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Crying Christopher Cantwell

Tears of a Nazi

Tears of a Nazi: Crying Christopher Cantwell

Vice.com did a documentary on one particular White Supremacist who attended the riots in Charlottesville, VA: Christopher Cantwell. Cantwell is a popular face and voice amongst Alt-Right, Neo-Nazi and White Supremacists circles.

The Vice documentary made it seem as though that Cantwell was a steel-chinned gladiator who wasn’t afraid of anything. Well, appearances aren’t always what they seem. Enjoy this video.

Is It Moral To Enjoy the Tears of Nazis?

Yes. Yes, it is. It’s very moral and very beneficial for hair growth.

Listen, all jokes aside:

Nazis want and desire the demise of entire groups of people including African Americans, Jews, the LGBTQ community, Muslims — basically anyone who isn’t pure. Their ideology is more than just political — it is genocidal.

I’m infected with the same idealistic gene and my heart is big enough to love everyone. But one day I grew up and realized that it is madness to extend sympathy and compassion to people who want nothing more than to see me dead.

You may not utilize religious jargon, but allow me: if Nazis repent and turn from their hatred and genocidal wet-dreams, then I can open my wellspring of love to include even the “reformed” Nazi. But until then, you better believe I will treat them with the appropriate amount of disdain, disrespect, and condemnation. Why? Because anything less than that creates an avenue for an ideology that wishes to erase me and my people from the face of the planet to get a foothold in society.

Written by Benjamin Dixon

Benjamin Dixon is the Editor in Chief of Progressive Army and a member of its Editorial Board.

Find Benjamin's new media work HERE
Host of The Benjamin Dixon Show on YouTube and Spreaker.

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Crying Christopher Cantwell