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New Year’s Revolutions

This Week in the Narrative 60

Nigel Clarke

I have become accustomed during the age of Trump to checking the news immediately when I wake up, before I have even rolled out of bed. My reasoning is that one day I expect to find Trump has dropped the big one, in which case I may as well catch a few more minutes of sleep.

What this has meant, is that I start most days with one form of Trumpian buffoonery or another — threats of nuclear holocaust on Twitter, insults to other world leaders, demonizations of groups of people, another giveaway of money to the uber-rich in an almost satirical fashion, and so on.

And then, for a few days over the holidays, nothing — no belligerence, tomfoolery, or even skulduggery. I started to imagine the Trump family around the dinner table, Melania urging the Donald, “Sweetheart it’s the holidays, please don’t send that Tweet, we’re having family time!

Sometimes it is difficult to fully appreciate something while you are in the midst of it; like the absurdity of television commercials for someone who rarely watches TV — wait, why is the My Pillow guy hiding in my medicine cabinet?

Without a morning dose of insanity, I began to experience a certain level of anxiety, and not only in a “3 days without a workplace accident” kind of way. It’s that I was suddenly reminded of the mundanity of the news when the President isn’t doing crazy sh*t.

It is almost enough to make a guy want to get up in the morning and go straight for the coffee without checking the news.

But I guess that is the point.

A New Year’s wish: that the Gift of Trump — as in, the way his unapologetic belligerence draws unprecedented attention and opposition to the gears of American oligarchy — is more prevalent and more effective in 2018 than ever.

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Written by Nigel Clarke

Writer and notorious vagabond. From the frozen north. Follow Nigel on Twitter @Nig_Clarke.

Nigel Clarke is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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New Year’s Revolutions