[Watch] SWOTI: Has Obama Sold Out? Wall Street Speeches, Corporate Capture and a Black Man’s Coins

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The Internet is divided over the prudence of President Obama’s plan to take a $400k speaking fee from Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald in exchange for a speech on health care later this year. One camp sees the criticism as holding the first black president to an unfair standard. Another is concerned that taking money from Wall Street undermines the president’s ability to advocate for the people against corporate interests. In light of the accusations of corporate cronyism that dogged Hillary Clinton throughout her campaign, Obama’s failure to prosecute Wall Street executives post-recession, and the fact that the Obamas are already flush from their $65 million book deal, we at SWOTI (Someone’s Wrong on the Internet) Podcast felt it was a confusing move. Joe and Brie unpack the issues: are criticisms of Obama a racist double standard? Or is the fear of corporate influence legitimately held?

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Written by B. J. Gray

B. J. Gray is an attorney living and working in New York. She is also the co-host of Someone's Wrong on the Internet (SWOTI) -- a progressive podcast by two POCs for pop-culture is political, the political is personal, and the personal is a lens to unpack it all. Follow her on Twitter @briebriejoy or checkout the SWOTI website.

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B.J. is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.

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  1. I feel it’s an unreasonable criticism. Heck, if he continues to charge Wall Street Executives large speaking fees, and then turns around and gives large donations to charities that assist less advantaged individuals and poorly served areas, as he ALSO did recently, then I say squeeze all the money out of these people he can and keep using their money to help others that need it much more. As I see it, he’s in his own small way reversing the redistribution of wealth in the other direction that the GOP is working so hard on.

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[Watch] SWOTI: Has Obama Sold Out? Wall Street Speeches, Corporate Capture and a Black Man’s Coins