Working Towards a Better Future

I was inspired by a YouTube segment by the Progressive Voice, who is a regular contributor to the Progressive Army to write a response and to come up with what I think is the best path forward. I think that if we critique each other’s approaches to getting towards our public policy goals we must have some sort of solution ready. I support Justice Democrats because, while I acknowledge the systemic biases they must overcome to be successful, it is one path forward. I also like that they have said they would love it if there were also third parties that were building coalitions too. This is exactly what we need a multi-pronged approach.

I think that, overall, the first thing we need to do is to find a way to create a coalition of different interests on the left. What do I mean by this? Well, think about one of the things that have made the right so successful. The coalition of the religious right, social conservatives, and tea party republicans has been a potent fundraising weapon and a consistent electoral presence. While they don’t all agree with each other on many things, they are able to move the conversation and we are all worse off because of it. However, the mindset of a liberal is far different than a conservative, which is why a liberal coalition hasn’t been as possible.

An example of this would be Justice Democrats, labor unions, environmental groups, Black Lives Matter, and possibly Wolf PAC. If they all were able to share information and resources, while each supporting each other in their individual goals, that would be a potent weapon for the left.

Also, we must think of short term and long term goals that we need to achieve. We must volunteer and get involved at the local and state level in order to better our communities. Here are a few goals I have thought of that I want to work towards:

  1. Reintroduce the Fairness Doctrine in order to restore media as an educator and not as a mouthpiece of power
  2. Pass the 28th amendment to get money out of politics
  3. Propose stronger legislation in order to fight monopolies and restore the ability of smaller businesses to compete
  4. Raise income tax rates to 60% and close all corporate loopholes
  5. Restore the power of labor unions to fight for workers
  6. Create a coalition of like-minded leftists in order to create a smarter and more equitable society by restoring the New Deal and the power of the mixed economy
  7. Pass Single Payer healthcare
  8. Create a department of green energy in order to create jobs and invest in our planet’s future
  9. End the Wars

Seems like a long list huh? Not possible even over a lifetime? I believe that by shooting for the stars we can get more things done than we possibly could imagine. These ideas aren’t radical and education is important. But if I had to choose a few steps to take first I would suggest this:

  1. Get involved in local non-profits and get more involved in your community
  2. Go to town halls and pay attention to your local state legislature and what bills they are passing
  3. Support new media as they are the best way to get the real news
  4. Learn more about the political process

I think that the best thing that happened this year was that the election of President Trump was a catalyst for most Americans to start paying attention. There is no time to lose; we must act now. We must be united behind progressive causes and fight Trump with everything we have. But we must have the better progressive solutions so that neoliberalism has an agonizing death.

Written by Sam Snapp

Unabashed Social Democrat and DC native, hoping to make a difference and push forward an economic left agenda. Sam's website can be found here. Connect on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @shadedresden7.

Sam is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.

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