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    Truth Isn’t Truth

    I think maybe they are starting to take my advice! Way back on January 19, 2017, the final day of President Obama, I suggested that we needed to come up with a better analogy for people we wanted to criticize than simply saying they were like Hitler, particularly for incoming-President Trump. Not that Trump didn’t […]

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    We Must Never Abandon Identity Politics

    The term “identity politics” has been tossed around the past couple years as a pejorative; mostly to equate identity politics with one issue voting. As often happens, leftists and progressives disagree on this point, as I disagree with Progressive Army contributor Mr. Joe Brunoli’s piece Democrats Must Abandon Identity Politics and Run on Actual Policies. […]

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    When Truth Isn’t Truth

    “Truth isn’t truth” according to Rudy Giuliani, in a statement he made on August 19th on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” The phrase was immediately derided as a verbal blunder embodying the Trump administration’s complete disregard for the facts. Yet, a closer look at Giuliani’s message shows an underlying strategic approach to undermining the truth similar to that […]

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    Press Freedom

    This appears to be the third part of a series. Shall we call it the slope with poor footing? Or the frog and water? Or should we just go straight to Orwell – “imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” This week, the Boston Globe put the call out to newspapers across […]

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    The End of the Duopoly is Near

    I have been away from technology sporadically, intentionally, to clear my head from all of the political chaos. It has helped to focus my attention on a message that I believe— no, I know — is most vital to anyone involved in the electoral process. It has afforded me the opportunity to formulate how to […]

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    Guide to Awful Anti-Minimum Wage Arguments

    The minimum wage is a key issue in many states’ elections in 2018, as it has been the last few Novembers. But awful arguments continue to pollute the discourse. Lest anyone be fooled by them, here are refutations of some of the most popular conservative arguments against minimum wage increases. “If you raise the minimum […]