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Trump Angry With Less Than Perfect Fox News Coverage

Trump Press Gaggle

It’s safe to say that the overwhelming majority of coverage Fox News gives of President Trump is flattering. However, this doesn’t seem to be good enough for the Commander-in-Chief.

“Fox is a lot different than it used to be, I can tell you that…”

“There’s something going on at Fox…and I’m not happy with it.”

Donald Trump during recent press gaggle

Watch Video: Trump Angry at Fox News

Trump is Mad at Fox News

Fox news has 99% positive coverage of Donald Trump — but that isn't enough.

Posted by Benjamin Dixon on Monday, August 19, 2019

Trump references journalist Juan Williams who gave less than flattering comments about the President’s trade policies towards China referring to it as a “brutish approach“. Trump’s initial response to Williams came in a Twitter post:

It’s evident that the sitting president requires full devotion. Anything less than total commitment and support results in the president attacking from his bully pulpit. This is clear to any observer.

We should be concerned, however, with how this fact of President Trump’s temperament has become the new normal. It should be alarming to everyone that Fox News, one of the world’s biggest news broadcasters, provides the president with nearly 100% support and yet that is insufficient for the president.

This is news in-and-of-itself. But we are so far removed from any sense of normalcy where the nation can hold the President accountable for misconduct and totalitarian tendencies. Instead, we are in a place where the President can demand loyalty from elected officials, appointees, and news broadcasters and these stories are not headline news. These stories are merely footnotes in the debacle that is the Trump administration.

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Trump Press Gaggle

Trump Angry With Less Than Perfect Fox News Coverage