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Mueller Time

This Week in the Narrative 124

Nigel Clarke

Way back in episode one of This Week in the Narrative, written three days after the 2016 election, some 124 weeks ago, I suggested that the crucial battle would be “directing the energy and anger now seen in so many streets across America away from the black hole of false narrative and towards the tangible.”

A few short months after that, Special Counsel Robert Mueller launched an investigation into possible collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia during the 2016 election.

For the next two years, mainstream media treated the public to a tale of intrigue and espionage, red-baiting like it was the height of the Cold War and even occasionally suggesting the President was a Russian agent; those (on the ‘right’ or the ‘left’) who opposed their corporate agenda were painted as Russian apologists, if not Russian agents themselves.

Last weekend, the Mueller investigation was finally concluded, not with a bang, it would appear, but with a dull thud. While many questions as to President Trump’s general criminality remain, the mainstream media seems to be begrudgingly accepting “collusion is a delusion.”

But understanding the point of the investigation allows one to recognize that, even without any proof of collusion, it did its job perfectly.

For nearly two years, many of those desperate to repair their crumbling country had their anger and engagement directed towards a fake narrative that any half-baked writer of mystery novels could have come up with.

While one hand was preoccupied with a hammer and sickle, the other twiddled idly as the Trump administration attacked Medicare and Social Security, spurred an “extreme” fossil fuel boom, set records with its military budget, and enacted tax cuts that even The Washington Post called “the most insane giveaway to the rich ever.”

Imagine, for a moment, an alternate universe where instead of a fictitious Cold War narrative, the supposedly liberal parts of the mainstream media spent the last two years covering Bernie Sanders’ climate change and Medicare for All town halls, digging into what a Green New Deal or Medicare for All would look like; imagine if they used their hatred of Russia to challenge a belligerent national foreign policy and the still-ongoing ‘forever wars,’ or to promote the repair of an election system hopelessly undefended from undemocratic influences foreign and domestic.

Instead, they diverted real energy to the unreal and the country hummed along as it has for the past 40 years.

Of course, despite the fundamental ‘collusion’ pillar of their narrative collapsing, many in mainstream media are suggesting that the Mueller Report is “the end of the beginning,” and, “just the start of a new Russia showdown.”

This is certainly understandable when considering the ratings bonanza that ‘Russiagate’ has been. But it is also understandable when you recognize that mainstream media doesn’t care about Donald Trump any more than they care about any President, so long as the corporate agenda they represent remains unchallenged, so long as the gravy train doesn’t stop.

It’s possible that a full release of the Mueller Report, or any of the other investigations currently ongoing into the President’s past, will reveal some sort of criminality; possible definitely, probable even.

But perhaps it is time for those who have been screaming ‘RUSSIA!’ at anything that moves for the past two years to realize they have been duped, to realize that the President’s term is almost over, with many of his, and corporate America’s, goals achieved, to realize that while some were fighting on a fabricated battlefield, corporate America was fighting on a very real one.

If you hate Donald Trump, then vote him out, something you will be provided with the opportunity to do in short order if energy can be diverted away from false-narrative and towards the tangible, towards organizing.

But vote him out and replace him with someone who will not simply continue his corporate agenda more quietly, under the cover of a different fantastic narrative.

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Written by Nigel Clarke

Writer and notorious vagabond. From the frozen north. Follow Nigel on Twitter @Nig_Clarke.

Nigel Clarke is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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