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Impeaching Democracy

This Week in the Narrative 25

Nigel Clarke

Will Donald Trump be impeached?

And if so, when? And for what?

Are there Vegas odds on this? If not, maybe we should create some sort of national ‘office pool.’ I am hoping for good odds on ‘economic conflict of interest,’ though if you prefer ‘Russian spies’ or ‘unconstitutional illegality,’ or if you are a Bill Clinton fan hoping for ‘sexual impropriety,’ I won’t hold it against you.

More importantly though, if Trump is impeached, so what?

Recently, France held its presidential election. Despite appearing primed to ride national unrest to victory, Marine Le Pen – often called France’s Trump – was defeated handily in the second (and final) round of voting.

Media sources across the globe are presenting this result as France, Europe, and the world having dodged a major bullet.

Perhaps this is the case. The individual who defeated Le Pen – Emmanuel Macron – is not a belligerent quasi-racist. He is, however, a Rothschild banker, the darling of big donors, and a man who had never before held elected office.

Some might suggest that his election indicates a soft-coup by a global elite growing tired of merely purchasing influence in governments, instead; seeking to run governments nakedly.

Macron will now take over for former President Francois Hollande, a man leaving office with an incredible approval rating of 4% (!!!).

Meanwhile, the UK is weeks away from its own election, having just come off a year in which its most prominent politicians were Prime Minister David Cameron – a man whose corruption was exposed by the Panama Papers – and Nigel Farage – the man known as Britain’s Trump.

The current frontrunner is Theresa May, who took over for Cameron when he resigned in something close to disgrace. She is running on a Thatcher-esque platform of tax cuts for the rich and corporations, benefits for the uber-elite – including the elimination of the Serious Fraud Office, a governmental department which investigates high-level white collar corruption such as bribery, fraud, and economic crimes – and the expansion of the British surveillance state.

Incidentally, she is also running while 30 Conservative Party parliament members are under investigation for electoral fraud.

‘Across the pond’ in North America, Canada is currently led by former part-time drama teacher and ski instructor Justin Trudeau, a man who rose to power based almost exclusively on his last name (as the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau) and the position among the elite it conferred.

Not yet two years into his term, Trudeau, who defeated the unpopular Conservative government of Stephen Harper to become Prime Minister, has already been embroiled in multiple scandals and has seen his approval rating drop 20 points. (I believe that is what they call the honeymoon being over.)

Further south, Mexico is led by Enrique Peña Nieto, a man who, with a 12% approval rating, is actually less popular in his country than Donald Trump. Evidently, people would rather be called rapists than have a sh*tty government.

Nieto, a lawyer who allegedly plagiarized his university thesis, leads a party accused of purchasing favorable media coverage, of buying votes by handing out grocery store gift cards to voters who checked the right box, and of hiring hackers to influence the last election.

This would be the party which has ruled Mexico for 76 of the last 88 years.

So, Donald Trump may be impeached. My question is: to be replaced with what?

When Trump was elected, he became statistically the most unpopular person ever to win the presidency, and, anecdotally, the most corrupt person ever to do so.

Yet, his opponent in the election would also have held these distinctions should she have won.

Should Trump be impeached, he would be replaced as President by Mike Pence, who before becoming Vice President was among the most unpopular Governors in the United States, and who some would suggest is more radical than Trump, more inherently against the groups most marginalized by The Donald (though perhaps more covertly so).

So, impeach Trump? Sure.

And replace David Cameron, defeat Stephen Harper, return Mexico to its natural governing party, and stop Marine Le Pen.

There is always a villain whom we are told if we could only eliminate our problems would be solved. But there is always another villain ready to assume the mantle and push their country further into inequality.

Such is the state of western democracy.

The good news is that us mice must be getting in phenomenal shape from running on this wheel.


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Written by Nigel Clarke

Writer and notorious vagabond. From the frozen north. Follow Nigel on Twitter @Nig_Clarke.

Nigel Clarke is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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Impeaching Democracy