Eight Dead in Mississippi Mass Shooting. Suspect In Custody

“Suicide By Cop Was My Intention” – Suspect in Mississippi Mass Shooting

Eight people are dead after a mass shooting, including a local sheriff’s deputy in a small town in Mississippi. The suspect, Willie Cory Godbolt, is in custody after local authorities apprehended him on Sunday morning.

Godbolt had taken a 16-year-old boy as a hostage. Local authorities stated the hostage was freed and is safe.

According to a video captured by a local reporter, Therese Apel, Godbolt had every intention of committing “suicide by cop” but ran out of bullets.

The sheriff’s officer slain in the incident was not the intended target. Godbolt stated, “My pain wasn’t designed for him. He was just there.”

Authorities have not identified the victims. In the video captured by Apel, Godbolt references a domestic altercation involving his wife, custody of his children, and other family members.

“I was having a conversation her daddy and her momma and her — my wife– about my taking my children home. Somebody called the officer — people that didn’t even live in the house. That’s what they do. They intervene. That cost him his life. I’m sorry.”

My intention was to have you kill me. I ran out of bullets.

As the manhunt began last night, local authorities, newspapers and even family members of the victim issued multiple alerts via official channels and social media:


Author’s Note

Our site generally covers political news. However, I grew up in Brookhaven, MS which is a five-minute drive from Bogue Chitto. Seeing this tragic news this morning forced me to find out what happened and to see if any friends I knew were involved.

My sources in Brookhaven have informed me that several children have been killed. One was a student at the same school I attended, Alexander Jr. High School. Another victim, his cousin, had just graduated high school and was looking forward to college.

My family knows the families of multiple victims and out of respect for them, we won’t release any names until those names are officially released.

What I can say is that stories like this will pass through our news cycle as  a mere footnote for two reasons:

  1. There seem to be no political implications
  2. There appear to be no racial implications.

And while this may tragically pass through the news cycle, the lives of eight people have ended and families are forever broken because of Godbolt.


Written by Benjamin Dixon

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Eight Dead in Mississippi Mass Shooting. Suspect In Custody