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Real News, Fake Implications

This Week in the Narrative 78

Nigel Clarke

CNN released a scathing piece this week, detailing the smorgasbord of degenerates from the Republican Party seeking office in 2018 — a real gang of “lawbreakers and extremists, thugs and criminals, hoodlums and hate groups” as CNN called them.

Flamboyant language aside, CNN’s assertions were relatively factual.

They discussed Don Blankenship, the West Virginia coal baron who went to prison for a year after mine safety charges, who is now angling for the Senate seat of Democratic incumbent Joe Manchin.

They mentioned Omar Navarro, the Alex Jones-loving everyman who recently pled guilty to placing a tracking device on his wife’s car and is now challenging Maxine Waters in California’s 43rd.

They touched on the “homophobic” E.W. Jackson, described by CNN as a “black right-wing pastor” — quick, what do you call a black doctor? … a doctor — who is challenging former vice-Presidential nominee Tim Kaine for Senate in Virginia, And don’t forget Holocaust-denier Arthur Jones, who challenges Dan Lipinski in Illinois’s 3rd.

There were others.

So, yeah… literal criminals, and hateful people. A real “who’s who” of distasteful candidates.

There is something curious however …

Don Blankenship, a literal criminal, is running for the seat of Joe Manchin. That would be Joe Manchin, a man known for his coal industry cronyism, for his nepotism; a man sued by his own brother for failure to pay debts.

Omar Navarro is running against Maxine Waters, a woman named four times to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington’s list of most corrupt members of Congress; a woman officially reprimanded by her colleagues for multiple ethics violations.

The “homophobic” E. W. Jackson challenges a man who built his career on homophobia, Tim Kaine. Holocaust-denier Arthur Jones challenges pro-life Democrat and longtime (not to mention ongoing) opponent of LGBT rights Dan Lipinski, a man the Human Rights Campaign called “the anti-equality Democratic candidate.”

It is crooks opposing the crooked, anti-semites opposing bigots. It appears that in these races, whichever side is calling the other “thugs and criminals,” their assertions would be correct.

This is the thing about the term “fake news.” Most simplistically it is used to describe “news” which is factually untrue — “Putin Rides a Bear” and sh*t like that.

But there is a more devious, and much more devastating, incarnation. This type of news is fake not because of what is said, but because of what isn’t said.

The facts in CNN’s report on the approaching GOP hoards are correct; they are thugs and criminals, and they are seeking office in 2018. It is only the implications of the story which are fake.

These implications being that problems with criminality in government emanate from a small group of Trump-supporting radicals, unearthed and unleashed by the current President, rather than existing systemically and at the heart of both mainstream parties.

This is why this version of fake news is particularly devastating.

Consider that almost no one reading CNN’s report would ever vote for any of the candidates discussed within. Thus, the report exists as a sort of congratulatory circle jerk for moderate liberals. When these type of people examine their defective government and their failing country, reports and “news” stories like these will have already built the narrative in their minds that these problems exist because of a mysterious Trump-loving boogeyman. Similarly, those on the other side will be told these problems exist because of some sort of gay, pot-smoking, commie-loving liberal arts student.

Democrats in Virginia should be more concerned with Tim Kaine’s recent grotesque warmongering than the belligerence levels of his opponent. They should be less concerned with Don Blankenship’s potential corruption than with Joe Manchin’s ongoing corruption. Democrats in California and elsewhere should be asking whether, in an age in which Wall Street has been exposed as a criminal enterprise, they should be elevating Maxine Waters, one of history’s great financial industry champions, to a prominent position in what they are calling “the resistance.”

Question: If both sides believe the government to be full of criminals, why is it that these criminals always seem to come together to further the same goals on war, oil, and Wall Street?

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Written by Nigel Clarke

Writer and notorious vagabond. From the frozen north. Follow Nigel on Twitter @Nig_Clarke.

Nigel Clarke is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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