Republicans, Democrats and Even Bernie Sanders Support U.S. Imperialism


American imperialism is one of the subjects that matters the most to me. I can even go as far as saying that I believe it is the single, most important, subject that Americans and the world should focus on. Why? Because U.S. imperialism creates poverty, pollutes, oppresses, destroys democracy, harms workers, and even kills people.

U.S. imperialism can range from doing a corporatist trade deal like NAFTA, which will ultimately outsource U.S. jobs so they can be sent to Mexico just so Mexicans will be used as cheap labor, to backing military coups like the one which occurred in Chile in 1973. Pinochet, who was the U.S.’s fascist puppet that rose after the military coup, left as many as 40,000 people dead during his dictatorship.

The Cold War, which was the fight between the “good, capitalist, religious” America vs. the “bad, ‘socialist’, atheist” Soviet Union, is a great example of how the U.S. wants to control every single nation on Earth, and when there’s a dissenting voice the U.S. will try to shut it up.

U.S. imperialism and American neoconservatism are pretty much like a religion at this point. From what I’ve seen, they seem to hold the belief that “The United States is the greatest country on Earth; thus, its government should seek to promote ‘democracy’ all around the world, even using force if necessary.”

Of course when they are talking about spreading “democracy,” it is just a bunch of lies and lip-service to the American public, so the establishment and the mainstream media can manufacture consent within the American population.

The reason why I believe these are a bunch of lies is that the history of U.S. imperialism has constantly shown us that the United States only cares about big corporations and the military-industrial complex. There are plenty of reasons to believe this that are exemplified by the coup in Chile I mentioned above, the coup in Honduras backed by the United States, the regime changes in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan, the U.S.-backed war in Yemen, led by human rights violator Saudi Arabia, the U.S.-backed Fascist Dictator Fulgencio Batista from Cuba and the CIA’s 634 attempts to kill Fidel Castro, the ongoing U.S. support for Israel in its task of stealing Palestinian land and creating an apartheid state against Muslims, and the American sabotage of Venezuela’s economy only because it is anti-imperialist.

Now we can tell the U.S. doesn’t engage in wars or interventions in other countries just for the sake of being “humanitarian” or “spreading democracy.” The United States has committed many atrocities on foreign soil and created lasting problems in those countries.

Now we need to recognize one thing: No major political party is against U.S. imperialism. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have a long history of supporting the Military-industrial complex by participating in various interventions during the course of most of the 20th century and the U.S. has engaged in continual intervention for the past 17 years.

This may come as a surprise, but even Bernie Sanders has a troubling record regarding wars. Bernie Sanders openly supported Clinton’s War in Kosovo in 1999. When Sanders was Burlington’s Mayor in the 80s, many people protested outside the local General Electric plant because it was manufacturing weapons so they could be used to fight socialists in Central America. “He lined up with union officials and watched as the police made arrests, saying later that in blocking the plant, the activists were keeping workers from their jobs,” reported the New York Times. Bernie Sanders also supported the construction of a $1.2 trillion dollar stealth fighter, even though his constituency opposed it.

Sanders claimed he was against the Iraq War, but he never mentioned he voted in favor of the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, which explicitly said that it was the U.S.’s duty to topple Saddam Hussein. Sanders also backed a resolution that gave congressional backing to the CIA, which allowed it to do a covert plan to remove Hussein and also impose economic sanctions on Iraq, which may have killed as many as 500,000 children, according to Counterpunch.

Let’s remember that Sanders as a congressman didn’t support Rep. Barbara Lee in her opposition to the Afghanistan War, since Sanders didn’t vote against the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force, which allowed then-President Bush to invade Afghanistan.

Yeah, all of this happened years ago, but if you want something more recent we can note Sanders’s support for Obama’s kill list, his backing of troops in Syria, and the fact that he said if he were to become President of the United States he would continue to use drones in the Middle East..

It is definitely troubling that the biggest representative of the Democratic Party’s left has to be a pro-war politician. This diminishes the anti-war faction on the left, alienating them and also putting foreign policy discussion off the table. Many progressives think that Sanders would give a big punch to the Military-industrial complex because he voted against the Iraq War, but let’s remember Obama did that also and he ended up being a war hawk. We need to organize against war and be wary about who are really pro-peace politicians because there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing on the left, and if you will back neocons only because they will give you domestic benefits, stop calling yourself a leftist.


Hans Alexander Razo is a Mexican-American Leftist raised in Mexico who currently studies a career on Political Science and Public Administration.

Hans is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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Republicans, Democrats and Even Bernie Sanders Support U.S. Imperialism