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Fear, Loathing, and the Democratic Party

American Politics Have Been Poisoned by Fear and Rage

State of Play

The Democrats are devoid of solutions for the American electorate. There are many viable planks available for them to use in their platform. However, they have decided to fight against them regardless of the consequences. They have lost nearly 1,000 seats throughout the country in less than a decade. Each of these seats represents a loss of influence on the political process. The party is out of power in the majority of states, is in the minority in D.C., and is out of the White House. They are at an impasse. They must decide between serving the people and serving donors. Thus far, they have chosen the donors and political oblivion.

There is a path back to prominence. They just need to act as a political party, again. The role of parties in a democracy is to find policies that attract voters by providing solutions to their most pressing economic and social concerns. Once in office, officials should do their best to make these policy prescriptions into law. Currently, the Dems act as an extension of corporate lobbying firms. This dynamic is costing them dearly at the ballot box.

Up Is Down

In the absence of a hopeful, policy-based platform, the Dems have opted for “fear and rage” politics. They want voters to fear progressive policy and hate anyone that promotes it. They want us to fear fascism and racism while providing no alternatives beyond Clinton/Obama status quo — a status quo that has produced levels of inequality and inequity as we have never seen. In this atmosphere, up is down and down is up. The people that want everyone to have health care are dirty socialists that wish your family harm. The people that want the poorest workers to get a raise want to destroy jobs.

Incivility Is Cool

There is the now-standard Bernie hate. But, something even more vile is quickly becoming common — personal attacks on Former State Senator and President of Our Revolution Nina Turner. Anyone that has seen the Senator speak publicly knows that she always seeks to inspire and uplift. She always puts the needs of Americans first. Mrs. Turner always begins with kindness, even when offering constructive criticism. She is a proud Democratic Party member that wants the party to win by serving the public.

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On July 25, Nina attempted to deliver a petition with 115,000 signatures in support of the People’s Platform to the DNC headquarters in D.C. The organization chose to block access to Senator Turner and the citizens that accompanied her. The DNC offered the group water and donuts instead of considering the petition and platform. This reaction was bad optics for the Dems. Especially for a party that has become increasingly arrogant and condescending. Instead of taking the hit and admitting they could have handled the incident better, the Dems decided to attack and gaslight Nina Turner.

Anyone that watched the Democratic Primaries knows that Clintonland and DNC leadership have an ax to grind with President Turner. There was obviously a political fatwa issued at some point. The order — to destroy Nina Turner in the public eye and crush her political fortunes. Unfortunately, for the naysayers, Nina Turner has handled all of this with class, courage, and grace. She is an exceptionally well-disciplined public figure. She does not rise to the bait or jump in the gutter. She stays on the issues that matter to the American people. Never does she personally attack opponents, even in the most heated of interactions.

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Several outlets have published hit pieces targeting the Our Revolution leader. A particularly repulsive think piece came from Huffington Post Contributor, Peter Rosenstein. In this screed, he called the Senator “irrational.” In a particularly loathsome passage, the writer referred to Mrs. Turner as “rabid.” A call back to a time in our history when Black people were likened to animals in American discourse. Treating a Black Woman in this manner is supposed to be a no-go area for Democrats. Obviously, this does not apply to the Nina Turner in the eyes of many Democrats.

Dana Milbank wrote a recent article in the Washington Post derisively entitled “The Bernie Bros and sisters are coming to Republicans’ rescue.” This click bait title is only the beginning of the silliness. It is a master class on Modern Democratic Mythology. A story line that holds the Democratic Party blameless for the state of the country, the party, or losing to Donald Trump. In addition, they do not need to bend to the will of the people in order to earn votes. Sixty-two percent of Americans believe “the federal government’s responsibility [is] to make sure that all Americans have health care coverage.” But, for some reason, Milbank doesn’t believe the Democratic Party should embrace Medicare for All. This is sheer political madness. Naturally, Milbank takes the time to gaslight Senator Turner on the incident at DNC Headquarters.

What They Really Want

Democratic donors and lobbyists do not want social or economic progress. Therefore, Dem leadership, operatives, and public/media figures will do their best to keep the bosses happy. They want us to hate progressive figures so that we will not listen to their positions. Much like the Democratic primary, demonize the messenger (Bernie) and you can vilify the message. Now they are focusing on Nina Turner. The People’s Platform is only one version of the progressive agenda and it is exactly what donors want you to find distasteful. Take a look.

.Summer for Progress Petition

Please share this graphic liberally. Tell them each of these planks are extremely popular. Then ask this simple question:

Should the Will of the People or Whims of the Donors decide American policy?

The Democratic Party Reveals its Fear of Progressivism

Written by Michael Graham

Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Veteran, Social Justice Warrior. City by birth, Country by default. Follow Michael on Twitter @BLUpfront.

Michael Graham is a Senior Writer for Progressive Army.


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  1. Good strategy. I think we should be on offense by pushing these issues. DNC does not want this platform to be acknowledged. I think they need to tell us why. People or donors. That is the choice.

  2. Good piece on the disgraceful tactics being used by corporate/DNC Democrats against Mrs Turner. I look forward someday to voting for Mrs. Turner for President of the United States. Right now I wouldn’t vote for any typical member of the DNC to be animal control officer in my town. Because of the underhanded unethical way they deal with constructive criticism from Progressives, they don’t deserve my vote. All praise to Mrs.Turner for staying on the moral high ground. Shame on the DNC for abandoning their principles and their base.

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Fear, Loathing, and the Democratic Party