Homeostasis and the Fight Against Oppression

If you look at all systems in this world, there is a basic principle that can be seen in all of them. That basic principle is homeostasis. My grandmother loved words, as do I, and she would have called “homeostasis” a three dollar word that means balance. This principle or theme occurs in every religion, philosophy, biological entity, even the very planet itself. It is shown through ideas like yin/yang, good/evil, creation/decay, predator/prey, and in physics, astronomy, etc.

Why is this idea so universal? That’s simple, it is the very foundation of explaining how our very universe behaves. All things strive for balance. It is the eternal struggle and in that I have hope. Oppression will always be met with the struggle for justice and if that struggle cannot be solved through peaceful means, oppressors will face violence. History has shown this time and again.

Now some people reading this might believe I’m just a bloviating, windbag. Look at the United States for example. How did we go from a colony of the UK to our own country? (Other than the violence perpetrated by colonists on minorities of color, the enslavement of Africans, and the genocide of native peoples?) The simple answer was that some of the colonists felt oppressed by the policies of the “Mother Country” and began to protest. Those protests were ignored and, worse, met by violence and further oppression. This eventually became so widespread and intolerable that enough people took up arms and fought back. If we hadn’t won, we would still be fighting. Homeostasis must be maintained.

Now, you may ask yourself how this gives me hope. Revolutions are so violent, that should frighten me not give me hope. Revolutions only need to be violent if redress for grievances is not made. Look at the “Great Depression.” Policies were put in place that addressed the needs of the 99 percent because the desperation of the majority of people was so great that violence was imminent. Monopolies were busted up, taxes on the rich were raised to new heights, etc. Wealth inequality was addressed and an age of prosperity (for white people) was ushered in. 

Oppressive systems will always be combated as long as they perpetuate imbalance. Oppression is the rot that eats away at the foundation of the society of humans until the house falls down. If you don’t fix the rot, the collapse of the system is inevitable. The most positive thing I find is we have the most progressive and educated generation. We are learning the lessons of history. Fewer bigots are born every day. “If we can’t drive them out, we’ll breed them out.” (Braveheart) Now, as long as we can fight climate change long enough to correct the imbalance of that system, then we have a hope of fixing all oppressive systems. There is hope in homeostasis.

Amanda is a disabled, amateur writer that feels passionately about progressive ideals. Follow her on Twitter @whattheplucked.

Amanda is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.

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Homeostasis and the Fight Against Oppression