Time To Get A Little Uncomfortable…

How is it with the Democratic and Republican Parties that we have the plethora of issues that exist and yet the same two parties that messed things up still hold onto power?

It’s quite simple; comfort. The problem is when it comes to politics, comfort isn’t good at all. When a Democrat says they are pro-life to the detriment of women everywhere, Democrats have a tendency to back this individual, even if they don’t agree on the abortion issue. Why on earth would anyone do that?

This is because it’s easier to agree with the Democrat because the Republican is against more of what you stand for. The path of least resistance, am I right? So if you are a pro-choice woman in this scenario, you just voted against your own interests.

White, non-college, young males have a similar problem with voting Republican. Sure, you agree on social issues, but economically, voting GOP is like taking a high-powered weapon and pointing it directly at your head.

Why would anyone do something so self-destructive? The duopoly has benefited from a lack of choice. For example, I am a socialist; I have been told that if I want my policies to POSSIBLY happen, I have to vote against my interests for the Democrats. Through corruption and the rule-creating powers of the duopoly, third party candidates have a severe disadvantage getting their message out. Even though that third party may be more in line with my ideology, I may not even be able to vote for that party because it hasn’t met the arbitrary threshold the duopoly created.

The other reason for the destructive behavior is that people don’t understand how our country’s political process works. That ignorance enables the duopoly to maintain its stranglehold on your vote. If you don’t know, they benefit. It’s a simple death spiral that further disables the people from making an informed decision and being able to vote for a party outside the duopoly.

You may say that you don’t have time to research third parties or that your voice or vote is irrelevant. You might just be that typical, stereotypical American that can’t back a “loser”. To all of that, I say something quite simple, you are part of the problem.

You have lost the right to complain about the multitude of things that plague our nation because you haven’t gotten out of your comfort zone, researched and committed to finding a different path.

If you continue to vote against your interests by voting for a party that represents only part of your beliefs because it’s the “pragmatic” thing to do, all you will ever get is the status quo.

For every liberal in the Democratic Party that actually voted for their alleged beliefs, the Green Party (for example) would have had millions of more votes. Instead, they chose pragmatism and voted against their interests, therefore keeping the duopoly strong. You complain about the state of America and yet you willingly allow the mechanisms that sustain those problems to continue.

We have a tendency as humans to move towards comfort. We take the path of least resistance when walking from point A to B. If something obstructs our path, we attempt to find the easiest way around the obstacle. It’s normal, and in real world applications, it makes the most sense. You don’t want to exert excessive energy when it’s not needed.

In the case of our oppressive plutocracy, conserving energy isn’t going to help the people. You must extricate yourself from comfort. You have to research candidates. Most of all, you must actually begin voting in your best interests.

How do you get the Socialist Party of the United States, Green Party, or Libertarian Party into positions of power? To begin, stop voting Democrat or Republican. You got Trump because of Clinton. Two horrible choices that caused people to vote against their interests and now you have a thoroughly incompetent and dangerous executive branch and congress.

If 2016 wasn’t a siren for people to wake up and cast a vote for a Party outside of the duopoly, I don’t know what will be. Democrats are selling an “at least we aren’t Trump” message. Republicans sell the promise of oligarchs and plutocracy that destroys the 99% by eliminating the middle class and rendering the populace to a state of indentured servitude. How is this a choice? Haven’t we got the brick wall yet?

The internet is a beautiful thing. You can quickly look up a candidate, their history, and assess very quickly. If a candidate lines up with your philosophy, you can then vote for them. It’s that easy. And if that candidate isn’t a Democrat or member of the GOP, that’s fine. Voting for YOUR interests is what is going to destroy the duopoly.

This “big tent” philosophy is just another term for the monopolization of power. How can a party be both for and against abortion? How can a party be for and against gun control? How can a party be for strengthening upward mobility but against penalizing corporations that don’t facilitate it? You can’t. And even worse, the duopoly believes you are stupid enough to subscribe to it.

In the end, it boils down to this; get informed or get oppressed. Take the time required to educate yourself on a candidate or party. Take that knowledge to the voting booth and actually vote in YOUR BEST INTERESTS! Pragmatism does nothing but cause the American people to die by a thousand paper cuts.

It’s going to take courage to vote against the duopoly and their continued adherence to the status quo. You are going to have to be the agent of change. It’s not that difficult, you just have to embrace a little discomfort now for a better tomorrow.

Written by Jason Carney

Born in Massachusetts in 1981, grew up an Army Brat and travelled the world with my father who served as a member of the Special Forces for 24 years. Mother was a strong and dedicated woman with a work ethic second to none. I decided to enlist in the Army National Guard in October 2009, having heard that they deployed more frequently. I have served honorably since then and was accepted into the Army Officer Candidate School before a workplace injury rendered me temporarily disabled.

Grew up studying politics, political figures, discourse, and ideologies of the world as I found politics to be a contact sport for the most hardened of individuals. Started Vets for the 99% in late 2015 to show that Progressive/Left ideology could not only be embraced by every segment of society, but could further the nation as a whole.

Follow Jason on Twitter @TheJasonCarney.

Jason is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.

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Time To Get A Little Uncomfortable…