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    New Report: Donald Trump’s Name and Rhetoric Used in 36 Cases of Violence, Threats, and Assault

    Donald Trump rejects the idea that his rhetoric has contributed to the occurrences of violence. However, according to a new report by ABC News, the President’s name was invoked in a total of thirty-six cases of violence, threats, and assault. Twenty-nine of those cases invoked Trump’s name and/or rhetoric in a favorable light. They expressed […]

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    Biden Needs to Own Up to the ’94 Crime Bill

    At the second night of the Democratic presidential debate, on a stage where Joe Biden stood next to Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, the topic of criminal justice reform and the 1994 Crime Bill didn’t come up once. Not once. Here’s why that’s a problem. This September marks the 25th anniversary of the Violent Crime […]

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    Bernie’s Socialism

    ‘Yes Lord, I voted for Jesus.’ I wonder, did the person who wrote this message, seen somewhere in the Mississippi backcountry, mean they voted for Donald Trump? After all, there are places where ‘Make America Great Again’ is somewhat messianic. If not, then it appears they are saying they voted for a socialist Jew. In […]

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    2020 Democratic Primary Debates Drinking Game

    Editor’s Note: The Progressive Army Editorial Board advises caution and urges our readers to please drink responsibly. (We enjoy having a liver, Salamone!) Since we don’t live in the good timeline, where Amy Goodman, Glenn Greenwald, Noam Chomsky, Anoa Changa or Abby Martin are asked to moderate a Democratic Primary debate; suffering through the media-military-industrial […]

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    Moon Martians

    There have been some strange ones during the Trump administration, occurrences which in a simpler time we might have been able to laugh about. There was the infamous glowing orb, and the time Trump stared into the sun without eye protection, the knockoff Game of Thrones poster announcing ‘Sanctions are Coming,’ and the fast food […]

  • The Reparations Hearing is Over – Now Action is Needed

    The Reparations Debate Reaches Congress There is a saying that suggests ‘talk is cheap.’ That is true in some cases, but yesterday the House Judiciary Committee showed why that’s not the case all of the time. The House subcommittee held a highly-anticipated televised discussion about the need for reparations for Black Americans. The topic trended […]

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    Curated Campaigns

    Do you remember Amalia Ulman? She became known almost five years ago for creating one of the most poignant art projects of our time. From Dazed: “The digital artist spent four months curating an Instagram profile that documented the life of a wannabe it-girl trying to make it in LA. First, she was a young […]

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    In Search of Monsters to Destroy

    On the surface, a John Quincy Adams speech from 1821, a 2002 drone strike in the Marib Province of Yemen, and President Donald Trump’s veto of the first invocation of the 1973 War Powers Resolution might not seem related. But upon further consideration, the history of the US’s military involvement in Yemen speaks to a […]

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    McKinsey Buttigieg

    Have you heard about Pete Buttigieg? Don’t worry, most people can’t pronounce his last name either. They just call him ‘Mayor Pete.’ He is, this Mayor from South Bend, Indiana turned presidential candidate, the latest Democratic media darling and establishment flavor of the month, the next in a long line of such luminaries as Beto […]

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    Universal Stealth-care

    In an effort to shine a light on those skulking around in the shadows, I present to you the curious case of Joe Donnelly and Heidi Heitkamp. You may remember Donnelly, the former Democratic Senator from Indiana, as one of the co-leaders among conservative Democrats in the fight against Universal Healthcare. He ran his campaign […]