Senate GOP Pushes Back Vote For Obamacare Repeal After Recess

GOP Senators Delays Vote For Obamacare Repeal Shortly After CBO Report

 AP Photo / Andrew Harnik

The Senate Republicans have proposed a bill amending H.R. 1628 that is their plan for a repeal of Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act. These Republicans have now decided to delay the vote. There are key Republican votes who either are not decided, leaning no, or have said they will not support it.

Senate Republicans have decided that it would be better if they vote after their July 4th recess in order to garner more support and Senate votes for their bill.

Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) stated: “He simply said I think we need more time to work on it, we don’t have the votes right now.”

This delayed vote is coming shortly after the release of the Congressional Budget Office’s report of estimates of the Senate GOP health care bill, which estimated that by 2026, 22 million more Americans would lose their insurance. Additionally, Medicaid funding for the Medicaid expansion will be halted, which will lead to 15 million who are currently on Medicaid to lose their Medicaid insurance.

The House Republicans were forced to push back a vote for their healthcare bill to repeal Obamacare, as it was unlikely that the bill would be able to pass.

The Senate Republicans will attempt to persuade the senators and hope that they change their minds before they vote on the bill after their July 4th recess.

The report from the Congressional Budget Office brings a lot of pressure onto the Senate Republicans as many American people are not happy that 22 million Americans will lose their insurance.

Written by Sahil Habibi

Sahil Habibi is the host of The Progressive Voice on YouTube, which airs segments dissecting the news daily. Follow Sahil on Twitter @ProgressVoice.

Sahil is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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Senate GOP Pushes Back Vote For Obamacare Repeal After Recess