California Legislature Seeks to Monitor Drivers with Cameras

red light cameras
Photo from ABC 7.

The Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee passed AB-342 on April 18, 2017 and referred it to the Assembly Transportation Committee, which will have a hearing on Monday, April 24.  The bill, if eventually signed into law, would allow cameras to monitor speeding drivers in Los Angeles, California.

David Chiu, an assembly member from San Francisco, created the bill in hopes of making driving safer.  This would be the first time cameras would be allowed to capture a driver’s every move.  Read more about the negative ramifications here.

Over 1,000 people have signed a petition to prevent the cameras from being installed.  According to Safer Streets L.A., this is a piece of “legislation that takes away your right to a trial, makes you responsible for the actions of others, and eliminates protections against cities running speed traps.”  The site continues, “It eliminates virtually all current projections afforded to motorists in speed related cases and allows jurisdictions to run speed traps in their cities, ensuring that the program will be used as a revenue generation scheme, not for public safety.”

Here are the phone numbers of the Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee members if you dislike this bill:

  • David Chiu – (916) 319-2017
  • Jacqui Irwin – (916) 319-2044
  • Ian C. Calderon – (916) 319-2057
  • Eloise Gomez Reyes – (916) 319-2047
  • Ed Chau – (916) 319-2049
  • Catharine B. Baker – (916) 319-2016
  • Marc Berman – (916) 319-2024
  • Jay Obernolte – (916) 319-2033
  • Matthew Dababneh – (916) 319-2045
  • Kevin Kiley – (916) 319-2006

Please give them a call or reach out to them on social media if you are against this bill.

The cameras would send car owners a ticket instead of having Superior Court hearings.

“Speed kills.  Sadly, we all know too well that this is true in San Francisco and throughout California.  We know how to fix this crisis on our streets.  It is time we take this important step to put an end to these senseless traffic fatalities.  The devices would only be deployed on streets with documented collisions due to speeding resulting in injuries and deaths,” stated David Chiu in an interview with LA Weekly.

Do you think this bill goes too far or does it ensure safety?  Please leave a comment below to voice your opinion.

Written by Girly Brainiac

Girly Brainiac is a privacy advocate and autodidact.  Check out her blog. She is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.

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red light cameras

California Legislature Seeks to Monitor Drivers with Cameras