Mexican Presidential Election Crib Sheet #3: The Issues

MexElects Breaks Down the Major Issues Dominating This Year’s Mexican Presidential Campaign

Picture Source: Lifegate.com

Corruption and violence, violence and corruption: these are the top two issues dominating this year’s presidential campaign in Mexico. And for good reason: the nation has rocked from scandal to scandal during the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto, from the casa blanca affair – where a favored contractor built a luxury home for the president’s wife – to the case of Odebrecht, the Brazilian company which paid hefty bribes in order to position itself in Mexico; to the New York Times revelation that his government spied on journalists through sophisticated hacking software acquired from Israel; to the humiliating discovery that the president plagiarized large sections of his university thesis.

On the violence front, Peña Nieto has continued the disastrous “war on drugs” policies as his predecessor, Felipe Calderón, with identical results: hundreds of thousands of deaths, a rending of the social fabric, the horrifying disappearance of the 43 teaching students of Ayotzinapa, terrible rates of femicides and assassinations of journalists, and an increasingly authoritarian atmosphere which recently saw the passing of the “Internal Security Law”, a measure that allows the army to take on policing functions. And just last week (subsequent to this video being filmed), the Mexican Supreme Court sanctioned the use of warrantless searches by police for individuals and their automobiles.

In this third installment of our introductory “crib sheet” series, MexElects discusses these issues in the framework of this year’s presidential campaign, with elections coming up on July 1.

             Video Source | mexelects.com

Written by Kurt Hackbarth

Kurt Hackbarth is a writer, playwright and journalist working in both English and Spanish, making him highly suspect and potentially un-American. Managing partner of Big Amp Media. Denied entry to the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Kurt wandered the city, seeking inspiration in street food and bands before being discovered in a corner of FDR Park, talking to himself.

Kurt is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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Mexican Presidential Election Crib Sheet #3: The Issues