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Rep. Ro Khanna: DNC Acted Improperly in Primary by Tipping Scale

Earlier today, Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA) announced on Twitter that the Democratic Party tipped the scale for Hillary Clinton, and that he considers their behavior in doing so “improper”.

Mr. Khanna, elected to represent California’s 17th congressional district in 2016, issued the statement on twitter replying to an inquiry regarding the class action lawsuit filed against the Democratic Party and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. The Democrats and Wasserman-Schultz have filed a Motion to Dismiss the case; in recent court hearings, lawyers for the Democrats defended the merits of the Motion to Dismiss asserting the Democrats are too big to jail, so they could have favored a candidate without any legal repercussions.

However, while defending the Democrats’ perceived right to tip the scale for a candidate of the Party’s choice in spite of the will of voters, Democrats’ attorney Bruce Spiva adamantly insisted that they did not favor a candidate in 2016.

In Spiva’s confession, he asserts to the Judge that the Democrats do not see themselves as liable to meet any fiduciary duties they may owe to donors, members, or voters, despite contradictory language guaranteeing an impartial primary in the DNC’s charter. Spiva makes it clear to Judge William J. Zloch, America, and the world, that the Democrats believe they have the opportunity to favor any candidate at any time as they see fit, with or without the consent of their members, and regardless of the principles of a fair democracy enshrined in our constitution.

If Rep. Khanna is being truthful and did witness impropriety by the Democrats that tipped the scale for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, this directly contradicts claims made by Democrats’ lawyers in Court insisting they did not favor a candidate. If so, the Party may have misused public funds allotted by states to conduct the primary nominating contests, and may have acted fraudulently in soliciting donations for Sanders or other candidates while advertising a Charter that guaranteed impartiality. Should Judge Zloch deny the Motion to Dismiss, details regarding the way in which the Party inappropriately favored Clinton will come to light in an upcoming Discovery phase as the case proceeds toward litigation.

Despite some progressive stances and a fey willingness to engage with voters on Twitter, an incriminating Wikileaks email exposes Silicon Valley investor and adviser and former Obama bundler Steve Spinner pitching Mr. Khanna to Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta “to make sure the Clinton campaign gets the enthusiastic support of Silicon Valley tech community, past Obama donors, and the South Asian community.”

Recently, The Young Turks hosted Rep. Khanna to announce his affiliation with the Justice Democrats, a political action committee founded in January 2017 by TYT host Cenk Uygur with the goal of creating “a unified campaign to replace every corporate-backed member of Congress and rebuild the [Democratic] party from scratch”. Khanna, who raised $480,500 from the securities and investment industry in 2016, more from this industry than any other congressperson, appears to be a curious choice for the Justice Democrats given their stated goal to “replace corporate-back members of Congress”.

Worse, in the Wikileaks email referenced above, Rep. Khanna is offered as a promising rising star to the Clinton campaign, labeled the “first true Silicon Valley candidate”. Given that Google parent company Alphabet is Khanna’s biggest corporate backer, and with the consideration that Google, Apple, and other Silicon Valley tech giants top the list of America’s most egregious tax evaders, Khanna’s background may not sit well with voters. At a time when rampant corruption defines the business models of major corporations, Clinton and the Democratic Party remain lingering in humiliating disrepute following across-the-board losses in 2016.

Khanna will have a chance to defend himself to progressives across America in an upcoming interview with independent media personality Tim Black.

Written by Zach Haller

Zach Haller is an American writer, artist, inventor, and activist. Somewhat ubiquitous on twitter, Zach's tweets were viewed over 50 million times in 2016, and his colorful political commentary and ruling class criticism continues to bring his account 100,000 views a day. He's normally very funny but biographies are required by law to be boring.

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  1. Ro Khanna is a neoliberal centrist in progressive WWE costumes. He’s another Barak Obama™- a brand/product marketed for sale. We can’t fall for that crap again. And if we do… well, we deserve, what we get then… Here, this perfectly sumarizes everything we need to know about this so called Justice Democrat, Rohit Khanna: https://willyloman.wordpress.com/2017/05/14/neoliberal-silicon-valley-owned-rep-rohit-khanna-d-ca-is-the-new-alternative-pied-piper-of-the-corporate-left/

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