old enough while Jerry Ford ran. I liked that guy for all he was a republiCON…..sadly, I grew up as one. My whole family are republicans but I doubt my grands would have been OK with how they are today. I left that party in disgust when I figured out st ronnie LIED……never could abide a bald faced liar. Still can’t. But I held my nose and voted the lesser of evils (but still evil)cause they were slightly better than the alternative until we got Bernie….damn, I wish he was from my state so I could work for him every day. Having FINALLY had a candidate that I, and I am even MORE skeptical than the author having more years to perfect it, can believe in and support.
      I have never been one to be guilt tripped of threatened into doing something I wholeheartedly disagree with. I do NOT capitalize those I have no respect for. I call hillary, shitllary cause she was one shitty candidate. And while I love Bernie, THERE IS NO WAY THAT I WOULD VOTE FOR HER!!!!!!
      So I will NOT JUST fight tRUMP the ass, but also shitllary and her rats (the demoRATs so to speak). Those who voted for her at the convention are as much my enemy as she is. I am too old to change and have no desire to do so……I am NOW progressive.
      No more lesser of evils. I will fight the evils. And I admit I am one stubborn bitch. OK with that!

  2. if you try to say it was rigged they come back with – this was the most progressive platform in the dnc history. but why didn’t they say the purging in Brooklyn, the long lines in states where Hillary’s people had early voted, and CA pollworkers improperly taught to give out provisional ballots instead of dem crossovers to a million new voters was unfair, unseemly and never spoken of. as if cheating in Brazile’s own words to get your candidate elected is just the way the primary should work. the dnc knew full and well he would never be allowed to be a candidate and letting people donate to this cause was criminal. superdelegates who received their victory fund money all need to step down.

  3. I ended my 40 year relationship with the DNC when Al Franken tut-tutted while Sarah Silverman told me to “stop being ridiculous “.

  4. I’m tired of hearing about people who haven’t forgiven the DNC for this and that. If you are a Democrat then you are part of what you think the problem is. If you feel the DNC let down people…you did as well. If you feel they rigged the election for Clinton to win…you did as well. Personally, I think that part is BS but whatever. So, instead of complaining….get in there and do something about it. The first step would be to take some responsibility.

  5. We don’t need to start a new party. We just need to take over the Democratic Party. We need to go to local democratic committee meetings where ‘THEY’ decide who is going to run. I agree with al the activity at republican congressional offices but it Is the Democratic Party we need to influence. The tea party took over the Republican Party. I am tired of candidate that I don’t believe in and vote for because it is better than…
    I want to vote for someone. not against someone.

  6. I have been a Democratic since I was a kid, worked polls for a governor’s race a few days before my 11th birthday, my parents were very involved in politics. I am now 57 years and I am officially DONE with the DNC! They can keep their apologies because I will not, and cannot, forgive the theft of the White House from the one candidate that actually gave a damn about us, the environment, peace, and a dozen other issues. I voted for Jill Stein, knowing she wouldn’t win, knowing it was probably helping Trump win. Maybe having him in DC for a while will wake people the hell up, maybe nothing short of revolt will save us now.

  7. Thank you, Raven. I’m right beside you on all your points. After being registered AND VOTING Dem for 44 years, I walked away. I too had never contributed to anyone’s political campaign, but the good Senator got my $27 (several times!) and I’d do it all again–for him. The DNC feels empowered, never having gotten the hint that they never had a chance. I’ll not go back to the Party unless I see some HUGE changes, but we know not to hold our collective breaths. So, I’ll watch young voters for the rising tide, I’ll bug the crap out of my elected officials when they need a swift kick (daily, lately), I’ll vote Independently in PA and I’ll wait out the next 46 or so months till the next theatrical debut of PONTUS hopefuls. Don’t ever feel resigned to expecting the status quo–stay alert, do your research, monsoon, get those not activating their Right to a Vote to wake the fluck up and BE the change!

  8. Pardon me, but you are in the wrong fight now. Hillary Clinton did not win and Donald Trump did . . Thanks to you. Continuing this old harangue is of no benefit to Bernie or any of his followers. It is of no benefit to the United States of America. Instead of whining over the process by which you lost the election, you should be horrified that America lost. You are fighting the wrong enemy. Do something positive.

    • Thank you. I am pretty far left in my politics and donated several times to Bernie, and gleefully voted for him in the primary. I was pissed at DWS for her BS during the primary, and disappointed in Donna Brazile bc she is better than what she did. I really wanted Bernie to get the nomination. I do not hate Hillary. She has worked her ass off for our country, and has been attacked mercilessly her entire political career. Clinton-hating to me is a sign of herd mentality, and a lack of critical thinking. Bc there is so much hatred of the Clintons, I never wanted to see her as the candidate though. However, not even for a nanosecond would I consider staying home or voting 3rd party when Trump (basically Bannon) was the other nominee. And any undecided voter who thought they were choosing between 2 evils….search your conscience. And don’t get me wrong, I woke up after the election in tears, pissed at Hillary for basically not being able to read the room. But I voted for her, hell yes I did. We are facing a crisis now. And let’s make sure we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot again, we have 3 awesome DNC chair candidates: Ellison, Buddigieg (sp?), and yes, Perez. Don’t lose sight of what matters, infighting makes us weaker. Yes, politicians choose their words carefully,and they should. We want as many people under our big tent as possible seeking a way forward as progressives, and that will forever require understanding and compromise.

      • Infighting? We’re not Democrats though, so we’re not infighting. Those of you who have the attitude that we need to band together as Democrats to fight Trump and the Republicans are missing the point. It is the Democrats and Republicans both who have screwed us. American politics is like a pendulum, with each of the two parties holding roughly half of the power. Every so often the pendulum will swing in one direction or the other, giving one party a temporary advantage, during which they push their own agenda without cooperating with the other party. This is NOT representative of what the American people want. They are BOTH part of the same broken system, and if we truly care about our future it is incumbent upon us to retake power for the people. This is how we’re doing it. Don’t like it? Then continue to support the status quo.

  9. I probably couldn’t care less if the DNC forgives you. If you can’t overcome an overweening sense of grievance to do what is best for the country, you’re not much use in a stand-up fight, anyway.

    In the end, Clinton lost the EC by less than 100,000 votes in the center of the country. If you want to go on record as claiming that you, and your fellow “bro’s,” brought that about, and you consider it a victory, have at it. A shame that you didn’t put the needs of the many now under attack ahead of your sense of self-importance and need to be acknowledged.

    • It’s a shame the DNC crowned HRC as Queen before a single vote was cast!
      “It’s a shame the DNC didn’t put the needs of the many (now under attack) ahead of THEIR sense of self-importance and need to be acknowledged & in control”.
      It’s a shame the DNC CONTINUES to all but ignore the will of a large majority of it’s base, and will continue on it’s direct path to obscurity!
      And, If YOU can’t acknowledge an overwhelming sense of grievance against the DNC, & it’s duty to do what is best for the country, YOU AREN’T not much use in a stand-up fight, either.

      The DNC is history – when fully 40% of registered dems crossed over to become Independents after the rigged primary, and became the largest voting block in the general election – the DNC blew it completely!

    • “In the end, Clinton lost the EC by less than 100,000 votes in the center of the country.”

      Then it’s REALLY too bad that HRC, DWS & the DNC disenfranchised over 450,000 registered dem MI voters – mostly by not counting their votes “for their party” as cast by independents – when Trumpf WON the MI election by a mere 10,000 votes in the general election!

      SO, YEAH, “If you want to go on record as claiming that you, and your fellow “BOTS” brought that about, and you consider it a victory, have at it.”

      Sometimes screwing with elections – as the DNC did – have real consequences!

  10. Well, while you fine folks sit around a bitch about how Hillary is a “corporate shill” for supporting a $12 minimum wage instead $15, why don’t the rest of us get together and figure out how to stop Donald Trump.

    For God’s sake people….stop the self-sabatoge.

  11. If even HALF of the Jill Stein supporters in WI, PA, and MI had just put their grievances aside for the sack of the country, we would not have President Trump right now.

    Hope that “principled” stand makes you feel better.

    • Yes, let us put our grievances aside “for the sack [sic] of the country,” same as we’re expected to do every single election, in order that we maintain the status quo of the Republican-Democrat dichotomy, eschew any real and meaningful change, and support the system which is failing us (the very reason why we voted for other candidates in the first place) out of fear that “someone else” might win. No, I don’t think so. Trump is painful, but so is maintaining the current system. Change is not easy, but it will eventually happen.

    • Again, if HRC supporters had supported Jill Stein, we wouldn’t have Herr Trumpf now, either!
      Hope that “principled” stand makes YOU feel better.

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Former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and current Interim Chair Donna Brazile

I Have Not Forgiven the DNC