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Democrats Need to Stop Celebrating and Demand Single-Payer Now

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It was a celebration among liberals around the US as House Majority Leader Paul Ryan and President Donald Trump announced that their Affordable Care Act replacement was a failure and would not even be voted on in the House. It’s a celebration that must end almost as quickly as it started because there is still much work to do.

A recent poll suggests that most Americans, including many Republicans, favor a single-payer system. If the Democratic Party is not organizing Medicare For All rallies within days of this victory, it will all be for nothing.

All eyes are on health care as Trump has signaled he is ready to move on to his tax plan, and soon, discussing healthcare will be a thing of the past, and life with a still broken healthcare system will carry on.

Instead, while the discussion is still hot, Democratic leaders should take a cue from the left and put their plan forward. Yes, they are the minority party, but they are seen as the party that just stopped the ACA repeal. The wind is behind them, and they stand to let this opportunity pass them by.

Unfortunately for the American people, most Democrats seem unwilling to admit that the ACA is flawed. On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton championed the health care plan as nearly perfect, while Bernie Sanders argued for Medicare For All, a message that didn’t resonate with the DNC elites.

However, under the ACA, we see premiums continuing to rise, and millions still left unable to afford insurance. Many of those who can afford the insurance can’t afford to use it. While it did help insure millions of people for the first time, we must ask what good insurance you can’t afford to use it.

So those of you who took to the phones and demanded a “No” vote on the repeal must now pick up the phone and demand that your representatives demand single-payer now.  The American people want it, Trump and the GOP want to change healthcare. We may as well force them to do it our way, before the winds shift and all hope is lost, again.

Written by Dan Arel

Dan Arel is a labor and political activist, bestselling author, and award-winning journalist. Follow him on Twitter @danarel.

Dan is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.

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Democrats Need to Stop Celebrating and Demand Single-Payer Now