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    I think I may have discovered the most ludicrous caveat in the game. Canada has been in the news lately – because of President Trump’s antagonism with the country over NAFTA, and because next month they are set to legalize marijuana nationally. Also, occasionally because their leader is a male model. But perhaps Canada is […]

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    Federal Wage Freeze Encapsulates Trump’s Vacuity… And Obama’s

    President Trump’s plan to freeze federal workers’ pay,* and his defense of it, expose a vacuous president, flailing. But his policy is only slightly less coherent and rational than the 2011 freeze that Obama ordered. In a letter to Mitch McConnell, Trump indicated that he will deprive federal workers of their scheduled 2.1% increase due […]

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    New Poll Shows Abrams Tied Ahead of Georgia Gubernatorial Election

    Editor’s Note: This article is a preview of an article published on The Peach Perspective. A new poll released by WSB-TV Channel 2 and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution showed Stacey Abrams tied with her opponent Brian Kemp ahead of the November election. With two months until election day, this poll is a significant indicator of the powerful coalition Abram’s […]

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    Advertising Kaepernick

    If you’re like me, sometime this past Thursday you thought to yourself, ‘oh shit, the Kaepernick ad drops tonight.’ This, as opposed to ‘oh shit, the football season starts tonight.’ (The ad was to debut during the inaugural game of this year’s National Football League schedule.) You can insert your own progressive version of Jeff […]

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    The 2001 Terrorist Attack on American Soil Wasn’t the Only “9/11”

    On the morning of September 11, 2001, four commercial airliners were hijacked by 19 members of the militant Islamist organization al-Qaeda. One plane was deliberately flown into the north tower of the World Trade Center complex in Manhattan, closely followed by another crashing into the south tower. About 30 minutes later, a third plane collided into the […]

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    Impeaching Ideas

    I just watched four continuous hours of MSNBC; prime-time Friday night – four hours and but one story: Trump and Russia. I don’t know if it’s beef or chicken, but it is certainly a gravy train and it has many passengers.   I’m not even necessarily trying to criticize. If the President is eventually impeached […]

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    Spike Lee’s ‘Black KkKlansman’ – An Incomplete Blueprint for Defeating White Supremacy

    With its signature drive to power through violence, the continued rise of neo-fascism in the United States and Europe, among other places, is unraveling human society. Though dissimilar to the 20th century version in some ways, the current form has many of the attributes of its ancestor, such as traditionalism, a distrust of the intellectual world, fear of difference, appeal to a frustrated middle […]

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    Truth Isn’t Truth

    I think maybe they are starting to take my advice! Way back on January 19, 2017, the final day of President Obama, I suggested that we needed to come up with a better analogy for people we wanted to criticize than simply saying they were like Hitler, particularly for incoming-President Trump. Not that Trump didn’t […]

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    We Must Never Abandon Identity Politics

    The term “identity politics” has been tossed around the past couple years as a pejorative; mostly to equate identity politics with one issue voting. As often happens, leftists and progressives disagree on this point, as I disagree with Progressive Army contributor Mr. Joe Brunoli’s piece Democrats Must Abandon Identity Politics and Run on Actual Policies. […]