Abuse of Power

I am a victim of power. In my childhood, and as an adult, I am a victim of power.

As my father came at me with the rage I had felt regularly in my life by the age of five years old, his tongue folded in between his upper and lower teeth, and a look in his eyes of hatred that only terrified me more, I knew there was no escape from the brutality of his abuse I was about to receive.

As he habitually abused me from age two to around ten years old, I dare not speak out, or say a word, but instead, was forced to stay silent, and deal with the trauma every time it happened, alone.

Being victimized by someone who has power can be a very lonely and isolating place, especially as a child, and the trauma can cause emotional scars that may never heal.

Filled with a feeling of fear, terror, and helplessness, for the first and last time in my childhood, I found a voice in me, driven by the incredible emotional pain and fear I felt at that moment.

As my mother stood just a few feet away, watching the abuse happen, I looked at her and begged her to get him to stop abusing me. She didn’t do anything. She never spoke up for me, defended me, or protected me as a child, despite the abuse happening frequently.

Surprisingly, after I cried out for help that day, for the first and last time in my life, when he was done abusing me, my father did do something. He looked at me, and told me how sorry he was for the way he treated me, and said it would never happen again. It did happen again and again, for several years after that, with the same frequency and horrific personal consequences that I would not understand until much later in my life.

I had no voice, and no one advocated for me. I was alone and isolated, at a very young age, left to deal with something I could “only” understand at its face value. The messages I learned often and early have harmed me my entire life. The worst being, “I am hated, I am bad, no one loves me.”

My father used his power over me for one purpose. He felt powerless in his life, and hated his life and himself, so he used the power he had over me, to purge the hate and rage, instead of taking responsibility for it himself. I was his 3-foot tall punching bag.

I understand abuse of power, and its consequences, all too well. Understanding the feelings of being powerless, and the consequences, personally, has given me a very high sensitivity to any forms of abuse of power. Understanding powerlessness in its truest sense, and being a victim of my father’s unhinged rage and power, taught me that I was powerless, and I had no voice.

My voice was oppressed, muted, and drowned out by the belief of my parents that I deserved the abuse, which at five years old, was all I could believe, too.

As an adult, I often feel powerless to change things outside of myself that would impact my life in a positive way. I have one vote, and one voice. I do not have the money or influence to change anything outside of myself that I believe is unjust and wrong to me or others.

For most of us, that is our reality. Or, at least, that is our perception of reality. Individually, most of us do not have the power of money and influence to make positive changes outside of ourselves, or help our fellow citizens, as we needlessly suffer from the abuse of misguided power.

Fortunately, the United States of America was created by law, that a majority of voices will have the power to control our government, our fate, our collective outcome.

Unfortunately, the country I love, that has been so good to me in so many ways, that has literally saved my life, has made me feel too often like my five-year-old self, powerless and alone in my suffering, with no ability outside of myself to control the outcome of my life.

The powerless, or those who feel powerless, like me, do not have billions of dollars to throw around to influence those in power. We do have something more powerful than any amount of money; a voice. And a voice, heard often enough from many people, has proven more powerful than money can buy.

A choir does not consist of a single person, but a group of individuals, collectively singing in harmony.

It is time for a Revolution! It is time for the majority to collectively gather their voices and sing louder together than they have ever sung before.

It is time for The People’s Revolution. It is time to find our collective voice, the voice of the majority, that has been oppressed for too long by those who use power completely against the will of the majority of what citizens want.

The solution is simple, yet so many people are ignorant, misled, or gaslighted to the point that facts and reality are often irrelevant.

Money equals power and influence. Money made powerless of its ability to influence our political, economic, and social systems create equality and a just society.

Corporations are not people, people are people. Corporations have motives that are much different from the motives of people.

It is time for a power shift, a revolution of power, an extreme change in our power grid that makes money a non-factor in our political, economic, and social systems.

It is time for a revolution to create a win/win culture, instead of the lose/win culture that we currently have, by working together in good faith to solve problems we are ignoring, because of ill-guided motives, a controlling minority’s ideology, and the addiction to the power and control that money has on every level of our society.

We have strayed so far from the vision our founding fathers had in writing the Constitution that we are dangerously drifting into becoming something other than a Democracy.

The voices of power, that use their power for personal gain, do their best to drown out, deny, spin, gaslight, or lie about those claiming they were unjustly treated, or those who try to insert their will on the system.

Unchecked and unbridled power often corrupts those with it, and often harms those without it.

We have let the fox guard the hen-house for too long. Unfortunately, most do not see a fox, because the fox has the power to influence, manipulate, and disguise the facts and the truth, and many of us believe what the fox says, regardless of the truth.

Money is powerless unless we give it power, and we have made it the most powerful thing on Earth.Money is an addiction that is driving the world into anarchy. Money has created a hierarchy of power that is the root cause of the anarchy we see too often in the world today.

The solution is easy to conceptualize, but it will take a cultural revolution to change. The solution: take the power of money away from those who have the ability to harm us with it, and give the power to “The People.”

It is time for a revolution, by the people, and for the people. Don’t suffer in silence anymore, let your voices be heard, or they may be silenced forever.Join the choir, participate with the most powerful thing we still have in our country, our voices.

The voices of hate have had their day in the sunshine, and it is time to reject any voice that would hate. Hate is for the ignorant, the cowards, and the weak-minded, because they do not have the intelligence or understanding to find solutions to resolve their hate.

Fear and hate can easily motivate people, and for those with power, it is an extreme form of abuse of power. It divides and undermines any possibility of reconciliation.

Love takes strength, courage, and intelligence, because it requires thinking, and embracing, and understanding the feelings of hate in order to resolve them.

Hate is like a snowball that, once pushed down a steep, never-ending slope, continues to attract more snow, until it either hits a tree and falls apart, or smashes into something with serious consequences.

The seed of hate bares no fruit worth eating. Love is like pushing a snowball uphill. It takes a conscious effort.Let your voices be the tree. The voices of hate must be stopped.

I know hate, because I felt it often as a child, because my father took his hate out on me, instead of reconciling it within himself.

Our dysfunctional politics is creating an environment of hate in our culture that is dangerous, unhealthy, and has had real consequences already.

I chose to reconcile my hate toward my father. It was the healthy choice for me to make personally, which is why I choose to not hate anyone, but instead understand and have empathy.

Chronic hate is a mental illness, and a cultural illness. It is not healthy to hate. Hate is not a solution; it is a problem we must deal with personally and culturally. We must resolve our hate, not create more of it.

The silent majority must not remain silent anymore, or the misguided fox will determine our fate.

Join the choir, sing in harmony. Our collective voices can be louder than those who are oppressing it, but not if we do not sing together, with as many voices as possible.

It is the American way. The louder we sing, the more we are heard. A beautiful song sung collectively is more powerful than money and the power that it can buy.

Written by Richard Suff

Born in Seattle, Richard has lived in Washington State my entire life. The goal of his writing is to offer different perspectives to support people to think differently, and be an advocate for political, economic and social change that positively affects people. He has truly seen the cracks and crevices on both sides of the coin.

Richard is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.

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