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DNC Elected Zero Representatives From Sanders Wing

Picture Credit: Common Dreams

The Democratic National Committee’s chair election was held on February 25th, which resulted in a win for Tom Perez, with a vote count of 235-200.

Many Bernie Sanders supporters were hopeful that Sanders-backed Keith Ellison would emerge victorious from the election, as he was representing the progressive wing of the Democratic Party that many believed needed a takeover.

Tom Perez was the former Labor Secretary in the Barack Obama administration and represented the establishment that pushes centrism and corporate donations, which the progressive wing of the party feverishly wanted to be expelled.

With Ellison losing and Tom Perez winning, surely there is some bright spot for Sanders supporters to be able to find hope and motivation for the next election with the Democratic Party?

However, unfortunately, that is quite simply not the case. There were zero Sanders progressive wing representatives elected in the Democratic Party. The Chair, two Vice Chairs, and the Chair Of CEVP were all part of the Obama administration. The Secretary and Finance Chair were an Obama/Hillary Delegate and a Superdelegate. The third Vice Chair was re-elected for her post served during the Debbie Wasserman Schultz-led Democratic Party. The Treasurer may be worst of all, being, overtly and frankly, an investment banker.

A recent Gallup poll shows that 28% of Americans consider themselves Republicans and only 25% consider themselves Democrats. A whopping 44% of Americans consider themselves independent.

Is this really how the Democratic Party wants to move forward and try to win elections?

Democrats will not win elections by electing investment bankers, superdelegates, and former Obama administration establishment officials to their posts. The Democrats will continue to lose elections because of their centrist and corporate donation-friendly mentality.

These corporate Democrats are the direct cause of third parties’ formation, third party votes, and refusal to vote period. If the Democrats continue to shun the progressives and Bernie Sanders supporters, the Democratic Party will go on to lose elections until they finally lose power or they eventually are reorganized.

Written by Sahil Habibi

Sahil Habibi is the host of The Progressive Voice on YouTube, which airs segments dissecting the news daily. Follow Sahil on Twitter @ProgressVoice.

Sahil is a Writer for Progressive Army.


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  1. The Dem party is dead. They are the old republicans. Time for third parties. Done with corrupt corporatists. The election of trump should show these morons that people don’t want their BS anynore.

      • We go to our Secretary of States offices and sign up to run for offices up and down the ticket. We mobilize our own progressive army through social media and doing what we as progressives are good at doing the work in our community that needs to be done.

        If the democratic party isn’t going to have our backs and fight for us then we’ve got to fight for us. The power that they have stolen from the people will not be given back willingly, we must take it back from them.

        I’m running for State Rep. here in Missouri against an establishment democrat in a solid blue seat. I volunteer coach high school kids in debate, I’m the county chairman for young democrats, and I’m also a #fightfor15 activist. All it takes is talking to people and persuading them of the argument. It will not work all at once obviously but it will never work if we do nothing at all.

        • It also starts on state, county, municipality and local Democratic Party organizations. I am running as a member of my county to the PA State Democratic Committee. Ward and Precinct Captains or Committee Person as well as your local committee, club or Democratic organization. We need to have a voice to have a “check and balance” of corporate power in the Democratic Party. It is the duty of the opposition to oppose.

      • DraftBernie.org We are working to unite the Progressives, Bernie friendly Independents, DemSocialists, Greens, Libertarians, Republicans into a New Party of the People. We want Bernie to lead us, but we will go on without him if he refuses. WE are the majority of the voter electorate. We need to come together and start acting like it. #PowertothePeople

    • We need to form a separate party, namely, the People’s Party and get it on every ballot. It’s the only way we’re going to get Bernie elected. I wrote a SCATHING e-mail to Chuck Schumer when he posted that the Democrats plan to run Hillary again in 2020. I informed him that apparently he hadn’t learned his lesson from rigging the last election for Hillary which gave us Trump. So, if he wants Trump to have a second term, then go ahead and run Hillary. But, we who wholeheartedly support Bernie (which numbers in the millions) will not be voting for her.

  2. While the DNC was meeting, our state party held its reorganization meeting. We elected progressives to at least three of the four seats on the executive committee. We also have a bonafide Berniecrat running to fill the House seat vacated by Mike Pompeo and we have progressives running for seats at every level of government. It starts in the States–it won’t affect the national until people succeed in the efforts in their states.

    • Oh really..if it starts in the States, then why didn’t the “States” do something about getting progressives in to the DNC. States have a voice in electing officers in the DNC don’t they?
      All talk and not action.

      • Actually it starts with understanding how to become one of the people who has a VOTE in the party (any party). It is the people who volunteer to be MEMBERS of the party (not just voters) and do all of the party’s business.

        You start by every progressive who want change becoming a Precinct committeeman, then to state committtee through your local legislative district committee meetings and from there to state committee or county leadership, where you start to pick up some power. Only a very few people from each state get elected to the DNC by each state committee.

        If you aren’t willing to take the time to take over the party from within, like tea party R’s did, it will stay just as it is and we are all toast.

  3. *Slammed by left, Booker to join Sanders on drug imports

    **Members of Congress just took a big step toward tackling the rising cost of prescription drugs*


    ***Embedded links @ http://www.wespeaktruthtopower.com

    *Read: http://www.northjersey.com/story/news/new-jersey/2017/02/27/slammed-left-booker-join-sanders-drug-imports/98495840/

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  4. Tulsi and Bernie, it’s time to start a new party or take over the Green Party. Leave the influence peddling of the Democratic Party behind. Those idiots ar likely to back Hillary again.

  5. What Bernie supporters were running for Vice Chair, Treasurer, Finance Chair, and Secretary? Because none of the candidates, to my recollection, ever identified themselves as Bernie supporters. And, as the ONLY Bernie delegate to get elected from CA to the DNC, I was looking out for that. Your article failed to mention which Bernie supporters were running and didn’t get elected. Who were they? Because, if there were none, then how could DNC delegates vote for them?

  6. What Bernie supporters were running for Vice Chair, Treasurer, Finance Chair, and Secretary? Because none of the candidates, to my recollection, ever identified themselves as Bernie supporters. And, as the ONLY Bernie delegate to get elected from CA to the DNC, I was looking out for that. Your article failed to mention that who didn’t get elected that WAS a Bernie supporter. If there were no candidates running that supported Bernie, then how could they have gotten elected.

  7. stick a fork in it its done , these clowns threw Bernie unde the bus and lost to trump ( you lost to trump)
    they neeed to become the peoples party their out of touch they need to distance them selves from every one involved in the decisions that led to this election debacle (sounds like there the party of the same old shit shillery was selling . there was a time elected officials resided in the labor halls not the university halls if they don’t get back to reality based true citizen representation there done

  8. The Democratic Party doesn’t exist to win elections, it exists to ensure that the “Left” in America remains neutered, ineffectual and powerless. In that context, it’s doing a bang up job. No real need to change anything.

  9. Why is any”progressive” still in the Dems? Cuz they are “so big”, “so powerful?” I suspect it can only be because they HAVE SO MUCH MONEY!! Yep – they have access to huge donors and if that is what you want that is where to be. If you love $$ – by all means stay in this party. But for those who want to stay to reform it from the inside – how are you going to do that when they control the upper echelons AND the superdelegates? When do you get to vote on the superdelegates? I don’t have time for this crap.

  10. This article completely ignores Keith Ellison himself, who holds the #2 Deputy Chair position. And Ken Martin (Vice Chair, ASDC President), who endorsed Ellison for the chair. So that zero doesn’t hold up very well to any kind of check.

    Its that kind of thing that leads me to not trusting anything else in the article.

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