The Institute for Progressive Memetics

The Institute for Progressive Memetics

As you probably haven’t noticed, I haven’t been putting out any posts recently. My absence here has come at the expense of getting something very cool off the ground, namely, the Institute for Progressive Memetics.

My path to the Institute is a story that begins like any other: I had a chance encounter online with a talented artist and, as you do, we quickly slid into the DMs. What started out as collaboration on an article about the Mobilize88 conference in Ohio grew into a broader discussion about building an artist collective for leftists in general.


Our Mission

The Institute for Progressive Memetics, founded by Mike Ramsey and myself, is an independent organization dedicated to the betterment of all humanity through the study and distribution of dank memes. For far too long the world has been plagued by the stanky scourge of capitalism, racism, sexism, conservatism, and liberalism; we at the Institute believe that it is well beyond time to usher in a new memetic paradigm worthy of a free society.


Faster, Corncob! Kill! Kill!

Our first splash into what Vice journalist Eve Peyser calls ‘weird twitter’ was when we began #cobbing centrist politicians and their sympathetic twitter apologists. According to our lead researcher, the first cobbing of the modern era came at the expense of a certain lawyer with a political science degree, ultimately deriving from a 2011 tweet by @dril, Weird Twitter’s own beloved enfant terrible.

Corncob politics, as espoused by the Institute’s astute writer Garret Shorr, represents the latest iteration of the neoliberal tradition:

The corncob wing emerged on top from the 2016 Democratic primary and subsequently lost to the worst candidate of American history. They cannot reliably win in the future, as not enough people are believing the lies of seemingly pragmatic solutions that only further enrich the elite and leave the rest of the country in worse shape.

Thus, progressives have a message for Democrats in 2018 and beyond. To paraphrase George W, there’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, corncob me once, shame on — shame on you. Corncob me — you can’t get corncobbed again.

He’s right and we won’t.


At this point, I had people in my DMs telling me this corncob thing was corny, which I did not disagree with. Others were a bit harsher in their critique, going as far to calling it stupid, saying specifically that it will never catch on.  What most people didn’t foresee was that the highly reactionary nature of those being cobbed would, in time, push cobbing into mainstream twitter discourse. Some of the cobbed, disillusioned and confused, would quote tweet their own cobbing to ask their followers for meaning. Others would, while presumably preheating the oven to bake their DiGiorno pizza, resorted to urban dictionary to find meaning.


Good Night Alt Right and Beyond

After getting our feet wet with corncob politicians, we’ve remained ever vigilant at the Institute. We will continue to be on the front lines, as we have done in our short existence, providing the best of leftist political art for the masses.


From Punching Nazis

To #Whigged

To Promotional

The Institute for Progressive Memetics has you covered.


Progressive Action Network

Presumably already accused of receiving Soros cash, PAN, our sister station, represents a more serious platform for progressive activism. We have yet to tap into this idea fully as its development is still in the planning phase at the Institute. I can tell you that the plans are very yuge!

Written by Andre Roberge

Father, Husband. Went to school for philosophy (university of WA) and now I work for a train company -- Interests include Labor Law, TILA, Unions, Paid Family Leave, Healthcare, Philosophy of Science, Fantasy Football and Open Government-- Fanboy of The Take Down with Nick Nowlin and The Way with Anoa. Follow Andre on Twitter @SubvertingPower.

Andre Roberge is a Researcher and Writer for Progressive Army.


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  1. Great article! I grew to love cobbing (even though I didn’t fully appreciate it’s brilliance at first). If we can continue to find ways to make fighting fascism fun, we can’t lose.

  2. Hi Andre. I have a suggestion. Instead of satirically advocating violence against Nazis, why don’t you advocate building a movement outside of the Democratic Party, which is a fascist party that passes increasingly massive military spending bills and unconstitutional surveillance legislation, and which weaponizes the police against protesters and drug users? Is it not “fascist apologism” to advocate remaining inside a fascist party? Do you think Hitler’s Nazi Party could be “infiltrated by progressives”?

    Perhaps try #DemExit #ForAPeoplesParty instead. Be well.

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