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The Mainstream Media Detox Challenge

#MSMdetox: PIP encourages you to detox from mainstream narratives and embrace independent media for 60 days

The Progressive Independent Party

The Progressive Independent Party (PIP) is challenging you. Don’t worry, they don’t want to fight you. This is not a duel. It’s not that kind of challenge. No, they are asking that Americans shut off, tune out, and unplug from mainstream, corporate media. Detox for 60 days.

On March 17, 2016, PIP Founder and Executive Director Araquel Bloss pitched the challenge on Twitter and on Facebook:

Full disclosure, it didn’t take me very long to embrace the idea, albeit in a poorly worded tweet.

After presenting her idea, Araquel discussed it in depth via live stream on Facebook.

The idea is simple. Stop consuming mainstream media for 60 days, and instead seek out independent sources and outlets. During this period, discuss your experience on social media. This challenge is not directed at any specific group of people. Regardless of your ideology, political leaning, or party affiliation, allow yourself to have an open mind and free yourself from the narratives that the mainstream bombards us with.

The drumbeat and narrative of the mainstream, corporate media that Araquel refers to are definitely not unfounded. As Michael Salamone discusses in his piece The Yellow Badge of Journalism, consolidation of American media has hurt us tremendously:

Only a handful of major corporations own nearly all of the news outlets in this country. A cabal of media cartels dictates what a majority of Americans get to know about the world they live in.


On more than one occasion, Nigel Clarke has also pointed to the shallow and manipulative narratives of the mainstream.

Today, PIP officially announced the challenge and petition, which you can sign here:

We are challenging the American people to detox from the corporate narrative of Mainstream Media news. The Progressive Independent Party supports Independent Media sources and we challenge everyone to share this challenge to your friends and family.

An oligopoly is a term used to describe a market dominated by only a handful of firms. In recent decades, we have seen a frightening trend of media mergers with a resulting 6 corporations owning 90% of media in all forms; Newspapers, magazines, cable, TV, radio, and internet. Our news is dominated by a media oligopoly, which has nearly silenced dissenting views. This oligopoly promotes corporate-biased political discourse, and blocks out news, politicians, and movements opposed to corporate-rule. The trend for mega-media mergers and small media take-overs is continuing with the recent shareholder vote for AT&T to acquire Time Warner.

One of the tenants of our freedoms, which is not permitted in authoritative nations, is the freedom of press, which is a necessary check to the three branches of U.S. government. But when our media is controlled by the interests of elite corporations, advertisers, and stock holders, the interests of the average American is no longer substantially served. Our media oligopoly is serving our political oligarchy, neither empowering nor representing the American people.

We are bombarded with corporate-biased political rhetoric, which is controlling the narrative of this country. Regardless of facts, historical context, or fair and balanced reporting. We have seen an elimination of true investigative journalism since 9/11, when patriotism was elevated over truth-seeking and truth-telling.
Supporting the media oligopoly is supporting the political oligarchy. We cannot free ourselves from one without eliminating the power of the other; but as we know from the past two years, when we unite our fight, we see wins.

Please join us in pledging to detox from mainstream media news for 60 days; get to know independent journalism, widen your horizons, dis-empower the corporate elite, and promote your journey to family and friends on social media. How does this change your view? How does this change the national narrative?

Join us to #MSMdetox for 60 days, because when we join forces, we create change. We must demand and support freedom of press; press free from corporate-ruled narratives and biased, dangerous political rhetoric. Let’s support the independent media sources fighting for truth and lifting the interests of the American people.

What have you got to lose? Shut off the corporate news, be it cable or basic channels, tune out of their radio channels, and close their newspapers. Give independent outlets a try and see how this alters your perspective and informs you.


You can follow Araquel Bloss on Twitter @ARaquelBloss and find out more about PIP on their website, via Facebook, as well as Twitter.

Written by David Grossman

David Grossman is a Managing Editor of Progressive Army and a member of its Editorial Board. Follow him on Twitter @JustDKG.

Free thinker, Progressive activist, artist.

Producer of The Benjamin Dixon Show, which airs Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 9pm ET, and Wednesdays at 8pm ET on YouTube.


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  1. I love this. I’ve been urging people through my radio show to turn to independent media. The only thing this is lacking is a list of media options to turn to. That seems to be the biggest challenge I hear from people- they don’t know where to go and turning on msm is easier than trying to figure out how to access legit independent news.

  2. I agree. On my little community radio show, I’ve been trying to encourage others to stop listening to msm and rely only on independent media. The only thing missing here is the how. People need to know where to go. They are so familiar with their go-to voices, they don’t see it necessary to make the time to figure out where the legit independent news can be accessed. A list of credible, valuable, legit, professional, non- corporate, consistently accessible options is key to keeping people from returning to the garbage truck of information out there. Thank you for spreading the word!

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