Bernie Sanders Called a Sell-Out by Political Activist Jeff 4 Justice

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November 7, 2016, Sen. Bernie Sanders got called a sell-out for supporting the two-party political system by a political activist who goes by the name of Jeff 4 Justice. “I am the longest serving independent and I have gone against Republicans and Democrats,” stated Sanders. After attending the unity tour with DNC Chairman Tom Perez and Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, Sanders said the model of the Democratic Party is failing.

Jeff4Justice started a group called No More 2 Party System (NM2PS), which aims to end the American duopoly. He believes Sanders should have run as either an independent or a third-party candidate from the get-go or when he lost the presidential nomination to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. “It bugged me when he endorsed her,” said Jeff 4 Justice. He went on to say, “I am glad he wants to get rid of big money and politics, but he should be doing it without siding with the two dominant political parties.”

Sanders was elected as the senate chair for outreach of the Democratic party on November 16, 2016. When he appeared on CBS This Morning on November 14, he vocalized his support for Keith Ellison, U.S. Democratic Representative for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District.

The NM2PS group has a clip on YouTube featuring Jeff 4 Justice almost being escorted out of the room by security for criticizing Sanders about his stance to keep the two-party political narrative alive. “I do not regret calling him out for selling out. The two-party political system made us get the two most hated candidates in political history and people are wising up to the notion this system is outdated,” declared Jeff 4 Justice. He plans on taking this grassroots’ group and expanding it to the masses.

In September 2016, Sanders urged voters to vote for Clinton instead of voting for a third-party candidate as a protest vote. Jeff 4 Justice doesn’t want people to vote for Democrats or Republicans out of fear. Instead, he wants people to vote for whoever seems the most qualified, regardless of their party affiliation. “I want to destroy the establishment, but in order for things to get better they must happen at a local level,” exclaimed Jeff 4 Justice.

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Bernie Sanders Called a Sell-Out by Political Activist Jeff 4 Justice