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A Blue Wave

This Week in the Narrative 53

Nigel Clarke

At first, I had some difficulty getting a handle on exactly what Donna Brazile’s angle was when, last week, she confirmed one of many aspects of Clinton campaign corruption. A thirty-plus year Democratic Party operative did not seem the likeliest person to be first in line to push the knife in.

The most obvious question, and thus the most avoided in mainstream media, seemed to be: If Donna Brazile felt appalled to the point of tears at the corruption she had purportedly uncovered, how then did she feel about her own corruption, having colluded with the Clinton campaign from her position at CNN? Did this similarly appall her, or did it affect her differently when she was the perpetrator rather than the whistleblower?

I finally put the puzzle together this week while watching an interview with Brazile on, somewhat hilariously, Fox News.

One line in particular stood out:

“I see a party that is capable of coming back out of the wilderness, I see a party with fresh faces, new blood, new energy.”

She referenced Tom Perez as an example of this, and, presumably, was including herself when she repeated statements like, “I come from the grassroots.”

Apparently, a thirty-year operative, former Al Gore campaign manager, and two-time Chair of the DNC, alongside President Obama’s Labor Secretary and current DNC Chair, represent the “new blood” of the Democratic Party.

But this was only part of a broader narrative which gained steam this week with the victories of Democratic candidates in the Virginia and New Jersey Gubernatorial races; a narrative which proclaims a revamped Democratic Party back from implosion and ready to eradicate the scourge of Trump.

CNN called it a “blue wave,” as did ABC, while The Washington Post and MSNBC went with “Democratic Wave,” and Chuck Schumer said he could “smell a wave coming.” Outgoing (Democratic) Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe appeared to miss the memo, calling it “a jet takeoff.”

The New York Times warned “The G.O.P Should Be Scared,” and Bloomberg opined that the results should make the “GOP sweat.”

Tom Perez repeatedly called his party the “new Democratic Party.”

It is interesting that Virginia and New Jersey are the flagship examples of this “new,” more progressive, unified, grassroots Democratic Party.

Four of the past five Virginia Governors have been Democrats, including Hillary’s would-be vice-President Tim Kaine, who ran on an anti-abortion, anti-LGBT, pro-gun, pro-oil platform in which he proclaimed himself a “conservative on personal responsibility, character, family and the sanctity of life.” Hillary won the state by 5 points in 2016, the third straight presidential election in which Virginia went blue.

The new Governor-elect, Ralph Northam, represented the Clinton (read: corporate) wing of the Democratic party in a hotly contested primary in which he defeated progressive Democrat Tom Perriello, who had been endorsed by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Northam is so far from progressive that while he was a State Senator, Republicans lobbied him to switch parties.

During the election, Northam was abandoned by Sanders and Warren, as well as multiple progressive organizations — including Democracy for America, which called Northam “racist.”

In New Jersey, where five of the last six Governors have been Democrats, a state which has voted blue the past seven presidential elections, the Governor-elect is Phil Murphy. Prior to running, Murphy was the Finance Chair of the DNC and, before that, a long-time executive at Goldman Sachs.

Traditionally blue states being won by centrist quasi-Republicans, bankers, party insiders, and alleged racists … this represents a new direction for the Democratic Party how?

There is an old Joe Rogan stand-up comedy routine, which I am quite positive I have mentioned in this space before, in which Rogan proposes that “the elite” intentionally put forward an unintelligent man — George W. Bush — for President in order to test how stupid the general population was.

“There’s only one way to find out how dumb we really are… They had to make a dumb guy the President.” — Rogan

How much of this routine is satire and how much is reality is up for debate, but it does occasionally seem like the elite and the political power players are conducting experiments surrounding the intelligence of the general population.

At the moment, it seems as though the Democratic Party is asking the question: If we present the same corrupt, dilapidated party, but call it “NEW!” do you think people will buy that?

Let’s review just the most recent sliver of the Democratic Party timeline.

They rigged the primary to the benefit of the corporate candidate and expense of the progressive one. At the Democratic National Convention, they barricaded off and arrested progressive activists outside the convention, and censored signs with progressive messages inside. During the general election, they were hostile to progressive ideology and dismissive of the progressive grassroots. After their election loss, they were provided with an opportunity to offer an olive branch to progressives by naming Keith Ellison as DNC Chair, but chose Tom Perez instead. Since then they have opposed Trump with flowery language and the same tired centrist positions.

Now, the Democratic Party puts forward Donna Brazile and Tom Perez, Schumer and Pelosi, quasi-Republicans and Goldman Sachs bankers, as the “fresh faces, new blood, new energy,” of a “new” party.

“There’s only one way to find out how dumb we really are…”

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Written by Nigel Clarke

Writer and notorious vagabond. From the frozen north. Follow Nigel on Twitter @Nig_Clarke.

Nigel Clarke is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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