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The Blame Train Chugs On

It’s easier to scapegoat than take responsibility

Conservative 101

I found this in my Twitter timeline the other day:

A bit sensationalist, but accurate in its way. In reality, the Democrats decided long ago who their candidate was going to be, and would have done the same to anyone, whether socialist, moderate, Democratic outsider or, in fact, anyone not named Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Of course, her tweet attracted its share of trolls and Twitter goons, and then I saw this response:

Sigh. It seems that we are doomed to endless repetitions of this falsehood. Yes, it is technically true that if every Stein voter in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania had voted for Clinton, she would have won. It is also irrelevant. I’ve met many Stein voters in the last year. They fall into two main groups: long-time Green stalwarts, and disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters who wanted to vote for a platform like his. Neither group would ever have voted for Clinton, and to think that somehow they could be persuaded to do so against their convictions, or that Stein had some Svengali-like hold over them that kept them from voting for Clinton, is absurd.

Given their penchant for blaming everyone but the candidate for her loss, the fact that Clinton supporters are still pushing this tired wheeze is not surprising. What is surprising, to me at least, is the account it was posted from:

Keith Olbermann positions himself as a journalist. True, journalists can have opinions, but a journalist is supposed to investigate stories and report the facts, and when they have opinions, one would think those opinions would be based on the facts they have found.

In the dark days between the demise of Air America and the election of Barack Obama, Olbermann was one of the few reliably liberal voices in the mainstream media. His viewers loved the fact that not only did he point out that the emperor was buck naked, he gleefully mocked those who insisted that he was fully dressed. I like to think the Keith Olbermann of ten years ago would have looked at the data, investigated the claim, and come to the same conclusion we progressives did: that neither Jill Stein, or the Russians, nor the campaign staff, nor lizard people, nor anyone other than Clinton herself should be held responsible for her loss. In a year when people demanded Change, she was the candidate of More Of The Same.

I appreciate that he is lambasting President Trump where he needs to be lambasted to his 875,000 followers; however, there are others speaking truth to power on Twitter who aren’t Clinton apologists. I’ll be following them instead.

Written by Lew Hellyer

Lew Hellyer is a sometime writer and blogger who enthusiastically supported Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign. He lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Lew is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.

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The Blame Train Chugs On