The Democratic Backbone Mixtape

8 Songs to Help Democrats Grow a Spine

Sometimes you have to laugh for not crying.

Democrats have demonstrated, once again, that they cannot be trusted to fight for the most marginalized in America. For a glimmering moment (approximately sixty hours), the Democratic base thought that their elected officials were going to fight for them. DREAMers thought the Democrats would hold the line for them. How wrong were we all?

So instead of a long think piece on how utterly ridiculous this entire charade was, or how illogical it is for Schumer to trust a demented turtle and to put the future of 800,000 young people in the hands of a political party that just got done holding the poorest children in America hostage for a quick political win — instead of shedding tears — the Progressive Army “Turn Up” offers our mixtape to help Democrats grow a spine

The Democratic Party Backbone Mix Tape

Track 1: DMX- Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind
Track 2: Young Bloodz- Damn! Ft. Lil John
Track 3: Public Enemy – Shut’em Down
Track 4: Murder City Devils – Press Gang
Track 5: Denzel Curry- Threatz
Track 6: Pink – There You Go
Track 7: Ludacris – Move B*tch Get Out Da Way
Track 8: Crime Mob – Knuck if You Buck

Track 1: DMX – Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind

Artist DMX
Title Party Up
Added ByBenjamin Dixon
Why This Song?There are two reasons this song has to be first. First of all, the Democratic Party will make you lose your mind if you put your confidence in them. I haven’t decided whether they are grossly incompetent or malicious. Maybe it’s both. Whichever it is, it doesn’t matter. We can’t trust the current leadership of the Democratic Party to fight and win the important fights.

The second reason is simple, this song makes everyone think they can fight. And while I don’t recommend this hilariously erroneous thinking for most situations, Democrats need to believe they can fight — even if they can’t. They need to try. They need to fake it until they make it — or until we primary them.


Track 2: Young BloodZ – Damn! ft. Lil Jon

ArtistYoungBloodZ – Damn! ft. Lil Jon
Added ByAnoa Changa
Why This Song?So I couldn’t pick just one! “Damn!” is the type of songs that get you hyped and feeling like you can take on anything or anyone. Democrats have an opponent in Congress that is willing to fight for what it believes in and scorch the earth if necessary.

Track 3: Public Enemy – Shut’em Down

ArtistPublic Enemy
TitleShut’em Down
Added ByPamela Elaine
Why this Song?The lack of ability to negotiate with Republicans has been dogging the footsteps of Democrats for decades. Dems are seen as weak and ineffectual and Schumer’s knuckling under today solidifies those adjectives as accurate.

Schumer’s actions make the three-day shutdown pointless. They were given a political an ultimatum and caved to pressure. They could have caved Friday rather than putting government employees who live paycheck to paycheck and the people who depend on their services through a weekend of fretting and worrying for a 2-½ week reprieve.

Republicans are just slow walking their way to everything they want with nothing and no one democrat in their way.

We need to work hard to fill every democrat seat with Progressives who are willing and able to fight the growing scourge of greed and lack of compassion for the needs and Rights of hardworking Americans. We need to Shut’em Down and build a government that works for EVERY person within our borders.

Track 4: The Murder City Devils – Press Gang

ArtistThe Murder City Devils
TitlePress Gang
Added ByAndre Roberge
Why This Song?I’ve worked many a service type job, and when it was closing time I, more often than not, put on Murder City Devils in a kind of “get the hell out/I got work to do” kind of way. Nothing less for these Democrats…

Track 5: Denzel Curry – Threatz

ArtistDenzel Curry
Added ByBrandon Sutton
Why This Song? Because Democrats shouldn’t make threats they can’t back up.

Track 6: Pink – There You Go

SongThere You Go
Added ByWendi Muse
Why this song?I chose Pink’s “There You Go,” which is about an ex-boyfriend who treated her poorly, then tries to trick her into getting back together by swearing that he’s better, that he’s changed, and that he cares about her. Fortunately, Pink has decided to move on and has already found a new man. Considering the repeated abuse from the Democrats, I’d suggest others follow Pink’s example.

Track 7: Move B*tch Get Out Da Way

TitleMove B*tch Get Out Da Way
Added ByBenjamin Dixon
Why This Song?Does this need explaining? If so, understand something simple. The Democrats are either going to fight for the common man or they will be moved out of the way. And the fastest way to hasten their exit is for the currently elected cabal to pretend like they are going to fight FOR us when in actuality they are capitulating on our behalf. Put up or shut up, Dems.

Track 8: Crime Mob – Knuck if you Buck

ArtistCrime Mob
TitleKnuck If You Buck
Added ByAnoa Changa
Why This Song?Like Damn! “Knuck if you Buck” will have Democrats willing to go to the mattresses and not cave at the slightest half-baked promise from the other side.

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