No More Compromise

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Compromise—it’s a word used to describe a coming together of two diametrically opposing viewpoints, sacrificing portions of their positions to achieve consensus.

Bipartisanship—I find it to be as hideous as “compromise.” There is no compromising our values in social, economic, or criminal justice. Compromise is what has brought us to this point in United States history; the consistent salting away of positions and giving the electorate a benign and flaccid set of policies that have reduced our rights and enhanced the rights of those with money. Bipartisanship and compromise is a phrase of a bygone era that has no place in this fight.  

We face a police state that has no issues targeting People of Color. We have an economic system where you go to college like you were told to and there are just as many opportunities for financial security as a high school dropout. We have a portion of the population that prescribes to “white nationalism”, supply-side economics, neoliberalism, giving cover and protection to Wall Street, protecting Crony Capitalism, and eliminating protections and the rights of everyone.

We have mass shootings almost daily. Racists and bigots winning elections. There are divisions and separation among the proletariat and we have next to no common cause in individual political parties outside of the continuation of tribalism. You want me to compromise, you want me to show bipartisanship? You want me to salt away my beliefs in basic human rights for what? Some half-measure that does just the minimum to silence the anger of the electorate?  

Compromise brought us Reaganomics, compromise brought us the 1994 Clinton crime bill, the Patriot Act, Citizens United, and the Great Recession. Compromise has caused death and destruction not only around the world but on our very own streets, our schools, malls, and movie theaters. Yeah, I’m done with compromising or hand-holding, either you’re for the People or you are not. And if you are not, then I’m not the one trying to persuade you to be a human being.

Where does this preamble come from? Why do we need to draw a line in the sand once and for all? When I had posted this on People of the 99%, I was discussing the historic compromises struck between centrist Democrats and the Republican Party. I was not aware of the newest capitulation of Democrats, who historically acquiesce to the GOP to appear “strong” on an array of issues, This time, it is unnecessary and expensive Mexican-US border wall. According to multiple sources, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has stated that he is willing to ante up $1.6 billion for the border wall and his office almost immediately had to come out on social media to refute the purpose of the money. Sen. Schumer’s office stated that it was for border security, not the wall.  

Problem with that is that Manu Raju, a CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent, tweeted that: “Sen. Chuck Schumer tells reporters at his on-cam presser that Democrats’ position is $1.6 billion for wall funding- far less than the $5 billion Trump wants.” Raju goes on further to state that the Senator from New York and the alleged leader of the Democrat Party in the Senate that the Democrats have not ruled out potential haggling. Now, this is the same Senate Minority leader who gave away judicial seats, helped to repeal regulations in the financial sector that were enacted after the Great Recession, and strongly supported the moving of our embassy in Israel. For what you might ask? That is a great question that has baffled the masses to this day.

Sen. Schumer is not the sum total of this mentality. In California, the Democrats hold a super majority in the state legislative branch and the Governor’s mansion. SB 562 or known for its title “The Healthy California Act” was meant to introduce a Single Payer healthcare system for the state. The bill passed in the California Senate, and according to an article from The New Republic, “Anthony Reardon, the speaker of California’s Assembly, to shelve the nation’s most ambitious proposal to institute single-payer healthcare.”

I live and I am an activist, writer, broadcaster, and a citizen of the great state of California and I have advocated for Single Payer before it was cool. I was involved in the effort that was House Resolution 676 introduced by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) in 2006. California’s SB 562 was the most ambitious and promising initial offering to the country and could show the nation that Single Payer Healthcare can and will work. As the old political saying goes, “as California goes, so goes the nation,” this was the moment we could have changed the nation and yet a Democrat, the Assembly Speaker, ergo a California Democrat, shelved the bill.

This ended all discussion on the topic and the interests of the healthcare insurance industry and all those that make ridiculous amounts of money off the illnesses and injuries of the general public. Why? In his own words, it was “woefully incomplete.” He attempted to push the narrative of centrists that it’s too expensive to have a Single Payer system, even though study after study has shown that it would be cheaper than the premiums paid currently to insurance companies.

These are but a few of the examples of what compromise gets you: absolutely nothing. It is time that we end the charade of “bipartisanship” and “compromise’. We have a Democrat Party that screams “Resist” and yet a member of their leadership, Sen. Schumer votes with Trump twenty-five percent of the time. Where is the actual “resistance” in protecting the innocent people that are seeking asylum in our country from Central America? The same countries that our interference under the Obama Administration led to this crisis that we see unfolding today.  

We have to draw a line in the sand once and for all. No more “vote blue no matter who”, no more compromise, or “civility”, no more giving into the donor class of the oligarchy. We need to state unequivocally and with one voice two simple words: No More. No more selling our souls and our principles for scraps. No more rubber stamping horrible foreign policies and inhumane immigration policies. No more listening to centrist sycophants like Hillary Clinton who cited European Immigration issues as fuel to the Far Right in European countries. No more do we give quarter to those that speak Progressive and Leftist lingo in Primaries and run in the middle of the road in General Elections. No more of the status quo from this day forward. Enough is enough, either stand with those that fight for all Americans, or they serve the Oligarchy. There are no more blurred lines on this subject. We must end this practice of the Democratic Party right this minute, any further delays and the People will suffer from the foolishness that is “compromise”.

Written by Jason Carney

Born in Massachusetts in 1981, grew up an Army Brat and travelled the world with my father who served as a member of the Special Forces for 24 years. Mother was a strong and dedicated woman with a work ethic second to none. I decided to enlist in the Army National Guard in October 2009, having heard that they deployed more frequently. I have served honorably since then and was accepted into the Army Officer Candidate School before a workplace injury rendered me temporarily disabled.

Grew up studying politics, political figures, discourse, and ideologies of the world as I found politics to be a contact sport for the most hardened of individuals. Started Vets for the 99% in late 2015 to show that Progressive/Left ideology could not only be embraced by every segment of society, but could further the nation as a whole.

Follow Jason on Twitter @TheJasonCarney.

Jason is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.

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