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Israel Postpones Election Because of Britney Spears Concert

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The Israeli Labor Party decided to delay their election by one day due to a Britney Spears concert in Tel Aviv, which is expected to be jam-packed. Spears will put on a show and have concert-goers singing and dancing along to her bubblegum pop songs.

Spears showed her enthusiasm for her upcoming tour schedule.

Tal Schneider, an Israeli journalist, reported the story about the Israeli Labor Party’s decision. They made the decision so it would be easier for party members to visit the polling stations.  

The Israeli Labor Party election committee announced, “if the party was to hold the election on the same day as the highly-anticipated concert, party members in central Israel would have trouble [voting].”

Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, stated, “Britney Spears’ upcoming concert in Tel Aviv has forced Israel’s Labor Party to defer its leadership vote by a day.” Haaretz was told by an unnamed “senior party source” that many of the city’s security guards are supposed to work on the night of the Britney Spears concert, which was making it difficult to secure their services for the election. There was also an admission by the source of “some consideration for the party faithful who want to vote in the primary and then watch Britney do her thing.”

TMZ used some puns on her popular songs “Oops I did it again” and “Toxic” to joke about it saying, “oops, I delayed an election” and “Britney concerts are toxic for elections.”  They went on to say, “although the election committee did not specifically say the delay was due to the pop star singer’s concert, they did mention it was because of the major event going on at Yarkon Park on July 3, 2017.”  This is precisely when her concert will take place.

The election will be held on July 4 to ensure everyone can vote without having to worry about congested traffic.

This story reminds me of when MSNBC interrupted an interview with a Congresswoman over a “breaking news story” about Justin Bieber getting arrested. It speaks volumes about the modern celebrity-obsessed culture where there are news outlets dedicated to sharing gossip-related stories about Hollywood musicians and thespians. Americans don’t have to go cold turkey with their addiction to celebrities; although it would be nice. Focusing on self-improvement, hard-hitting political issues, and their social circle would greatly benefit this country.

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Israel Postpones Election Because of Britney Spears Concert