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With Trump Under Investigation, Bernie Sanders is the Leader America Needs

Image Credit: Jenny Stout

With a potentially illegitimate president occupying the White House, any objective observer would conclude that the United States of America faces a leadership crisis.

There is but one individual who, according to the most recent polling data, is popular enough to lead our country through what could be its greatest political scandal of all time. That individual is Bernard Sanders, former presidential candidate, longest serving independent in U.S. congressional history, and the most popular politician in America.

Yes, Bernie Sanders fell just short of the Democratic nomination, winning 45 percent of pledged delegates. But, he inspired a generation of young people to get involved in politics. That resistance you see in the streets is the same revolution he helped organize.

Sanders received far more votes from young people than Trump and Clinton combined. And since the primaries, the Senator’s youth appeal has only been rising.

It’s no surprise that the Fox News March 15th polling data revealed Sanders to be the single most popular politician in the country, well ahead of fellow progressive rockstar Elizabeth Warren.

It’s no surprise Sanders is now landing major town hall appearances on CNN and MSNBC, the very networks that once neglected to cover his rallies in lieu of Trump’s.

And it’s no surprise that at these town halls, Sanders is listening to ordinary Americans, many of whom he disagrees with politically, many of whom voted for Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t care about any of that. Where Trump’s skin is latex thin, Sanders doesn’t hold grudges: not against Clinton, or the media or even the Democratic Party.

He could have easily declared war on the DNC for how it, like Russia, allegedly meddled in our election in order to advance another candidacy over his. But instead, he’s willing to lead the Democrats, not destroy them, because his love for the country far outweighs his ego.

Sanders knows that social and environmental justice stand better chances under Democratic rather than Republican leadership. Yet he’s not afraid to call out Democrats when they’re behaving exactly like the GOP, especially in regards to campaign finance.

Sanders’s entire approach remains unprecedentedly authentic. What other politician do you see marching in the streets, protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline without security?

What other politician do you see laboring to pass legislation that will lower the costs of prescription drugs in this country or require employers to provide basic paid vacations?

What other politician can say they don’t take big money from special interests? What other politician had a goddamn bird land on their podium during a campaign rally?

Bernie Sanders really was a once-in-a-lifetime candidate for the highest office on Earth. But none of that matters now because we still need his leadership. Now more than ever.

Written by Brian Hanley

Brian Hanley is a Huffington Post contributor and editorial producer/on-air host at Complex Networks.

Brian is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.


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  1. He fell short of the nomination because he was cheated by a corrupt Party and their candidate! Bernie Sanders may not care about any of that, but I do. He wasn’t the only one cheated, there were millions of us. That Party could never earn my trust!

  2. Oh PLEASE! He wasn’t even man enough to go after the dems for screwing him; you think he’ll defend America! Get real!

  3. Oh Please! He didn’t even defend himself against the dems for screwing him! Do you really think he’s capable of defending the USA? NO WAY!

  4. He wasn’t even man enough to defend himself against the dems when they screwed him over, then supported Hillary! He’s not capable of defending anything!

    • Debbie Downer… He manned up and respected the Democratic process, cuz he’s not a little bitch. Setting an example of dignity, not revenge.

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With Trump Under Investigation, Bernie Sanders is the Leader America Needs