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    Joe Biden’s 23-Minute Challenge

    As Joe Biden moves through the early stages of another presidential run, he appears ready to stumble into the same quicksand as Hillary Clinton, and it is not clear if he recognizes it. Last week, no less than eight women came out and accused Biden of inappropriately touching them in an unwanted and unauthorized manner […]

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    Ilhan Omar Has Exposed the Racism Permeating Congress

    #IStandWithIlhan We knew this was coming. Progressives who are well aware of the disdain for Muslims and Progressives in American politics knew this day was coming. The 116th Congress is still young, and already both the Democratic and Republican parties are engaging in what Black and Intellectual is calling political warfare. Political warfare against the […]

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    Remainers! Stop Blaming Corbyn for Brexit!

    Anti-Brexit protests: Placards depicting Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn

    I’ve had it with unreasonable Remainers! Opinion article after opinion article, politician after politician, criticize Jeremy Corbyn for his management of the Brexit dilemma, and demand that at a minimum, he must support a second referendum at all costs. Any wavering would be a “betrayal” to the country, especially to his young supporters who predominantly […]

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    Wrestlemania in the White House

    It’s that time of year again — Wrestlemania season! The Super Bowl of professional wrestling! I would say, ‘I know you’re excited,’ but then I’d have to put an eye-roll emoji, and that simply wouldn’t do. Still, like Christians think about the resurrection of Jesus Christ at Easter, and Santa Claus at Christmas, Wrestlemania season […]

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    Mueller Time

    Way back in episode one of This Week in the Narrative, written three days after the 2016 election, some 124 weeks ago, I suggested that the crucial battle would be “directing the energy and anger now seen in so many streets across America away from the black hole of false narrative and towards the tangible.” […]

  • A 21st Century American Revolution

    “The revolution will not be televised”; it’s a statement that echoes in my head. What does it mean? Is it realistic to think that an entitled yet angered and complacent society can truly revolt against the system they are terrified of? Why do we speak of revolution so overtly? Does it need to be violent? […]

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    Beto’s Choice

    Beto O’Rourke has officially announced his candidacy for President. I know what you’re thinking… Hey, it could happen, just look at Justin Trudeau in Canada. Just kidding; I suspect what you’re probably thinking is something like, ‘Are you f**king joking me?’ Leave aside for a moment the parts of Beto’s platform and policy history that […]

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    2020 October Surprise – Trump’s War?

    President Donald Trump

    It’s a sinking ship and, apparently, egoists can’t swim. Already, there’s a GOP primary challenger – William Weld, former governor of Massachusetts. Very likely there will be more, such as Mitt Romney or Jeff Flake. Right now, it doesn’t look like Trump will be reelected. Yet, if we’ve learned anything, it is not to underestimate […]

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    The Right Side of History

    When most politicians are faced with negative elements from their past, they turn to one or more tried and true political strategies in order to deal with it. They may attempt to simply bury their past (see: Trump, Donald or Clinton, Hillary), or they may attempt to rebrand past negatives as actual positives, if you […]

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    Nike’s Zion Metaphor

    Earlier last week, another edition of what has been called “the Greatest Rivalry in All of Sports” took place in Durham, North Carolina — a college basketball game between Duke University and the University of North Carolina, two schools separated by a mere 8 miles. The hype surrounding this year’s game was decidedly higher than […]