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“Single Payer Will Never, Ever Come to Pass”

San Francisco Magazine

The Sasha Stone’s of the world just don’t get it. At all. They continue to make wild claims of rampant sexism and place blame by implying motives they cannot possibly know, nor understand. This doesn’t mean that sexism doesn’t exist, it does. But, we are not railing against Dianne Feinstein because she’s a woman, it’s because she’s actively fighting against an issue that matters, because she is beholden to the interests of Big Insurance. People don’t want to primary Nancy Pelosi because they’re afraid of a strong powerful woman, they want her removed because she is a leader of the party actively rejecting making single payer a key issue to the party. Some people couldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has already failed them, and she said Single Payer was a theoretical debate that would never come to pass.

Those aren’t issues of misogyny. They are literal matters of life and death. The numbers of bankruptcies per year due to the astronomical costs of health insurance are unacceptable, even under the ACA. Millions of Americans still cannot afford their medication. So, while you’re all praising Obama and wondering why we can’t see it as the glass half full, it’s because some people are in the empty part of that glass. There are people who had health insurance prior to the ACA, but can no longer afford it because the industry is still for-profit.

This was my cousin Synclaire. I say was, because yesterday, on June 23rd, she died after waiting for months in Birmingham, Alabama for a heart transplant. There are stories like hers, many that are much worse, across the country. People who need to start Go Fund Me pages in order to save their own life, or the life of their loved ones. People who face bankruptcy and homelessness to fight their cancer, or their rare disease that isn’t covered. Synclaire is just one face in a sea of faces, who were just trying to live.

2016 was the year it seemed like people on the side of the “good guys” lost their humanity. Instead of fighting for the human right to health care, people are continuing to vilify others for the way they voted. All while ignoring those that have died, are dying, or will die. These are human beings, and while you’re wasting your time trying to keep Obamacare afloat, you are continuing to forget about the people in the empty part of that glass, and there are nearly 30 million of them.

Your battles and grudges and partisan politics are petty. Stop fighting those of us who just want everyone to not have to choose bankruptcy or death. I will say this as many times as necessary for the detractors: wait times > bankruptcy. Get over your hatred of Bernie Sanders, because he’s fighting for the thing you would all be fighting for if your politicians weren’t in the pocket of Big Insurance and Big Pharma. I don’t care about your party or being a Democrat, I care about my friends, I care about my family, I care about my fellow citizens, I care about you. Stop defending people who only care about their wallet, and start defending people out there just fighting for their lives.

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Written by Brittany B

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Brittany is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.

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“Single Payer Will Never, Ever Come to Pass”