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Bill Maher Used N-Word and Still Has a Job? If He Were Republican, He’d Be Fired Already.

Why Liberal Bigotry is Harder to Root out Than Conservative Bigotry

Comedian Bill Maher thought it would be funny to refer to himself as a “House N—er” on the June 2 episode of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher during an interview with Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse.

In the clip, Ben Sasse has a befuddled look on his face because he can’t quite figure out what to do.

But if Sasse was confused as to whether or not he should immediately condemn Maher’s words, the Real-Time audience–filled with White liberals–was there to let Sasse know that it was totally okay for Maher to use a racial slur to joke about campaign “field work” being like slavery by giving Maher an approving round of applause. Here’s the exchange:

But Bill Maher Can’t Be Racist — He’s a Liberal.

Bill  Maher has been trash for a long time. Most of us saw his raging bigotry whenever he talked about Islam.

Just two weeks ago Maher used slain black bodies to make a cheap political point about Hillary Clinton and to lecture Princeton Professor Cornel West.

But Maher’s bigotry has consistently gotten a pass because he’s a liberal, supports the Democratic Party and, most importantly, opposes Donald Trump.

And before conservatives reading this get too excited, this is not a “liberals are the real racists” article. Conservative racism is deeply rooted throughout American history; however, liberal bigotry is harder to root out because of the assumption that liberals can’t be racist.

Democrats have benefited from the Republican Party’s generations old dog-whistle and blatant racism. Because the Republican Party has had no qualm whatsoever with their open and loud bigotry towards minorities in America, an erroneous assumption that “Democrats aren’t racists because Republicans are,” has taken root. This makes bigots like Bill Maher harder to expose and hold accountable.

“Maher has to be a good guy because he’s fighting against Donald Trump, right?” Wrong. And this lazy assumption needs to be done away with as quickly as Bill Maher needs to lose his job.

What if Bill Maher Was a Republican?

Plain and simple: if Bill Maher was a Republican, he would already be fired. This is not some “pity” comment for Republicans. This is just to demonstrate the erroneous and lazy nature of America’s understanding of White Supremacy.

Racism does not have a political party. Bigotry is not limited to the brazen and obvious antics of the Republican Party. White Supremacy doesn’t only come in the form of Nazis saluting with “Sieg Heil!”

Racism and bigotry also come in the form of your “friendly” neighborhood liberal who thinks its okay for him to casually drop the n-word because he dates Black women and because he knows he can get his audience of white liberals to applaud anything he does.

Bill Maher is a bigot and HBO needs to fire him as quickly as they would if he was a Republican who said the same exact thing.


Written by Benjamin Dixon

Benjamin Dixon is the Editor in Chief of Progressive Army and a member of its Editorial Board.

Find Benjamin's new media work HERE
Host of The Benjamin Dixon Show on YouTube and Spreaker.


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  1. Bill Maher isn’t a liberal he occasionally has liberals on his show and he talks the talk – to a point. However in the years I watched he had 1 union person on the show and belittled him.

    Yet he rarely rebuts right wingers with actual fact or if he does he gives them 10minutes to obfuscate the issue after the fact..

    I still remember the crap he and Michael Moore pulled on Nader, yes lets keep the status quo and not try to have an actual democracy UGH..

  2. Spare me the cheap shots at Bill Maher. He is the best friend we (progressives) have. Remember when Chevy Chase called Richard Prior that slur? Where was the outrage then? God, I hate PC at least in this context.

  3. Aw comon’ people, it was a joke. And in the context of the conversation, it was funny. In case you missed it:

    MAHER: I’ve got to get to Nebraska more.

    SASSE: You’re welcome. We’d love to have you work in the fields with us.

    MAHER: Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house nigger.

    No racial intent there, at least that I can see. Damn, we’re all so overly sensitive PC dopes these days. It’s just a word. The intent of the user is what makes it offensive.

  4. The only ones who would want Bill Maher to be fired would be hard hearted cruel Republicans. They know how Bill Maher saying something is different from Republicans saying it. Bill Maher does not just talk the talk, he walks the walk. He cares about people no matter what their race or gender or culture. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

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In Latest Offense, Bill Maher Calls Himself a “House N*gger”

Bill Maher Used N-Word and Still Has a Job? If He Were Republican, He’d Be Fired Already.