It doesn’t matter? F*ck you.

Coming up on the end of another year — a year which started with all those who said voting doesn’t matter and that there is no difference between the two major parties finally getting their faces pushed in it. Don’t get me wrong — both of our major political parties are primarily made up of obsequious, slavering toadies of Wall Street, desperate to please their future employers by shoveling public wealth into the already bulging purses of the millionaires and billionaires who are crushing our nation and ruining our children’s futures — but there is a difference. One party actually does have an activist, progressive caucus, whereas the other has an activist, neo-confederate, Ayn Randimanic caucus. So to all of those who say there is no difference this year, with the actions of this congress and this administration, you need to convince the rest of us how the election of this particular president and the dominance of his party in Congress makes no difference or shut the f*uck up.

Again, this is not to say both parties aren’t promoting a capitalist system that has so clearly failed for all but the most wealthy, or that the presidential candidate who won the popular vote while losing the totally anachronistic Electoral College vote was my first choice (she wasn’t, but I voted for her in the general election), but seriously — this shit is f*cked up well beyond what the two parties have in common. If the fascists of finance and their alt-right deceived brownshirts can hijack one party it should not be beyond our ability to bend the other party from being the apologists for those same besuited buccaneers of big money bullsh*t to being a party of economic justice. But that won’t happen if we sit on our f*cking hands on voting day, congratulating ourselves on our non-participation as if that’s a victory for anything but our own bloated, hateful ego.

And I’m not advocating voting for someone you despise, or even really don’t like! I’m saying the argument that it would not have mattered who won the last presidential election is clearly a stinking pile of festering bullsh*t pushed by people with an agenda more linked to their laziness or ego than to reality. Anyone who says we’d be in the same, or an equally bad, situation had the election gone a different way is delusional and should be ignored.

So, clearly, voting makes a difference. All those heroes we celebrate — men and women who were beaten, jailed, and killed so that we might have the chance to have a government of, by, and for the people, and whose graves we spit on each time we think we have anything better to do on election day — for those who don’t vote — f*ck you to death. Ya know what? All you who don’t vote should have to go to work on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. If you don’t use the vote that he and so many others struggled for you shouldn’t get that day off. Especially if you’re Black! MLK didn’t march and get jailed and struggle and have his life taken so that everybody could get a three f*cking day weekend! You don’t honor him by getting an extra day off, you honor and remember him by getting off yer ass and fighting against those that oppress you! And ya know what those bastards want to stop you from doing, what a big part of the Civil Rights Movement was about? Voting! Why the f*ck would anyone voluntarily do what their enemy and oppressors want?

So if you’re not going to at least vote, get your ass to work that day. Same with anti-union people and Labor Day. You shouldn’t get to enjoy the benefits of the struggle while trying to shut it down. (Sure, it should be May Day, but this is the U.S.) In fact — maybe you should just have to work through the f*cking weekend, too. And no social security for those who keep voting for representatives trying to destroy social security. F*ck you.

Until all these not-voting, anti-labor, liberf*cktarians have to deal with the ramifications of their shortsighted, selfish actions they will forever think their every-man-for-himself bullsh*t will actually fly. They do not see the position of privilege they crow from: a land without constant and multiple epidemics to them equals no need for vaccinations, cleaner water and air means no need for environmental protection, any federal infrastructure means no need for taxes to keep up the federal infrastructure — basically they believe they live in a world that was made the day they were born, a world without history, and a world in which what they take for granted can never be taken away by those who will profit by its lack.

And this selfish, privileged, shortsighted insanity is fed by the inhuman corporate mindset, by the childish “move fast and break things” disruption of those who don’t need, so they don’t see the benefit to other humans of the things they are breaking, by those who profit from the degradation of our environment and their fellow humans, and which is, ultimately, tacitly endorsed by all those who fail to rebel against the machine that profits some. Those who fail to stand up for themselves and their children and their neighbors and their neighbor’s children and the people and children they don’t even know who are suffering. All those workers who don’t see the fight for the working class as their fight, all those straights who don’t see the fight for equal rights as the fight for human rights, all those men who don’t see the fight for feminism as the fight for justice, all those who have been bought or have become convinced that what’s best for those at the top must be best for the rest, and for all those million who have been convinced of the hopelessness that there is no difference, that their vote simply does not matter — all of these are who we must reach out to this year to show them what their inaction, their selfishness, what their blindness has led us all to.

And if they still, still, still don’t want to be part of the solution, f*ck them. F*ck them to death. Forever.

Michael Gene Sullivan is an Actor, Writer, and Director. Find him on Facebook or check out his website.

Michael is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.

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  1. Fuck you. I voted for Jill Stein. Ill vote 3rd party again. One thing is for damn sure, I will never vote for this garbage party again. The democrats are disgusting. They have covered up the actual fraud, where there is soild evidence cheating occured. In order to push this evidence free, xenophobic, mcarthyist, stupid Russia hoax on the American people.

    Democrats have made RT register as a foreign agent. Odd because RT is not only small, but wasn’t supporting Trump. RT supported Sanders. RT hosted 3rd party canidate debates. RT gives a platform to the left. And that’s why the democrats what to censor RT. Now they’re making Jill Stein go before the Senate intelligence committee, in an transparent act of political intimidation of a 3rd party canidate.

    Where is the outrage over this? Where are the articles on this site covering this topic? Where are you rallying people to call Congress? She has stood with the oppressed and against the oppressors. Her running mate was Ajamu Baraka! A black activist. She walked your talk, yet you don’t offer your support. Shame on you.

    Democrats are not the party of the worker or minority. They are the party of the police state, corporate overlords, and wall street.

    Don’t you try to lie and shame me. You dare call me selfish? Fuck you. You gutless coward.

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