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Fox Poll Shows Bernie Sanders is the Most Popular Politician

Bernie Sanders And His Supporters

A recent Fox News poll shows that Bernie Sanders continues to be the most popular politician, even in comparison to President Trump.

According to the poll: 61 percent of those polled said they see him as favorable, while only 32 percent said that they saw him as unfavorable.

The next most popular were Planned Parenthood, with 57 percent saying that they approve, while only 32 percent say they see them as unfavorable.

Vice President Mike Pence had 47 percent say they see him as favorable, while 43 percent say that they see him as unfavorable.

President Donald Trump is polling quite concerningly low, receiving about 44 percent saying that they favor him, while a whopping 53 percent say that they see him as unfavorable.

A possible surprise to some Americans is that Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is polling lower than Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. 33 percent of those polled said that they favored Nancy Pelosi, while 50 percent said that they see her as unfavorable.

Bernie Sanders has been polling very well among the American people, much better than Donald Trump. Sanders has been a very outspoken critic of President Donald Trump.

Sanders has also criticized the strategies used by the Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee that has led to massive failure and the loss of all levels of government.

It seems that Americans seem to agree with Bernie Sanders, as he polls exponentially better than House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Additionally, Bernie Sanders backed Keith Ellison for DNC Chair, who ended up losing. There were no people who were new or who supported Bernie Sanders, elected to the DNC.

It seems that many Americans see Bernie Sanders as favorable in comparison to other politicians, even much higher than the current President and the Vice President of the United States.

Written by Sahil Habibi

Sahil Habibi is the host of The Progressive Voice on YouTube, which airs segments dissecting the news daily. Follow Sahil on Twitter @ProgressVoice.

Sahil is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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Fox Poll Shows Bernie Sanders is the Most Popular Politician